7 Ways To Stay Motivated

Motivation is hard to find. There isn’t a magic motivation button we can press when we want to reach our goals. People can’t reach their goals by simply hoping. Actions are required! We have to determine where we want to be and find the fuel we need to get there.

Motivation comes from loving ourselves enough to work hard. Do we want to workout? Probably not. But do we want to be fit? Yes! Motivation is what we need to get us from point A to point B.

Here at, we send out Monday Motivation emails for a reason. Feeling motivated isn’t a given; we must be intentional and active. And when it comes to actions, we must discover our “for.”

We work out for a healthy body.

We clean for a pleasant home environment.

We save money for our dream vacation.

We work hard during the week for fun and relaxed weekends.

Decide what your “for” is going to be, and then choose what actions are essential to meet your goals! Finally, watch the video by Buzzfeed below for seven tips to stay motivated.

1. Leave yourself reminders.

Sticky notes, cell phone alerts, do whatever it takes! For example, I have trouble remembering to drink water, so I have an app on my phone that alerts me every couple of hours as a reminder. Keeping what I need to do at the forefront of my attention seems to works!

2. Make it a date.

If you’re extroverted, this is especially motivating. When we add close friends or family into our goals, they will bring us the motivation we may lack.

3. Treat yourself to a new outfit.

The video shows a workout outfit, but this tip will work with any clothing or accessory that can help motivate us to reach our goals! Although I work from home, I often try to dress professionally because it reflects in my job. How can you dress to give yourself the confidence to pursue your goals?

4. Recognize your progress.

Look back at where you once were and remind yourself that you can continue moving forward.

5. Set short-term goals.

Goals can never be too big, but breaking our large goal into little chunks can typically ensure better success.

6. Make a playlist.

Music sets the tone. We play the slow, classics to wind-down and the hip-hop or rock to keep us moving! When I want help cleaning the house, I strategically put on techno music because, for some reason, that’s what gets my husband up, moving, and ready to help! For motivation, choose a playlist with songs that you find motivating.

7. Have fun!

Don’t forget to enjoy the work involved. When we get rid of the enjoyment piece, we give up. Get creative with ways to add fun to your goals!

Tell us, about your “for” and what are you going to do to get there?

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Amanda Foust

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