4 Ways To Tune Out The Noisy World

We live in a noisy world. Not only are there so many audible sounds, but we live in a world where there is an abundance of knowledge, resources, and opinions thrown at us constantly through media. We barely have time to sit and breath in the silence. We want to make decisions, but the world decides for us. We want a break, but everywhere we turn, the noise follows. We spend our days consuming what everyone else thinks and believes, and we are slowly forgetting who we are as unique individuals.

So what do we do?

1. Set boundaries.

No one can say “no” for you. If you are waiting for the noise to stop while still wading through it, you will be waiting forever. Set a boundary for how long you are on social media or how long you will watch the news. Delete people from your online following who add to the noise rather than inspire and nurture your soul. Grab a book instead of watching unlimited episodes of reality television. Give yourself permission to say “no.”

2. Unplug.

It's hard to shut off the noise, but one way to do so is to unplug. This means you take a step away from all technology. Unplugging takes you a step further than setting boundaries and cuts you off completely to allow room for your thoughts, self-discovery, and introspection.

3. Take a day off.

Maybe the noise is at your work. Your job is in a fast-paced environment, or there are negative vibes all around that you just can't turn off. In this case, you're probably way overdue for a day off! Don't spend your day off wading through more noise at home. Be intentional about how you spend your day off. Here are 5 Things To Do On Your Next Day Off!

4. Create a noise filter system for your life.

Think about a filter for a moment. Whether in a vacuum, air conditioner, or coffee maker, a filter only lets the good things through. Add a mind filter to your own life. You will eventually morph into the type of noise you allow. Are there negative beliefs being flung your way? Maybe there's depressing articles you read every day or an online group that is toxic. You will find yourself becoming a more negative person the longer you allow this noise into your life. Instead, take time while you are unplugged to make an agreement with yourself about what kind of noise you will and won't let into your life.

What noise do YOU need to remove from your life and how do you plan to do so? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Responses

  1. Iam a stay at home mum of 3.. and an elderly in law is with us. the noise come from in laws tt i can do swtiching off! My friend told me to ignore them..their opinions rgds decision making abt my kids. This makes super sense!

  2. I used to be a creative person and very active in my community. I got tremendous satisfaction from helping others and going out of my way to offer encouragement and make someone smile. I came up with original ideas for problem solving or creating something new, be it a wood burning picture, a sculpture, a book for my grandkids to read, redecorating a room on a very small budget. I had a mental breakdown and became paralyzed in terms of being confident and creative and traded it for self doubt and feeling useless. I watch my grandkids on a daily basis which leaves very little time to do things for myself or alone with my husband. I have become a person of limited or almost no value. When I try to have an original thought on creating something or even move a piece of furniture or hanging pictures on the wall (simple basic things) I freeze and my mind becomes blank resulting in a confirmation of my self doubt and lack of intelligence I used to have. I do have to work hard everyday to battle the noise in my head (constant voices and racing thoughts) and it feels as though I’m constantly staring insanity in the the face and my life is consumed with battling it. I have no clue on how to escape those noises in my life.

    1. That sounds so difficult! When our creativity or who we are at our core starts to fade away due to other responsibilities and the noise around us, it can feel like an endless battle! I hope you found some of the tips helpful and can start implementing them. If you do and you see a change, please let us know! Wishing you well!!

  3. When I find myself becoming really negative I watch the movie Hook, with Robin Williams. When the part comes when the Lost Boys are saying that he is not Peter Pan and the one little boy starts pushing on his face and finally gets a smile he says ” There you are , Peter!” When I first saw this I was in a bad place and I started crying. I realized that I had lost my true self to all of the negativity going on around me. I started laughing and joking and pulling my slapstick jokes on myself in front of the people who had been bullying me and everything changed. So now I do that every time things get bad.

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