Do you ever have those days when being an adult hits you smack in the face, and you wish you could quit? It seems we can quit everything else in life: jobs, friends, habits, etc., but I've never met anyone who could successfully quit being an adult. We remember the “good ol' days” of carefree living and having many things done for us when we were kids. Now we live to go to work, pay bills, and tackle our other responsibilities. Downtime and living a stress-free life feels like a luxury of the past because we are adults now.


So what do we do on the days when we just can't adult anymore?

Here are some ideas:

1. Remember the perks.

As an adult, you can choose to eat whatever you want (I'm talking dessert for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner), go to sleep whenever and wherever you want, watch Netflix all hours of the night, and ultimately make your own decisions! Sure, being a kid without responsibilities was great, but remember the rules and the nagging parents? Not sure I would want to go back there. I am enjoying the adult relationships with my family much, much more!

2. Write down all your worries and stresses.

Whether you feel overwhelmed with bills, going back to school, job responsibilities or something else, write down all your worries and free your head space. Next to each stressor, write three ideas for solutions. Plan to tackle one at a time and shorten your list after awhile. You'll be surprised at how easy some solutions are, and you will quickly feel a surge of hope.

3. Think long term.

In the busyness of the here and now, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with “adulting.” But when you think about the future, you can see how the hustle you are presently experiencing will ultimately pay off in the long run.  If you don't see how what you are doing now reaps long term benefits, then you may need to reprioritize how you are managing your time.

4. Tap into your inner child.

Maybe you do need some time to stop “adulting” temporarily. Go on an adventure, have a movie night in a fort, jump on a trampoline for hours, and have a planned day of nostalgia doing some of your favorite childhood activities (Roller skating rink and Disney movies for me please)! But remember: don't stay in this place forever. It's more stressful to be behind on your bills and watch the laundry pile high.

What is one thing you struggle with as an adult that you didn't have to worry about as a kid? Tell us in the comments what YOU will do when you just can't “adult” anymore. 

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13 thoughts on “What To Do When You Can’t Adult Anymore

  1. Adriana K Morales Roa says:

    Now that I recall, I still have my Nintendo somewhere in my closet, so I’ll plug it in back to my TV and play for a while.
    Thank you!

  2. Carol says:

    Getting older with every passing year. As a kid, I loved my birthday but now, I’m just one day closer to wrinkles, sagging skin, and ached and pains. It seemed like I would be young forever but once I reached 50, I wanted to turn back the clock. I am trying to come to acceptance of my body maturing as my mind still feels young. Can anyone else relate or have advice?

  3. Lisa says:

    Parenting a teenager who is struggling in school. I work full time and I don’t always remember to sit down with him and go through everything that is due. It’s not easy to find out either. I know it’s his responsibility and I’ve tried several times to give him space to do it himself but he isn’t getting it done. I don’t know how to deal with him failing classes or near-failing.

  4. Lori Bumgarner, passion and career specialist says:

    Love this! Thanks Amanda for this reminder. I think I’ll go ice skating…on a work day!

  5. Dale Richardson, Ed.D. says:

    As an educator, I get to play in both worlds, the adult and child. I get to work and help shape the future and sometimes get to travel alongside my students as they grow as individuals.

  6. Kris says:

    One thing that really takes me out of myself as an adult it to blow bubbles. No one can resist trying to pop everyone you see. they are simple and soft and remind me to slow down.

    Coloring helps too. You need the 64 color crayon box…the one with the sharpener.

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