Author: Amanda Foust

Slow Growth

It’s Okay To Grow Slowly

With the whole world at our fingertips, it’s easy to feel inadequate. We want to be healthier, more successful, find our tribe, stay on trend,

How To Work Smarter And Not Harder

Whenever you’re feeling consumed with work, it’s easy to put your head down and push yourself by working harder. But the best response is always

How To Love Yourself

Love is a gift we give away and forget to save any for ourselves. Sometimes we save the leftovers, but they are never as good

12 Days Of Christmas Kindness

Some of you have heard the classic Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It’s the song about swimming swans, turtle doves, and pear trees.

What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Many of us live our day to day lives without thinking much about our impact. But Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk reminds us: “Please think about your

How To End A Toxic Friendship

Friendship is something we all treasure. When we are young, we base our worth on the number of friends we have rather than the quality

How To Enjoy Your Time Alone

I have written before about why it’s important to take the time to be alone, but how do we learn to enjoy our own company? In today’s

4 Ways To Solve Problems

Problems are a part of life. Just as quickly as we stand back up on our feet, another problem arises that tries to trip us

7 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

As we look for love, breakups are inevitable. Though we aren’t meant to be with everyone we date, it doesn’t make it any easier to

5 Tips To Develop Wisdom

Wisdom is like a right of passage. To be wise is to hit the highest level of quality experience, knowledge, and judgment. Wisdom forms a

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