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7 Questions To Ask Before Starting A New Life Chapter

Can you imagine watching the same movie day after day? That would get boring. Now think about watching yourself as you live through your days: are you replaying the same routine? If you fell into the mundane, you’ve certainly felt the deep need for change.

The urge to start a new chapter in life occurs after big endings or an extended period of boredom. You need space to breath. Whatever your reasons for the new start are, one thing is clear: this time, you have to do things the right way.

It’s not possible to say goodbye to your old habits and reinvent yourself in a day. That’s a process.

So before you begin your new journey, answer these seven questions to know if you’re ready:

1. Are you ready to leave the past behind?

Starting a new chapter can mean many things: ending friendships or relationships, leaving a job, moving to another city, or leaving your old habits behind. The main question is: are you 100% ready to do that? Whatever you’re leaving behind, you should be aware that it won’t be present in your life for any longer.

If you’re still not ready for such a big change, contemplate why and get to the root. Think how your life will look once you start the new chapter, and imagine yourself there. Once you’re ready to envision yourself in the new place with no regrets, you’ll be ready.

2. What will you learn from the old chapter?

If you don’t like your current job and you decide to leave it, what will prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again? The wisdom you obtain from this experience.

There are no bad experiences when you learn from them. Before you decide to turn the page, think about the lesson this stage of your life has taught you. Even better: write down all thoughts and emotions you’re having. How will they help you evolve into a better person? What can you learn?

3. Do you have a support system?

You do have strength to carry on all by yourself. However, you’ll feel much stronger if you have people to support you. Talk to your friends and family about the change you’re about to make. Can you trust them? Will they support your decisions? If they don’t and you’re sure you want to make the change, then find someone who you can rely on. If there’s no such person in your life, you can always talk to a therapist.

4. Are you willing to sacrifice the current stability?

Starting a new chapter means getting outside your comfort zone ready to take on new challenges. The excitement for change will be at the expense of your current comfort and stability. But that’s a sacrifice worth making when you’re aiming high. 

5. How much will it cost?

When we’re talking about ideas, money can ruin the fun. But, it’s necessary for you to consider the financial aspect. Whether the new chapter means moving to another city, leaving your partner, starting a new lifestyle, or leaving your job, every new chapter will involve new expenses. Are you currently capable of affording them? If not, start saving money until you’re able to stand strong on your own two feet.

6. Will I make a real difference?

When you’re ready to rewrite your story, think about this: is your perspective bigger than you? When you’re completely self-focused, you forget about the effect your actions have on everyone around you. You’ll be happy with the new you only if the change means making others happy, too. Contributing to something bigger will change the way you perceive life.

7. Now what?          

Before you make any drastic steps into a whole new future, you need a plan. Each action you take makes a difference for your future. How do you envision yourself ten years from now? Take that vision and start making steps forward.

We all need to reinvent ourselves at one point or another. Life will find its way to push us out of our comfort zones. When that moment comes, we have to be ready for it! 

Tell us about your next chapter in the comments!

Mary Kleim is a creative writer and a personal coach. She is working on developing several online commerce projects. Also, she is an author of her own one student assignment help Assignment Masters. Mary writes for different websites related to self-development and positive thinking.

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