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5 Resume Tips To Actually Get You Noticed

In this video I’ll share 8 things I noticed and then changed during a real life resume writing exercise.

These tips can be used by anyone looking to stand out.

The inspiration from this video came from a Quora post I did that received 45,000 views. In my post, I shared my opinion that resumes should always be one page. One person named Jason told me that consolidating his 3-page resume down to one page couldn’t be done – “It was impossible”, and he gave me a one week challenge to see if I could make it happen.

This was a fun resume writing challenge, that helped Jason, and hopefully will help you too…

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    John Marty

    John Marty

    My name is John Marty. I am passionate about technology, and its ability to solve problems. One of my biggest strengths is the development and communication of big ideas that drive at the heart of consumer pain points. The communication of these ideas requires delicately crafted, and data driven narratives that consider all stakeholders. My understanding of the intricacies of software development as well as my entrepreneurial, and educational background provide a strong foundation to articulate these ideas, gain buy-in, and drive initiatives forward. I'm extremely hard working, intrinsically motivated, and enthusiastic, but operate with a deep sense of humility and gratitude. I carry this humility into every meeting and interaction by being truly present. I am observant and intrigued by the unique traits and contributions of team members, as well as, untapped talent, that can be extracted through encouragement with product teams.
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