Gifts mean much more than a materialistic offering. Giving gifts is a symbol of thought and effort. The sentiment is just as important as the product. The spirit of giving is just as important as the act itself.


To understand love languages see the introductory post here.

Many people have given me thoughtful gifts through the years–some more than others. From those who gave frequently, I did not pick up on the fact they most likely wanted to receive love this way in return. I didn't honor their love language like they needed, and the relationship slowly drifted apart.

For those of us who may not feel loved through gifts, it seems odd to be given so many tokens of appreciation. But we must understand that when we are given gifts frequently by others, it is their way of showing us they have put thought and effort into showing their appreciation and most likely want us to do the same for them.

Here's how…

 How do I give meaningful gifts?

  • Remember special occasions.
  • Plan a surprise.
  • Buy something they want.
  • Send a sentimental gift.
  • Upon arrival, bring a thoughtful token.
  • Provide a practical gift that offers a solution to a problem.

Remember, give a gift with a generous heart or don't give the gift at all.

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