4 Ways To Solve Problems

Problems are a part of life. Just as quickly as we stand back up on our feet, another problem arises that tries to trip us up and take us down. There are little problems that pop up each day and are easily squashed. But then there are the big problems like a cloud that sits overhead. We don’t see an end in site and we don’t know when or if we will see the light of day again.


Feeling stuck in a problem with no way out is no way to live. We want to equip you with 4 problem-solving tips.

1. Get to the root.

What exactly is the problem? Sometimes it goes much deeper than what we see on the surface. For example, we may convince ourselves the problem is our job. But then we quit and find just as much dissatisfaction in our next job. This can be because the root of the problem was actually our lack of honoring ourselves outside of our jobs, whether through creative outlets or satisfying hobbies. Dig deeper into the issue to peel back the layers and tend to the roots so that the solution works!

2. Try out a variety of perspectives.

When you only see your situation from one perspective, you miss out on the best possible solutions. Put yourself in the shoes of the other people in the situation. And then look at the problem as a complete outsider. What do you think and feel while standing in each set of shoes: yours, others, and outsiders. What solutions do you see? In the bigger scheme of things, how important is this problem? You may find that as an outsider, the problem is petty and not worth your time. Or you may see that it’s a bigger deal than you ever realized and needs your immediate time and attention!

3. Write down every possible solution.

After a 360 degree perspective, what solutions did you see? Write down each one and go through them to mark down all the options you have tried and put the ones remaining in order of what to try next. Don’t hold back on solutions. Write them all down, because they may be the beginning thoughts for the perfect solution! Grab a few options and put them together for an even greater result! This exercise will also help you see that there IS a way out. You are not hopeless.

4. Determine what resources and support you need.

We live in a world with an endless amount of resources at our fingertips. It’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole as we search for help. So before you go looking, figure out exactly what it is you need. Use the knowledge and expertise of the people around you to help you determine what resources are available! Maybe your problem is in your marriage. Ask your pastor for book suggestion. Or seek the advice of a friend who has a marriage you admire. What works for them?

It’s hard to know which direction to take when dealing with a problem. But follow the steps outlined above to ensure you are at least moving in the right direction! The more you respond to your problems in this way, the more you will set yourself up for easier and quicker solutions.

Tell us in the comments, what problem do you need to solve?

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Amanda Foust

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