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A Heart-Centered Approach for Successful Business Networking & Marketing

“You may not think that the world needs you, but it does. For you are unique, like no one that has ever been there or will come after. No one can speak your voice, say your piece, smile your smile or shine your light. No one can take your place for it is yours alone to fill. If you are not there to shine your light who knows how many travelers will lose their way as they try to pass by your empty place in the darkness.” – Lawrence and Hazel Mahar

Truly successful marketing and networking of yourself and your business always begins at the causal level, from your true core self, from your heart-center.

I began realizing the value of this heart-centered approach to marketing and networking, as I look back over the successes I have had in my professional career over the past 25+ years.

My extensive experience as a life, business and executive coach, retreat and workshop leader combined with my former sales, marketing, and management training led me to develop and flourish in my own international network marketing business with over 1000 distributors and 1 million in direct sales.

I am often asked about my “secrets” to success.

Having an under-graduate degree in Behavioral Sciences and a Masters in Organization and Management has been an important part in integrating the personal and psychological aspects of self leadership with a more business and practical approach. This has had a significant impact on my career as a speaker and coach.

However, I attribute the foundation of my professional success to my heart-centered approach, the core foundation for my work (and life).

A heart-centered approach to marketing, networking and business in general first starts with knowing, accessing, and utilizing the essence, energy, and inner spirit of who you are—your heart center.

To Operate from Your Heart Center – Identify Your Why

The center of our life, of our being, is our heart. It’s our unique purpose. Personal mission begins with the brilliance of spirit and internal radiance that we each are able to contribute to our lives and work if we choose.

To connect with your heart center it is important to first define your why.  Your why is a strong motivator that ignites you from the inside out. Ask yourself:

  • What makes you unique?
  • What comes naturally for you?
  • What lights you up?
  • If money and time were no object what would I do, how would I contribute to the world?

An Attitude of Contribution, not Survival

The key word is contribute. My commitment is to come from a contribution mode as opposed to a survival mode. This applies to marketing and sharing your talents, services and products as well as developing relationships as you network to expand your business.

An attitude of contribution involves “What can I bring or give to my customer or client?” as opposed to an attitude of survival which is “What can I get from my client/customer?” or “I need something from them so I can survive to make money or achieve the success that I want.”

The focus shifts from taking for the benefit of self to giving for the benefit of the other.

As a business, personal coach and facilitator, I assist many of my clients in marketing their businesses. We start inside-out first – identifying, connecting to and building on the uniqueness of who that individual is at the core and how they wish to express themselves in their business.

Sharing vs Selling

This usually involves exploring, and then deciding, what their personal mission is, their why. Then when necessary we replace the word sell or sale with the word share. For many individuals sales often involves imposing on another. Sales can have a negative connotation to the giver and receiver. Sharing who you are involves bringing your passion and purpose to another’s life and providing value and benefit through your service, product and relationship with them.

Your Business Grows Due to the Energy and Intention You Hold

When you believe in yourself and know you have the “gold” that could help others, as I did, selling or sharing does not impose on others. It actually enhances their lives. The result is greater ease as you grow your business, abundant success, satisfied staff, repeat customers and clients and an expansive referral base. My business began to grow and in a sense market itself because of the energy and intention from my heart.

Taking a Collaborative Approach

As you develop professional relationships through networking whether in person or through social media (for that is all networking is— relationship building), you can choose to establish a collaborative effort that is cooperative and complementary.

Both parties can benefit by sharing resources, contacts, ideas and profits such as in affiliate marketing.

When we all begin to realize that we are each one of a kind and have our own special gifts to give the world, the illusion of competition, (that there is not enough to go around), will be eliminated or diminished.

From this perspective, there is an attitude of celebrating and sharing our talents with colleagues and clients as opposed to withholding from one another based on the belief in lack.

This is a win-win approach to marketing and networking. Everyone benefits by the mere fact that we are expressing from our hearts our true inner essence, regardless of the outcome of the “sale”.

I built my business this way and adopted Oprah Winfrey’s perspective, “This or something better” as it related to my goals and intentions. I was unattached to any specific outcome as my frame of reference is often limited. Instead I open myself to receive the infinite possibilities the Universe had available for me.

My main focus was on the giving because I loved what I was doing and knew that I had a service or product that could enhance their lives and work. The paradox is when you open to infinite possibilities you open the space for opportunities, creative solutions, innovation and wealth you could have never imagined. It is magical and it works!

How Your Heart Centered Approach Flows into the 5 Aspects of Marketing

The outside-in approach to Marketing & Networking from the heart flows from our heart-center to the more practical and tangible business practices. Sharing and service stems from the heart and radiates through the spirit to the 5 interconnected aspects of marketing: what, who, when, where and how.

1. The “what” includes identifying clearly your service or product, developing a professional mission statement, which can stem from your personal mission. The purpose of your business is often part of your unique expression and intentions for yourself. Years of experience and coaching individuals from a wide range of industries as proven that when a professional and personal mission are congruent, that alignment creates an abundant life and joy at work.

2. The “who” is the client or customer and involves identifying who our market niche is. The “who” is also the network of colleagues and contacts, online or in person, where a mutual referral system can be set up. At times, I have bartered my services with other colleagues where we assist one another growing our companies through experiencing our work.  It is important to focus on the people you are servicing and their needs as the purpose of marketing is to satisfy a need and provide a benefit. So many professionals focus on “What are my needs?” As you service and provide for another you organically take care of yourself without effort, as the client is more apt to naturally use your expertise and refer you. The Universal Law that giving and receiving are one and the same applies here.

3. The “how” involves consistent, targeted social media, websites, email communication, marketing and promotional tools and materials. Don’t be afraid to be who you are and express this in a creative way that is targeted towards your market niche. Your authenticity, not who you think you should be based on others’ standards, will attract the perfect clients or customers who are in alignment with your vision, products and services. Adapt to an ever-changing world and stay tuned into your market niche. Honor your own development, growth and evolution while integrating your originality and mission into your marketing message. The “how” also includes networking from a perspective of collaboration and cooperation instead of competition. This can truly be a win-win for all involved.

4-5. The “when” and “where” includes expressing with enthusiasm who you are and what you do at any time. Successful results come from recognizing and following your inspired action. Remember, you get what you give. Whether you are a member of an organization, networking group, committee or an entrepreneur, the intention and heart-centered approach will make all the difference to your level of success. It is an energy that permeates your relationships.

People may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Leave an impact, make a difference and the Universe will support you!

The New Way – Conscious Business Practices

Heart-centered, conscious and principled business practices are evolving as a new paradigm in today’s professional landscape.

The importance and timeliness fueled by the willingness to shift perspective is needed in the business world now more than ever.

It can be rewarding on many levels for those who have the courage and intention to serve from their heart, purpose and passion.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

It is important to also have fun. Your enthusiasm is contagious. This is a process of discovering, through time and experience, who you are and what your one-of-a kind contribution is to the planet and humanity.

We live in a world that is ever-changing that includes technology that is shifting at lightening speed. Each of us, whether we choose to recognize or not, are continually evolving personally, professionally, and spiritually in our own special way.

The more open we are to this evolution and integrate our hearts, minds, spirits and energy to our unique contribution, the more our authenticity will be reflected back to us with ease, grace and flow. As a result people and profits will thrive.

A heart-centered approach can be challenging with the pressures and transitions we often face. It can be difficult to stay centered in our hearts and feel the connection to our spirit. However, there is one thing that I am certain of based on my own journey. My anchor, as I continue to market and network with intention, is embracing the truth that we are each here for a specific purpose, there are no accidents.

REMEMBERThere is only one of you in all of time. To the extent that you allow your inner spirit and essence to shine, you not only bring light to your own world but to all those you come in contact with. It is your divine birthright and responsibility, one to gladly cultivate and share!

12 Tips for Business Networking & Marketing from the Heart

In summary:

You are here for a purpose. There is no duplicate of you in the whole world. There has never been, there never will be. You were brought here now to fulfill a certain need. Take time to think that over.

  1. Define and align your personal and professional mission.
  2. Identify the 5 aspects of marketing – who, what, where, when, how.
  3. Focus on contribution vs. survival and remember that “selling” is “sharing”.
  4. Define your WHY, the benefits you provide, and decide how you can share your unique gifts with others.
  5. Develop collaborative, win-win relationships with colleagues and clients based on abundance not the illusion competition and lack.
  6. Express yourself from your heart and remain unattached to outcomes, yet open to the infinite possibilities available.
  7. Define who your market niche is. What are their needs?
  8. Create a mutual referral network with colleagues and friends that includes affiliate programs.
  9. Express your authentic message in your online presence and promotional materials and attract ideal prospects.
  10. Share your enthusiasm for your product or services through inspired action, networking and consistent social media.
  11. Remember life is a boomerang. You get what you give.
  12. Have fun, be enthusiastic, enjoy your evolution and discovery of your unique contribution!

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