Watch What Happens When We Stop Putting People in Boxes

So many of us become conditioned to judging other people based on superficial criteria. It happens so subconsciously and rapidly, that we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Throughout our upbringing, education and life experiences we so easily and accidentally pick up beliefs and assumptions about other people based on what they look like, what they do, where they come from, and the beliefs they have.

What Happens When We Stop Putting People in Boxes

I absolutely love this! This video will change the way you see people. I genuinely hope everyone shares this today! Credit: TV 2 Thanks Denmark!

Posted by Jay Shetty on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

But what if all of that is an illusion?

What if we don’t know other people at all, and our assumptions are wrong?

What if none of that really matters anyway!?

What if underneath, we’re all the same?

Because, isn’t it true that…

  • We all feel.
  • We all hope.
  • We all dream.
  • We all hurt.
  • We all want to be safe, loved and accepted.
  • We all want to feel purpose.
  • We all want to be happy.
  • We all sleep, wake and eat.
  • We all breathe the same air.
  • We all bleed the same way!
  • We are ONE.

Let’s stop putting people in boxes. It only creates separation, division and issues.

Instead of making up stories about what and who we think people are, judging books by covers, what if we actively seek to see commonality?

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