“People who love to eat are always the best people.” –Julie Child

Food is fuel for the body. We cannot live positive lives if we aren't nourishing ourselves properly. But what happens if we can't cook? We may try to cook, but it doesn't come naturally, or we simply don't have the time. Healthy eating is stereotyped as the method that takes more time and preparation. And if you want something other than sliced fruit and a salad that doesn't contain GMOs and preservatives, it is typically a more complicated cooking process as well…or so we think.


Mom friends of mine get together and fantasize about what it would be like to have a maid to clean and organize their homes. I chuckle to myself because I would much rather have a personal chef to take care of the meals! Stepping into my kitchen gives me anxiety, hives, and sweaty palms. Okay, I'm exaggerating…but you get the idea!

In all seriousness, my typical go-to cooking process looks like this:

1. Cut up fruits and veggies for the kids and add protein to their plates i.e. turkey, rice, tuna, etc. 2. Open the freezer and take out frozen dinner for my husband and me 3. Place in the microwave with timer 4. Remove and enjoy!

Let me just say…my body doesn't enjoy this because this habit isn't healthy. Buried inside these frozen dinners are so much sodium and preservatives, and it's no longer worth it to me to sacrifice my family's health for convenience. Every now and then we are in survival mode and this method is our best bet, but we can't continue to live like this every day, and neither can you!

So what do us “bad cooks” do instead?

Well, we want to help you take control of your health and share this great resource we found from Precious Nutrition. The infographic below will help even the bad cook create healthy meals quickly and easily. Take a look!


What meals do YOU plan to try? 

Here are my go-to websites for cooking advice! Enjoy!

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Minimalist Cooking

The Daily Positive Shop

Each item purchased provides 10 meals to families in need

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