Hygge Can Help You Find Your Passion

By now, Hygge is a trend we’ve all been aware of since January of 2017. When “New Year new me” was still a thing and we all wanted to embrace the Hygge life. Since then, Hygge seems to have reached far past the yoga moms and snuck it’s way into insta inspo land leaving us all to embrace the “being in the moment” spirit that is Hygge.

Who wouldn’t want to “experience the Danish art of happiness”. This fun word has been widely spread and made trendy by social media. The core idea of Hygge revolves around living in the moment, being happy, going with the flow, and just overall feeling good. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life?!

The Connection Between Hygge and Passion

In one sense Hygge is taking a break from the real world. It’s taking a moment to unwind, be comfortable and just relax. This personal time is important, these are the moments that keep you sane and allow you to recharge.

In another sense, Hygge is being connected with yourself in body and mind to experience your life on a deeper level and truly feel the things that bring you intense joy and happiness. It doesn’t have to be meditation or yoga it can be anything from taking time to set goals for yourself, to practicing your craft or skill.

In this way developing your passion and being one with Hygge completely overlap. When you are working towards something you love, passion and Hygge come together simultaneously. This combination will unlock greatness within you that you might not have known was there.

In many ways, Hygge and passion go hand-in-hand because they share the connection of bringing you an experience that lights you up inside. There is no better feeling than finding that one thing that you excel at. The feeling you get when your talent and skill flow together and you are totally engaged. This is the true meaning of living in the moment. This feeling occurs when you find the thing that challenges you, excites you and motivates you to achieve greatness.

That is what finding your passion looks like and what Hygge feels like.

How Can Hygge Help You Find Your Passion?

Whether you’re new to Hygge or you actively practice it by engaging in activities that activate you, a Hygge experience can help you find and develop your talent.

1. Take the Hygge challenge

You can find them anywhere, in books, on Pinterest, or you can create your own. Just find (or make) a list of things that your heart wants to try. Maybe a few things your afraid to do and some things that you know you enjoy but don’t ever find the time to do. Challenge yourself to do something on that list once a week. This will expand your understanding of Hygge and of yourself. By trying the suggested activities you will engage in acts that will help you let go of everyday life and experience your life in a new way. They will connect you to parts of yourself that you have neglected and awaken your spirit.

2. Pay attention to the activities that make you feel the best

What really sets your soul on fire? What gives you that little spark of joy? When you take these challenges pay attention to which activities make you feel alive. Hygge requires genuine presence and self-awareness aka being in the moment. When you interact with the world in this way, passion, that you never knew you had, will poke it’s way to the surface.

3. Especially pay attention to the activities that feel engaging yet challenging

Not only should you pay attention to the activities that are the most enjoyable but pay particular attention to an activity that feels challenging. Watching TV can be Hygge and feel enjoyable but it is unlikely that it will be challenging. Your passion will undoubtedly be something that requires more work from you, but that skill required will feel less like work and more like progress.

4. Experience flow

“Flow” is a state of mind. You’ll know when you’re in flow when you can tune out what is going on around you. You enter flow when you are performing at your absolute highest level, and it should feel effortless even when it’s challenging. In these moments you will own the creative process and feel your passion coming to life.

5. Enjoy it even if it doesn’t come easy

If it doesn’t come easy but you experience immense joy when doing it, it is a good sign that passion and Hygge are mingling together. You are on the right path to unlocking greatness within yourself.

If you are someone who doesn’t know what they want in life, feel like you have no talent or can’t find anything your “passionate about” don’t try to figure out how to “find your passion”, instead figure out how to use Hygge. It is an excellent tool to connect your body, mind, and soul and create cohesion in your life making it easier to discover what you love.

Who knew that you could use Hygge to find your passion!

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