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The Importance Of Focusing On Healthy Living Instead Of Losing Weight

Losing weight is a common goal for many people. It’s a fine goal to have, but people often feel disheartened along their weight loss journey. Focusing on numbers can make you give up easily when you aren’t seeing progress within the timeframe you had planned.

Stop focusing on weight loss and instead, focus on living a healthier lifestyle. When you change your goal to living a healthier lifestyle, you can address many aspects, and perhaps weight loss is one of the eventual positive side effects.

One of the first things you should do to begin a healthier lifestyle is to see a health professional. They can assess your current health levels and help direct you to information and ideas to get you started. They can also explain the important role a healthy lifestyle plays in preventative care. By living healthier, you are taking the right step toward preventing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and many others.

Food is a big part of healthy living, but because of our busy lifestyles, we tend to think more about convenience than nutrition. One way to make healthy eating convenient is to meal prep. By taking one day to plan and prepare meals for the whole week, you can free up time that would normally be spent making individual meals each day.  Choosing the right food for those meals, though, can get confusing when there is so much contradicting advice out there about what is and isn’t healthy. Be sure to avoid common dieting myths as you choose foods and recipes for your meals.

Staying active is also essential to a healthier lifestyle. Especially for those with sit down jobs, it’s really hard to get motivated to exercise when at the end of the day your mental exhaustion feels physical. When you’re finding it hard to get motivated, sometimes little things can give you a boost of motivation. One great effective way to boost your motivation is to get yourself a new pair of workout shoes! Getting something new always feels good and knowing that they are shoes for the sole purpose of exercising can be your motivation. When buying workout shoes, make sure you are buying the right shoes for your type of feet and your exercise goals. Not all workout shoes are equal, and buying the right ones can make a huge difference in your exercise experience.

One aspect of health that often gets overlooked is mental health, and stress is a big contributor to poor health. In fact, stress often leads to weight gain, and not addressing the stress in your life can obstruct your weight loss efforts. One way to reduce stress is to take a look at all the parts of your life that are draining or negative. For many people, their biggest stressor is money. Bills, groceries, unexpected expenses, and wondering how you are going to save, can be an enormous and constant pressure. Taking a look at your spending and making a budget is going to help you reduce the stress and pressure that money matters can cause, and hopefully help you relax a little.

If you’re finding it hard to lose weight, don’t be discouraged. Adjust your thinking and keep your goal focused on healthy living. There will be days you eat an extra piece of pie, can’t fathom going anywhere let alone the gym, or spend just a little too much on a shirt you can’t leave the store without. But if you look at these as just little stumbling blocks, rather than a breaking point, you are sure to feel better, and perhaps you might lose the weight in the process.

Tell us in the comments, how do YOU focus on a healthy lifestyle instead of weight loss?

Mila Sanchez is a writer with a BA in English Linguistics living in beautiful Boise, ID. Her ambitions include traveling the world, studying languages, and taking pictures of her dog, Baymax. Connect with her on instagram!

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