Whoever Says Animals Don’t Have Emotion, Has Not Seen This Video

I'm not a vegetarian. I'm not a crazy PETA fanatic. But I love animals. I believe they are a beautiful piece of a perfect system.

Over the past 20 years we've seen our farming and meat production go from honest to efficient to downright evil.

You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.

My wife and I stand strong against companies like Monsanto and companies who support factory farming systems. We eat organic produce, grass-fed meats, and non-gmo foods. We're homesick for a world who cares about the land, the soil and the animals we eat.

This video below just about BLEW my mind. To people who say animals don't know the difference between a cramped stall and an open field: YOU ARE WRONG. At the 1:01 mark, you will see true beauty in these wonderful cow.


This blog post was written by an independent guest contributor.
Author Name: D Patridge.

Whoever Says Animals Don\'t Have Emotion, Has Not Seen This Video

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70 Responses

  1. I Love how you and your wife feel about animals and about Monsanto. It feels so good to know that there are other people out there like myself, that feel the exact same way I do about these things. It’s very comforting. Please don’t stop caring or being strong and standing up for what you believe. And that goes to everyone. Much Love and honor,

  2. It is not ethical to eat animals. There is NO such thing as humane slaughter. Those 2 words do not fit together. All animals want to live.

  3. Dear Dale, fighting for animal rights is neither crazy nor fanatic. It’s just standing up for feeling, aware and beautiful creatures that can’t speak for them selves. Is it crazy to not eat meat or is it crazy to confine a being to a life of slavery, torture and horror just to eat some of it’s flesh or wear it’s skin or fur? You and your family are on the right path. Take the next step and go veg!

  4. I absolutely love animals and I think this video comes to show that just like people, animals, all animals, have tons of emotion… Tis why I’m a vegan at the age of 12… They deserve love and care.

  5. Dear Dale: I am confused. You start by making it clear you are not a vegetarian, you then denounce PETA and insult it’s members (of which I am one). You say they are ‘crazy’. You then introduce a video with preamble that contradicts everything you just said previously. What I see happening here is that you, like many people who claim to love animals, are experiencing cognitive dissonance. You’re only willing to go so far when it comes to taking a stand for animals. It is obvious that the cows jumping and running when released into the pasture are experiencing joy. You say you are ‘homesick for a world who cares…about the animals we eat.’ What kind of caring is it that leads to an animal being killed? This concept that some people have that it’s ok to kill the animal as long as we give them a good life up until that moment, is wrong. Why kill the animal at all? They enjoy life – your own video proves it – and will fight to save themselves when facing slaughter.

  6. I have been a vegetarian for two of my seven decades and am healthier than I have ever been. I have lost weight and gotten rid of migraines although I gave flesh up for compassionate reasons. I want to see a world where cows and sheep are ‘retired’ when milking or wool harvesting stops. Using male cow babies can be avoided as there’s no need for insemination with a male zygote or embryo (so no more consumption of babies). In Germany they have figured out how to determine the gender of a chick that is forming (so no more grinding male babies). Eliminate the MURDER and treat the animal with the respect they deserve. Micropigs can become pets. There is a niche for everyone. Otherwise animals who have served humanity go down the dinosaur path. JUST STOP THE MURDER AND THE PAIN!!! We don’t eat humans when they become too old to work. NO! Don’t get any ideas here people!

  7. I read Woodsong by Gary Paulsen, heard a talk by Ajahn Brahm, & saw a video about slaughterhouses. Simply can’t eat warm blooded animals any more.

  8. Hi Dale, I don’t understand how you can say that you care so much about animals yet basically put down vegetarianism and the work of PETA. An animal suffers no less because it has been grass fed. It’s life is still taken away without its consent. How can you continue to eat animals with the images from your video in your mind?

    1. Exactly! I was just thinking the EXACT same thing (makes things even funnier, knowing we share the same first name! lol ;)).

      Dale,how can you deem PETA supporters as ‘crazy people’? I think there are people that have opened their eyes to animal suffering and do something about it, and want to do more about it beyond their own homes.
      They want to spread awareness amongst others, in the hopes of opening even more eyes! No one is telling you to “put down your steak!” but all they
      (or ‘we’ because apparently I’m one of those crazies you talk about, even though PETA is not my most favorite animal rights organization, but alas) are doing is trying to open your eyes and see that beef for what it really is and once was, and what (or rather, who) it could’ve still been today!

      Dale, I think you are not far from making the connection and actually stepping up to the plate and changing your lifestyle for the better of the environment, animals and your own health
      🙂 Maybe someday we can even see you join the world of the “crazies”! 😉

  9. I love this video…it’s one of my favorites and I’ve played it for my kids many times. I think that in our day in age, animals are no longer seen as a part of the balance of nature, merely objects to own, use, train, entertain and yes, consume. It’s wonderful to hear of someone’s love for animals, as written in this post, but it’s disturbing to hear one say they love animals, then justify killing and eating them. I won’t get preachy, as it’s not my place to judge someone I don’t know. I’m a vegetarian myself, in the process of transitioning into veganism. When I was a carnist, I felt exactly how you did, Dale. I loved animals, had always been raised around them, and I told myself on a regular basis I was one of the good humans out there, doing my part. But then I made the connection. Most of us are raised in families that eat animal parts, it’s what we know. But part of being a responsible adult (and even children are able to make the connection – with ease) is to step back from what we know and what we’ve been taught, and do our own research, our own soul-searching, as you will. I doubt anyone who eats meat would pick one of the cows from this video and say, ‘That one…that’s the one I’ll have slaughtered and pulled apart so I can fill my fridge with steak.’ Because that person has seen these cows as something other than food. No one can force a carnist to make the connection – it will happen in their own time, if they are open to it. It happened to me, as it happened to most people on a plant-based diet. It’s been 6.5 years now since I stopped eating meat, 5 yrs since I’ve stopped eating eggs and most dairy. My 12 year old chose to go veggie with me, so it’s been half her life, and all of her 7yr old’s life, not eating animals. We will never go back to the way we were before – which was basically hypocritical. It might sound harsh, but I had to hit rock bottom. I had to watch the PETA videos and see what humans really do to animals (factory farming, fur industry, animal testing, entertainment industry, etc…) and I had to feel like utter shit before I realized I was more part of the problem than any solution. This is what all vegetarians and vegans want from our friends and family – for them to be part of the solution, not the problem. It’s not okay for us to attack each other, as this doesn’t help. Knowledge, awareness and basic compassion is enough for most moral individuals to come to their own conclusions about their lifestyle and what side of this fence they want to be on. We are all connected – human, animal, planet – we all matter. If you ever want to watch a documentary that’s not full of the worse things you can see, and hits deep in the feels, try watching Earthlings. Or you can listen to what Melanie Joy says about this subject. In a beautiful and non judgmental way, she helps explain why we love some animals, and eat others. Her talk Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat is a wonderful place to start. Seriously, it’s all about making the connection. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. And obviously I meant my 12 year old’s 7 year old *brother*, not her own kid. Major typo on my part. LMAO

    2. Very well written, Trish. I completely agree with everything you’ve so eloquently stated. I do hope that one day, every human being on the planet will wake up and “get it”. Until then … even if this story helps just ONE person make the connection, it will have had an impact and helped make a difference.

  10. God Bless you people. Cows don’t usually run. Much less jump. Im going to be a vegetarian after this. Bless the cows and all animals that get led to slaughter outside of illness. Maybe our world should just rid people who are cruel to women children and animals. Take them to slaughter instead of helpless animals. ❤

  11. I became vegetarian 11 years ago. I do my my best to find locally sourced “certified humane”, organic products because I feel we need to start respecting all living beings on this planet. Thank you for sharing this. I also donate to WWF & look forward to donating more to severe other animal organizations.❤️????????

  12. Im a vegetarian, cows are wonderful gentle creatures, who recognise each other, I find it heartbreaking when their baby calves are torn from them , and they cry for days ,I have heard this for myself, we should now respect all life, every animal has family, feelings. and a right to its own life . THEY ARE NOT HERE JUST FOR OUR BENEFIT.

  13. This looks like our dairy heifers when they are turned out to pasture in the spring…Not because they were tied up in the barn, cause they were in free stalls ( where they could get up and move around at their will )…. It’s just because they feel so free when turned out into the Open spaces and Green Grass……Always Love Watching Them.!!! (( Cows will do the same thing, when they Are OUT To Pasture, and they get Out of the pasture…through a broken fence, or the like—-and they come into our driveway, they’ll buck and kick and act like calves )) It doesn’t take too much to make cattle happy!!!!!!!! LOL.!!

  14. This is awesome…I am a vegetarian almost vegan 95% of my time for 2 years. It was a video that change my perspective and never again I touch meat, poultry or fish and been learning and transitioning to vegan. Recently my doctor made a full check including by my petition b-12, d and e vitamin check and he told me, please keep doing whatever you are doing. You are 50 years and your analysis came back perfect! I might need to learn from you.

    When I decide to change my life as I know due to a video that shows why our body should not process animals food, cruelty and planets benefits,I took 2 weeks to LEARN how to eat and even subscribe to a cooking class via Green Peas…this helps a lot and it is possible, it is the best change I made in my life.

    To enjoy health and good weight is a plus… To have a happy heart for the animals and share our wonderful planet, just filled my heart! Thanks for sharing that beautiful video.

  15. If you can see this and continue to eat them, you’re missing the entire point. Do those feelings and emotions go away as they die, or are they terrified? Watch more videos and you’ll know, starting with “Earthlings.” And even if you are kidding yourself about the animal’s pain, you cannot deny that animal agriculture is destroying planet Earth. Another movie, “Cowspiracy,” points out that the planet does not contain enough land for all cows to be grass-fed and roam free. It’s simply not there. I’m serious. You’re part way there, but you’re kidding yourself. Please watch Cowspiracy for the rest of the truth.

  16. I’m clearly late to the party, since most everybody commented over a year ago. But here I go anyway… The veg*ans made a lot of excellent points… but there are a few things I want those who believe God put animals here for our use to think about: God’s original design was/heaven is vegan – babies crawling around with cobras and wolves and lambs and everyone living together harmoniously (NOT eating/torturing each other). Someone else made the point that the Bible has clearly stated in all of its iterations, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” – that was a complete sentence; it did not go on to specify “only humans.” Earlier versions of the Bible state that God has given us plants to eat (somewhere along the line, it was changed to include animals, because people wanted it to include animals so they wouldn’t feel guilty about eating them). The Bible was written by men (after the fall of man), not God, and they could write whatever they wanted… So, you’ve got to consider, would any loving God be even remotely okay with humans doing what is done to non-human animals – God’s creation? If God intended for humans to do what is done to animals, why would he give them brains and central nervous systems so that they can feel pain, feel emotion, and suffer? (Note: God did leave plants without the ability to feel pain and emotion, so…). Put yourself in God’s position for a minute – Say you hire someone to watch your children while you’re out, you leave them a kitchen full of plant foods to eat, but when you return, you find they decided to slaughter your children (non-human animals are also God’s children! If you don’t believe that, imagine they killed your animal companions instead) and eat them (while also trashing your house and making themselves sick). Would you be cool with that?! Humans are here to take care of this planet and its inhabitants, and instead we’ve chosen to violently destroy God’s creation. You’d better hope God shows you more mercy than you have shown the tens-of-billions of land animals and trillions of sea life killed each year for human use, consumption, and entertainment.

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