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5 Love Languages Series: Physical Touch

Physical touch is a love language that requires close physical contact to feel loved. For those with this love language, touch is reassuring and comforting. Connecting through touch is their lifeline. Hugs, cuddling, kisses, and holding hands are great for whenever the time is right. For those who value physical touch, the time is almost always right!

To understand love languages see the introductory post here.

Physical touch can sometimes be the least natural of the five, but it’s also often the easiest one to start implementing. It takes no time at all to sit closer to a loved one or grab her hand while you’re taking a walk. If you didn’t grow up receiving physical touch, the idea may seem foreign to you, but try to remind yourself that a physical gesture can offer security and deep meaning to those who need physical affection.

 How do I give physical touch?

  • Greet with a hug.
  • Sit close enough to touch
  • Hold hands while walking place to place.
  • Place hand on arm or knee during a conversation.
  • Offer a massage
  • Cuddle while watching a movie.
  • Rub his/her shoulders after a long day.

Remember, when communicating with words or actions, make sure you are touching one another to foster a deeper connection. 

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