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5 Ways Meditation Will Transform Your Life

Wondering what the benefits of practicing meditation are?

Wondering how sitting still and turning inward can possibly make much of a difference in your life?

Practicing meditation has been transformational for me. I hope my experience will answer your questions and inspire you to give meditation a try or continue on your meditation journey.

The Embrace of Stillness – Transform Your Life

My cheeks wet with tears. The taste of salt on the tip of my tongue. A sense of release washes over me. I feel as though I am wrapped in a loving embrace even though I sit in solitude.

This time that I take in meditation, to sit and prioritize my connection to my soul has been transformative in my life.

1. Finding Answers in the Silence

Sometimes it feels as though I am on a rollercoaster. Anxiety and unease followed by elation and pure joy.

Part of learning to sit and nourish my soul has been to allow whatever feelings arise with loving attention. I have learned that ALL my feelings are okay. They are not good or bad.

Your feelings have messages to share with you.

When I sit with my feelings and hear the messages that they bring, my feelings seem to dissipate before my eyes.

To the mind and ego meditation may seem pointless and even boring, but as you will find the silence is filled with answers.

Looking past the noise of your thoughts is where you will find the deeper wisdom within you. It has been there all along waiting to be uncovered.

“Silence isn’t empty, it is full of answers.” – Unknown

Guided Meditation – Enjoy the Journey

2. Settling Your Mind

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not meant to get rid of your thoughts.

Thinking is a natural and often necessary part of life. Meditation does, however, assist in calming the mind.

Like the settling of a dust storm. Meditation can help you to be aware of your thoughts and allow you to choose where to put your attention.

You know how when you are driving to a familiar place, you sometimes get there without much memory of how you got there? You were lost in thought, not present in the moment.

Through the practice of meditation, you will find that you are not hijacked by trains of thought as often. You get to decide which trains you get on or whether you want to get on a train at all.

3. Holding Space for Love

Learning to be still, allows for more spaciousness and love to be felt within your life. It has always been there, but now you allow yourself to feel it. Meditation connects you to your heart so that you may hear your inner wisdom and knowing.

When we create more spaciousness in our lives, we have the capacity to hold space for others. We are able to stay calm.

We can see the true essence of those we interact with. We feel the connection. Others feel seen and heard in our presence.

Everyone can feel the presence of love.

A beautiful way to notice and experience the love all around us to practice gratitude.

“Through the eyes of gratitude, everything is a miracle.” – Mary Davis

Guided Meditation – Love

4. Letting Go of Control

Meditation gives you the tools to release the need to control. It assists us in allowing and accepting what is. It helps us to no longer resist and push against. Like pushing an immovable wall. It is an exhausting way to live.

Because, honestly, we cannot control the outer world, as much as we would like to think we can. But, what we can control and nourish is our inner world.

What we create and plant in the garden of our inner world flourishes and becomes a part of our outer landscape.

Relaxing into life and trusting that we are supported by powers greater than ourselves is such a liberating realization.

When we come home to the beauty, love, and joy within us, we begin to notice the beauty all around us. It is such a beautiful feeling to know that the universe is guiding us with a loving hand and all we have to do is have faith, trust, and follow its guidance.

The universe is always working for our highest good.

“Life is the dancer, you are the dance.” – Eckhart Tolle

5. Trusting in the Universe

As I sat in meditation one morning, I saw in my mind’s eye, my heart. It looked as though it was hard, inflexible. It was covered in a layer of hardened mud.

As I continued to breathe I saw the mud begin to crack. A bright beautiful light began to shine through. I had the realization that I no longer need to protect my heart.

We live in a loving and abundant universe. Hardening our hearts only keeps us from truly feeling the love that is our birthright. We can rest in knowing that the Universe has our back.

Your Beautiful Meditation Journey Can Transform Your Life

I hope my experiences have inspired you on your meditation path.

Your meditation practice is unique to you. As you nurture your spirit, your insights, wisdom, and beauty will flow forth.

If you are just beginning your meditation journey, start with sitting for a few minutes a day. As you begin to feel the delicious benefits of meditation in your life, you will naturally be drawn to deepen your practice.

Allow the practice of meditation to soften your heart and help you live a life of love, joy, and ease.

Sending you Love and Light!


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Catherine Wilde

Catherine Wilde

Catherine Wilde is a Soul Care Mom Coach, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, the Creator of the Soul Care Mom Podcast and the founder of the Vibrant Mom Life Membership. She believes you can feel calm and find your unshakable confidence as a mom when you first care for yourself. To discover more about becoming the best mom that you can be through self care, visit her website below.
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