What is The Daily Positive?

The Daily Positive (TDP) is an online platform and global community helping people by providing actionable inspiration for a better life and a better world.

We create awesome multi-media content (free resources, as well as TDP products and educational courses), and we collaborate with other leading authors and teachers – to deliver cutting edge information from around the world to our community, helping them to grow and thrive in ALL areas of their lives.

We cover a broad range of topics that support people with how to live a better life for the benefit of themselves, but also inspiration for contributing to the betterment of society, the environment and our world as a whole.

Where We Came From

TDP was originally founded by people who had a vision to inject hope, positivity and actionable inspiration into the lives of people around the world in order to support positive change.

Who We Are Now

We’re Aaron Jade and Bernadette Logue.

In September 2017 we took over TDP as the new owners and guardians to take TDP and the #teampositive community forward.

We're originally the founders of Pinch Me Living (a global personal growth website and community which is now part of The Daily Positive).

Our transition to care for and grow TDP is a natural evolution – as we continue to focus on providing our expanded community with the same positive, actionable inspiration.

TDP Mission

To help people by providing actionable inspiration for a better life and a better world.

TDP Values & Intention

To achieve our mission, the values and intention by which TDP lives and breathes, are:

  • We value personal growth, love, compassion, acceptance, understanding and respect (for ourselves, for other people, animals and the environment).
  • We view life progressively with an open mind and an open heart, to transcend fear and limitation.
  • We prioritize going beyond the surface level – having conversations that matter, and doing things that matter.
  • We aim to contribute to a better world for everyone.

The Daily Positive Community

We are #teampositive – join the team here, it's free.

#teampositive welcomes people of all countries, ethnicities, creeds and beliefs who choose a positive life and wish to grow personally, within a safe, supportive and progressive community environment.

What it Means to Be Positive – #teampositive Manifesto

Being positive is not about denying difficulties in life, rather it's about choosing to be empowered in the face of them.

To be positive, and to live a positive life, means…

♥  Living with love, compassion and respect in how we treat ourselves, others, animals and the environment.
♥  Having gratitude for whatever blessings we have in life.
♥  Prioritizing self-care (holistically – mind, body and soul) to honor the life we have been gifted.
♥  Acknowledging that it’s human for us to have difficult thoughts and feelings, and choosing to live consciously – by each day practicing being our best selves with how we manage our thoughts, feelings, actions and interactions.
♥  Being present and calm in the face of difficult people and situations, choosing how we respond.
♥  Looking for the most empowering perspectives and effective actions available to us in any situation, no matter what life brings.
♥  Cultivating self-belief and confidence by remembering that we are stronger and more capable than we realize.
♥  Being open minded and understanding with people who are different – remembering every person is unique, on their own journey in this life, with their own goals, dreams and challenges.
♥  Practising forgiveness and letting go of the past in order to be truly free within ourselves and in our lives.
♥  Proactively contributing to life in the ways we are able to, no matter how big or small (a simple smile goes a long way!)
♥  Wholeheartedly accepting life is a journey with both highs and lows, enjoying the ride and making the most of our time here.

Click here to get a copy of the Positivity Manifesto to download, to inspire your daily life.

Our Wider TDP Family (All Our Stakeholders)

We believe that the world is a better place when every person is acknowledged and valued, and when we all take a collaborative approach to life.

As such, we acknowledge and thank all our stakeholders (our wider TDP family) who utilize, contribute to or help TDP operate, including:

  • Our #teampositive community (users of our site and services)
  • Our content contributors (guest writers and teachers)
  • Our service providers and suppliers
  • Our advertisers, sponsors and affiliates
  • Ourselves 😊
  • And of course… the world and humanity as a whole!