10 Awesome Gifts for Any Man

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1. Gifts Focused on ACTIVITIES He Loves

Create a gift around an activity that brings him joy.

  • What activities, passion, hobbies or passtimes does he have?
  • What does he love?

You could:

  • pre-organize an activity for him.
  • buy him a voucher for it.
  • or go with him to the activity (perhaps even make it a surprise!)

For example, it might be organizing an event based on one of his interests, or a trip away based around that activity. Alternatively get him a physical product that he needs for his hobby/passtime.

This type of gift shows him that you know him, you understand what he likes, and you’ve thought about it. It shows you care!

2. Event Focused on PEOPLE He Loves

Organize an event focused entirely on having all the people he loves come together.

  • That might be a lunch, dinner, night out or weekend away.
  • It might be with his best friends, or wider social circle or with family.
  • Just ask yourself… who does he love and who would he LOVE to hang out with if you threw a surprise get together for him.

3. Man Care

Put together a thoughtful care package for the man you love… with products that will help him to feel special, nourished and at his best!

This might be things like organic and natural:

  • facial care products
  • shaving products
  • hair care products
  • body care products

4. Personal Touch – Letter/Note

There’s no better gift that one that really hits the heart hard (in a good way!) Write him a letter (or note/card) and list out everything you appreciate about him and why.

5. Take Care of a Problem/Headache

A really thoughtful gift for him might be to:

  • identify something that he needs done in his home/life
  • something that he has been meaning to get around to but hasn’t found the time
  • something he doesn’t like doing or
  • something he doesn’t know how to do
  • and take care of it for him!

The simple act of resolving a problem, task or headache, and freeing him of that burden is such a relief for his mind, emotions and time! What a gift!

6. Subscription

  • What interests him?
  • What does he love to learn about, read about, talk about?
  • Look at what he DOES in his life as a demonstration of his interests.
  • What types of people does he love hanging with?
  • What types of activities does he enjoy doing?
  • What are his aspirations and dreams?

Then see what types of inspiring subscription resources are available that you could get for him e.g. online subscription, learning/education subscription, magazine subscription.

7. Surprise Adventure

Plan a surprise and an adventure, all wrapped into one! It’ll be memory making!

What would he consider “adventurous” that he would enjoy trying? What would inspire him?

Plan a surprise outing, weekend or trip.

8. Books

Does he have any favorite authors or types of books? Is he inspired by specific types of people or topics?

Books are a great gift! You could buy him a book or buy him a voucher for choosing his own books.

9. Food!

His favorite type of food is _____?

How about planning a gift based on his favorite type of meal or cuisine?

  • You could cook him a meal.
  • You could book a meal at a restaurant he loves or a new place he’s never been but one that focuses on the types of food he enjoys.
  • Or you could book a cooking class for him (or for you and him, or him and his friends!) for his favorite type of food.
  • Or you could get extravagant and take a trip with him to his favorite city/country to travel/eat your way through his favorite cuisine!

10. Presence is the Present

Be with him. If you care about someone, one of the best life-giving gifts you can offer, is your full presence. No distractions, no agenda, no noise, nothing other than genuine, real, loving connection.

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