5 Safety Tips For Women Who Walk Alone at Night

I'm married to the most beautiful 97 lb. woman I've ever met. She's tiny. But 5-10 times per year she tells me stories of men who gawk at her or yell at her or even try to touch her. It drives me insane.

The video below shares stories of what it's like for women who walk alone at night. Below that, I have provided a few safety tips for women who are forced to participate in this often scary activity.

5 Essentials For Women Walking Alone at Night

1. Don't wear headphones: Your ears are an important piece of sensing danger. You may even consider heightening your hearing through listening techniques.
2. Carry a Whistle: While many women already do this, most do it incorrectly. Don't carry it on your keys or in your purse. When walking at night, carry it around your wrist or in your hand.
3. Wear Running Shoes: Bring an extra pair of shoes with you to work. There is nothing more vulnerable than having to run from an attacker in high heels.
4. Take Basic Self Defense: You don't have to spend $1,000 and 3 months of training to learn basic self defense. However, I would recommend taking a physical class. There's nothing like hands on experience.
5. Learn How to Use a Weapon: Sure. This is a last resort tactic. But we must remember, anyone willing to attack a women, will likely have a weapon. A weapon is an advantage. It levels the playing field. But you must know how to properly use it. Ask a friend or do some research on how to properly use a knife, pepper spray, or taser. Preparedness is the greatest form of confidence.


This blog post was written by an independent guest contributor.
Author Name: D Patridge.

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63 Responses

  1. I went to college in downtown Chicago a few years ago & when I got out of some classes it’d be 9:30 at night. When I took the subway I still had to walk to my house from there. One year a bunch of us took a defense & safety course through the school, both men & women in the class. We were told NOT to be on the phone walking to & from places at night because it makes you a much, much easier target -you’re distracted. Maybe this was because we lived in Chicago (some areas are fairly dangerous) & walked pretty far at night but I took that advice seriously, I think it made sense. Like someone else on here said, you can have your phone but keep it on 911.

  2. I would not say this post its sexist or show a woman as a potential victim, its a fact that us, women , should be aware that when walking along at night we can encounter these situations. One tip for safety might be when stepping off the bus at night watch who others get off with you, if there is some guy around the bus stop dont hurry to home directly, go to a grocery store or a place with people around. Dont be afraid to be seen as a paranoid.

  3. Alizarin,
    I agree with you! It’s time for the good men to take the lead and use their authority to stop these crimes from happening.

  4. Alizarin,
    I agree with you! It’s time for the good men to take the lead and use their authority to stop these crimes from happening.

    Also if we prefer to walk at night we must ALWAYS pay attention to our surroundings.
    I carry a bat and I know how to and I’m not afraid to use it.

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