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6 Ways To Create A Unique And Trendy Home Office

Are you struggling to find a perfect workspace at home? If you think your home is too small or cluttered, think again.

The most unique and trendy home offices start with innovative ideas and a little elbow grease. Take a look at these six home office inspirations:

trendy home office

1. From Closet to Home Office

If you’re more of a minimalist and want a space that feels like a hideaway, your secret home office weapon is your closet. Sacrifice some storage space and ditch clutter to create a cozy, functional home office.

For walk-in closets, there’s enough space to move around and stay focused without too much space for clutter to multiply. Some walk-in closets even have a window! Imagine shelves lining that wall with a small desk between them and a reading nook nearby. Paintings of natural landscapes hang on the walls, or a mural of one of Monet’s garden works is recreated to invite nature into your office.

Even if you have an average closet, create an indented wall area dedicated to your office, perfect for a small desk, ambient lighting, and functional shelving. An accent wallpaper on the back wall gives it an interior flair, while aesthetically assigning it as a separate and functional space.

2. Convertible Living Room and Home Office

A small corner of your living room can quickly convert into a home office. Use a turn of the century study with a built-in writing desk or a corner with a wall-mounted fold out desk.

A wall-mounted desk saves space in a small home and blends right into your home aesthetic. Paint it any color you like. Many wall-mounted desks are under $200 or are DIY and easy to custom build to your taste. Add some overhead shelving and display family photos with other personal items, and your home office blends right in.

3. From Garage to Home Office

Get distracted easily while working from home? Your best bet for a suitable workspace is the garage. It’s separate enough while still allowing you to have the comforts of home at your garage office.

Aside from gauging your office layout, your primary concern will be insulating your garage for seasonal weather and temperatures. A warmer garage is more convenient to stay focused. In 20-degree weather, according to engineers, lack of insulation will give you an average of 30 degrees, but insulated doors will boost the temperature to 42 degrees. Adding insulation to your garage door, or opting for a new one, will help to insulate the space and save you money on wasted energy.

Garages are the perfect place to take advantage of an industrial look for your office. Add shelves built from industrial pipes, upcycling old work benches or building furniture from pallets.

4. From Basement to Home Office

Offset from home and insulated from noise, the basement is a refuge for your hard work. Before converting your basement, access water damage and the potential for flooding after a storm. A control valve and cistern may be installed as a permanent fix to divert water.

Take advantage of window spaces to let natural lighting into the basement, and include shade friendly plants in your decoration to purify the air and connect you to nature while you’re down there working! Use a wide variety of ambient lighting as the day shifts to flow with day and night.

Industrial lighting designs, wall to wall wood panels and a rustic wood desk also add natural, warm elements to your home office. Another option is a backsplash wood panel wall you could easily DIY from wood palettes.

5. From Sunroom to Home Office

Let nature be your inspiration to work hard. Convert your sunroom into a home office.

Turn your sunroom into a tropical office oasis. Bamboo curtains or blinds are light and provide privacy. Sun loving plants that thrive in sunrooms include orchids, hibiscus, and spider plants. Use light hues and a white desk to reflect light in the room, and a large oriental rug can be added to the floor for yoga breaks and a soft cushion for barefoot thinking.

6. From Spare Room to Home Office

You really don’t need that spare room for storage, and guests don’t visit that often. When your home office needs are a priority, it’s time to convert your spare room into a workspace.

Think of function, form, and flow to create a balance between bedroom and office with minimalist furniture. Think of the bed as more of a relaxing lounge area: Hard workers get a boost from the odd nap, anyway. Go ultra modern and place the “bed” on the floor, using a large foam insert in a platform. Let the bed blend into a natural hardwood walls, while the desk is offset from the wall.

Keep all spaces clear and clutter free. Keep papers and computer equipment inconspicuous for a wonderful balance of bedroom and workspace.

From spare room to closet, there are many opportunities to create a cozy, unique and trendy home office. Sleek, clean, and minimalist looks are key. Choose the space that will make you the happiest while being productive!

Where in YOUR home can you put a home office? Tell us in the comments!

Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts.

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