About The Daily Positive & Bernadette Logue

What is The Daily Positive?

The Daily Positive is an online education business focused on personal growth and positive living, led by Bernadette Logue, Transformation Life Coach.

We provide our global community with resources that support mind mastery, conscious living and soul alignment, delivering both free content and premium education. 

All our on-demand courses, monthly membership and live online programs are delivered within our private online Members Area, providing a safe and supportive environment for like-minded people to learn and connect. 

  • Free Content – We offer free resources to help people in their self-guided journey of personal growth and positive living, such as blogs, guides, videos, audios and classes.
  • Premium Education – We deliver education to leverage and support people with their personal growth and positive living, through on-demand courses, live online programs, and our membership.
  • Community – We create a safe and supportive environment for like-minded people in our global community to connect – via our private online Members Area (where our education is delivered) and also by moderating a supportive space in our public social media platforms.
  • Giving Back – We believe in profit with purpose, and every month we contribute to charity. For each purchase you make, you directly support meals reaching people in need via a leading hunger relief non-profit organization we donate to.

About Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue, known to everyone as “B”, is the Leader of The Daily Positive (her global online community), a Transformation Life Coach, the author of 3 personal growth books, and an expert in personal transformation.

She founded her coaching practice and community back in 2010 (originally called Pinch Me Living, now The Daily Positive). Through her online courses, live programs and personal growth membership she guides you on how to master your mind, to live consciously and soul-aligned.  

B utilizes her exclusive 3 step Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method, drawing upon her unique skill set and extensive experience – including corporate peak performance and personal development knowledge, merged seamlessly with age-old spiritual wisdom and conscious living practices.

Her services are delivered via a private online Members Area, webinars and video conferencing, for clients located across the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australasia.

B's Mission

To support people with mind mastery, conscious living and soul alignment.

A message from B:

You came into life to be the full and unique expression of who you are – uninhibited, unapologetically, and without judgment. 

Along the journey in life you accumulate a fog that clouds you in and suppresses that unique expression. 

The fog consists of limiting beliefs, expectations, fear and societal conditioning – none of which reflects your true nature and all of which dilutes your precious efforts to live the life you truly want. 

The fog begins to form from the day you are born and creates a limiting and illusionary paradigm (a warped model of reality) through which you see yourself, life and the world around you.

Your job is to awaken to this fog and to clear it. You do so by discovering the truths about who you really are and what life is really about, forming a new limitless paradigm from which to live, so you can fully let your soul shine out into this world unencumbered.

Through this process of awakening, consciously choosing to clear the fog, and blossoming into your unique expression, you achieve two remarkable and critical aspects of your life journey. 

Firstly, you face and overcome your limitations and blocks, thus learning and evolving as a soul. And secondly, you feed that learning into all you choose to do personally and professionally going forward, thus making an impact upon and contribution to this world. 

This ongoing cycle of learning and contribution is the foundation of your life journey. 

This is what success looks like in the New World. It is choosing and then living from a limitless and truthful paradigm, which fully reflects your true nature as a conscious creator of your own reality. It enables your soul (previously barely heard deep below the fog) to rise up and speak to you and through you more clearly with passion, inspiration and intuition. Your soul does this to guide and support you in achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations here in this precious lifetime you’ve been gifted.

Now is the time to unleash your life from the inside out, to let your incredible unique expression touch this world in a way that only you can and will ever do – achieving your very purpose for being here.  


The Positivity Manifesto – What It Really Means to Be “Positive”

Being positive is not about denying difficulties in life, rather it's about choosing to be empowered in the face of them. It's about being the master of your mind and the leader of your life. It's about living consciously and being soul aligned.

To be positive, and to live a positive life, means…

♥  Living with love, compassion and respect in how we treat ourselves, others, animals and the environment.
♥  Having gratitude for whatever blessings we have in life.
♥  Prioritizing self-care (holistically – mind, body and soul) to honor the life we have been gifted.
♥  Acknowledging that it’s human for us to have difficult thoughts and feelings, and choosing to live consciously – by each day practicing being our best selves with how we manage our thoughts, feelings, actions and interactions.
♥  Being present and calm in the face of difficult people and situations, choosing how we respond.
♥  Looking for the most empowering perspectives and effective actions available to us in any situation, no matter what life brings.
♥  Cultivating self-belief and confidence by remembering that we are stronger and more capable than we realize.
♥  Being open minded and understanding with people who are different – remembering every person is unique, on their own journey in this life, with their own goals, dreams and challenges.
♥  Practicing forgiveness and letting go of the past in order to be truly free within ourselves and in our lives.
♥  Proactively contributing to life in the ways we are able to, no matter how big or small (a simple smile goes a long way!)
♥  Wholeheartedly accepting life is a journey with both highs and lows, enjoying the ride and making the most of our time here.

Click here to get a free copy of The Positivity Manifesto to download, to inspire your daily life.




* If you are looking for information about guest writing or contributing to The Daily Positive website, please note that this is no longer something we offer. While in the past we have at times provided space for independent bloggers and experts to share their own content on the site, our core focus is supporting our customers with our educational resources, online courses, membership and live programs.