10 Superfoods You Should Be Eating Weekly

In 2011, I got very sick. It was at that moment I recognized that nothing matters if you're not healthy. So I decided to change my diet and exercise as a strategy to reach my dreams––Not just to feel better.

I often tell people, “You can't fix food. God made it perfectly.” It's like trying to fix the Grand Canyon. You can't make it better. I promise. With that being said, eating organic, juicing weekly, and boosting your diet with superfoods is an incredible strategy for happiness, joy, and wellness.

The infographic below backs up everything I have researched over the past 3 years. Most of the products can be found at your local farmer's market or you can even order them online. You don't have to pick up all of them, but grab one or two next time you're at the market. It's a small investment with a big impact.


Have you eaten any of these? Which one? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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21 Responses

  1. Goji Berries, Chia seeds and spiraling are pretty much regulars for me. I get acai when I can, and of course try to get a good dark, cacao chocolate when I can. 🙂

  2. Chia seeds in a nice cold cucumber and lime water! Awesome! Taste so fresh and perfect for summer

    1. Don’t over-do chia seeds, they will expand a bit in your GI tract. I’m a RN on the MICU and we had a patient with a severe intestinal blockage due to over consumption of chia seeds. Use the recommended serving size on the bag. And definitely water is so important as the poster above said… It is the essence of life after all!

  3. Such a great chart! I do implement almost all of these into my diet. I just starting adding maca root powder to my yogurt after I read about the hormone balancing benefits it has, but also noticed a slight energy boost. I love cacao powder! I add it to my smoothies 🙂 I have been wanting to get some bee pollen, especially for my fiancé who deals with allergies. I’m guessing I should get some that comes from my area for best benefits, correct?

  4. I make my own oatmeal, and I put a ton of chia seeds in the recipe. They’re especially good in refrigerator oatmeal. They swell up with water so you don’t even notice they’re there!

  5. Cacao nibs, spirulina and maca root powder in my green smoothie, that’s everyday. Young coconut meat or coconut water in my smoothie, too. Honey in my fresh lemon juice. What about camu-camu berry? It’s very rich in Vitamin C.

    1. Yes I’ve heard of it but haven’t tried it yet. Will need to look into it! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  6. Any local honey is beneficial. Honey you get from the supermarket doesn’t have the same benefits due to the processing involved. If your honey crystalizes over time–it’s the real deal. And coconut oil is win 🙂

  7. This seems obvious, and insignificant / inappropriate to say here. You all know so much more than I. But WATER is something I keep having to remind my elderly friends and relatives to drink. I have a friend in the hospital as of this morning with Diverticulitus (sp) and a severe bowel blockage. She dislikes drinking water. Some people (I thought the bottled water trend fixed it) have an aversion to it.

  8. Aronia berry (black chokeberry) is also an awesome superfruit grown right here in the U.S! It has some of the highest ORAC ratings of any fruit. It has an astringent type taste so it will make you “pucker”. Just mix it with your favorite juice though or use several of the products that are on the market.

  9. When it comes to bee pollen, start on a VERY small amount! I had a spoon full at work and found out i was allergic and went into anaphylactic shock and had to go to Urgent care. I’m most likely allergic to the pollen and not anything with bees. So learn from the girl who looked like Hitch for a day and start small 😉

  10. Have you read any of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books? He is famously known for his nutrient density calculations and testimonies of reversing type 2 diabetes! Also, Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life is a must read.

  11. I prepare a drink by juicing a pineapple, a cucumber, organic celery, kale or spinach, green apples, and a lime then blend together with a whole avocado pear adding a teaspoon of spirulina, it’s my ‘green juice’. During a general check up I told my GP that I drink this and he advised that I should continue to do so. Although Manuka Honey is fairly expensive it is a much healthier option as opposed to granulated sugar. Goji berries are also a favourite of mine.

  12. Chia seeds are soooo practical to consume. Whether is shake or any solid meal you can include chia seeds.

    Put them inside water for 10 min. They will increase in volume and become softer, more like jelly and then they are very nice for salad.

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