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7 Ways To Become An Elegant Man

How to make people believe you are luxurious and elegant even if you are not

There comes a time in most men’s lives when they have a formal occasion in which they are expected to look his best. And while we, as men, do try to put on a suit and to have that persona of elegance, in many ways we fall short. This is not because of a lack of trying. Most of us have a suit in the closet ready to go. There is a bit more to elegance than a suit and tie. Here are seven ways to become an elegant man.


1.  Shave

When I say shave, I do not mean that you have to have a “baby” face. Rather, a man who is striving to look dapper should trim his beard so that the styling looks intentional. Cheeks should be clean shaven with no stubble present. If you have one of those ZZ Top or Duck Dynasty type of beards, use beard wax and sculpt it to look presentable. Thick beards should, as a general rule, be thinned out.

A quick tip: If you are not used to shaving regularly, you should shave at least 6 hours before any event. The reason is this that the skin will redden and needs to have time to turn back to a natural skin tone.

2. Posture

An elegant man presents himself with assertiveness. The key to this is to stand up straight or sit up straight. Practice good posture. A bent torso and slouched shoulders convey a sense of uncertainty and a lack of self-esteem. Square your shoulders and keep your back straight. When walking, do not lean forward, but keep it natural.

3. Dress the part.

So, you may have a suit in your closet, but if it has not been cleaned and pressed, it may cause more harm than good. Take the time to look over your suit for any areas that need to be repaired. Loose buttons, frayed threads, and loose lining on the suit are all issues which a tailor should be able to resolve. However, the last key element to observe can only be fixed by the purchase of a new suit, and that is color fading. A man who wants to look elegant has to have a suit that pops. If the colors are faded, then the presence of the suit will not be elegant but instead be thrifty or cause pity (depending on how bad the color blotches are). You do not have to spend thousands on a new suit, as there are several locations which offer discounted suits. All you need is to have a suit which looks good on you.

4. Polish your shoes.

If you never have polished leather, then it is recommended that you have a professional leather artisan do the job for you and show you how to do so in the future. You do not want to learn the night of an event. If you are familiar with polishing and buffing your leather shoes, ensure that you give ample time for your leather conditioner to dry so as not to transfer any of the cleaner onto your suit.

5. Accessorize your suit accordingly.

Even if you have an elegant suit, if you have a fake leather wallet, a cheap watch, and a three dollar belt, then the elegance is compromised. Have a real leather wallet and, if you do not have a decent watch, go without. Don’t pack the real leather wallet full of useless junk. Put your cards, money, and license in it. Keep the receipts, coupons, business cards, and family photos somewhere else.

6. Have a firm handshake.

There was a time when people could tell a great deal about a man’s personality by his handshake. In modern times, this practice has somewhat faded. A man who can firmly shake a hand gives the person he is introducing himself to the sense that he is confident and secure in himself. Grip the hand hard, but do not try to compete with the other person.

7. Wash your car.

One of the top tips that I can give about becoming an elegant man is to keep your vehicle clean. It does no good to spend the time and the money on your physical appearance and your mannerisms if your first impression is covered with mud and dust. Even if the vehicle is not considered a “luxury” car, how you present the car does say a great deal. Is it clean? Is it polished? If the answer is no, then the assessment of your elegance will decrease.

Elegance is more than just a show; it is a mental state and a physical presentation of a man’s confidence. Whether it is a suit, a real leather wallet, a trimmed haircut, or using proper grammar in a conversation, the elegance of a man is determined by his continued dedication and persistence.

M. K, is a leather artisan. He has 10 years as a leather crafter and is honored and proud of his products. Find out more at Rainier Leather.

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