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5 Reasons Lazy People Aren’t As Lazy As We Think

We often associate the word “lazy” to a sloth. Someone who isn’t dynamic. A person who doesn’t appear to have a care in the world and seems to function in his own time zone.

But sometimes laziness is simply a product of exhaustion and a sign that it’s time to relax.

Ever feel guilty about enjoying those five to ten extra minutes of lying around doing nothing? Don’t be. The snooze button was made for a reason.

Being a full time “calorie conservationist” can be beneficial. Here are five reasons why lazy people aren’t as lazy as you think!

1. They are well-rested.

Being a couch potato rarely qualifies, but it does pose some health benefits.

Apathetic people are rarely tempted to pull all-nighters or sacrifice sleep, so they go to bed and wake up early too. They treasure convenience. Why bother to step outside and buy food during lunch if I brought my own?

Give my sister a novel to read and she finishes it in less than three days, but leave her alone with a textbook for an hour, and she barely reads three pages. Her book doubles as a pillow. Yet, she miraculously manages to maintain good grades. Sure, she may be labeled as “lazy”, but her outputs say otherwise.

2. They have mastered multitasking.

“Everybody seems to think I’m lazyI don’t mind, I think they’re crazy.Running everywhere at such a speed ‘till they find there’s no need.” ― John Lennon

Lazy people find ways to achieve more than one thing at a time. They are expert multitaskers and frequently kill two birds with one stone. You will find them finishing difficult tasks first, so they have more time to relax.

3. They don’t participate in drama.

Lazy people are too busy being lazy to worry about gossip, arguing, hanging out in the kitchen, getting into lengthy discussions, or caring about coworkers’ affairs. They prefer to finish work and go home where they can, well, get back to being lazy.

They avoid unintentionally affecting anyone else’s life because of their idleness.

4. They are the definition of efficiency at its best.

“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

Lazy people are methodical. Their time is used doing the essential. Apathetic people have bursts of productivity which leads to higher efficiency.

One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, said he would “hire a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

There is no shame in finishing a task faster if it is done well. Tackling things the “hard way” or the “easy way” has the same outcome – the job is completed.

5. They are optimistic procrastinators.

“My temptation is to tackle everything at once, or nothing at all.” ―Kevin DeYoung

Waiting until the last minute to get things done makes them realize how critical the job at hand is, so work is narrowed down to the important details only.

If laziness and sense of urgency didn’t arise, we’d all still be walking to school or work instead of riding trains or driving. Man-made machines that make life easier for us (like cars) practically originated because of laziness.

Famous inventor Ben Franklin said, “[I am] the laziest man in the world. I invented all those things to save myself from toil.”

Remember, idleness is subjective.

David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, affirmed that behavior has little to do with someone’s productivity levels. For all you know, he/she is a genuine slacker who does most of the initial work in their head.

“Sometimes being effective means getting perspective,” he adds, “There’s no way to manage the forest when you’re hugging the trees that tight.”

If you are someone who is lazy, remember that being lazy doesn’t connote ineffectiveness. Use it to your advantage and in moderation.

So, on a scale of 1-10, how lazy are you?

Ayah Danica V. Granada is currently a content writer and editor for Scoopfed. Formerly a student journalist. Full-time writer, part time bibliophile and a TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast.

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