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7 Powerful Questions to Help You Live Your Best Life Now

Have you ever found yourself asking, “What should I do with my life?” or “How can I live my life to the fullest?”

Getting to know yourself is one of life’s most thrilling endeavors, and it’s the only real path to a full life.

If you’re looking for clarity around how to live your best life – creating a truly vibrant, fulfilled life of your dreams, start by asking yourself these seven questions.

1. Is My Life Fun?

Many of us try to arrange fun but miss the point by over-planning it. Weddings, for example, can turn into a lot of drama and debt. Fun is about spontaneity. It seeks us out, and our only job is to be ready! Think of your most joyous memories. Most of them are probably times you said yes to something unexpected.

Make room for bliss to show up and embrace it when it does.

2. Am I Waiting for My Life to Begin?

I used to tell myself,

  • “When I graduate high school, my life will begin…”
  • “When I meet my life partner, my life will start…”
  • “When I lose the weight…”
  • “When I start my own business…”

I was waiting to start my “real life”, because I was picturing a perfect me. The married, healthy, successful psychologist, who was deeply satisfied and eternally calm. The truth is, enjoying life is not a reward for finally achieving some irrational perfection. Enjoying life is your divine right.

Life isn’t meant to be experienced and celebrated only at the end of a self-imposed finish line. Instead, appreciate the life that is yours in all its complexity and imperfection.

3. Do I Have Enough Money?

Enough money, like enough anything, is subjective. But what does “enough money” actually mean?

Is it numerical? Gauged by figures in a bank account? Measured by things you own?

Enough money means something different to each person, but in the last few years I’ve decided that my “enough” is having some money in savings and some money to invest in me monthly. Enough money to me is whatever amount I need to accumulate experiences that will remind me of my wholeness and make me happy and safe.

4. Do I Have Enough Friends?

How many friends are enough?

As many as it takes to provide you with the sense of being seen, known, and loved. Some might entrust all of their deepest and darkest to one close friend. Others have many friends. The most important criteria is that friendships are a two-way street.

Are you getting plenty of value, respect, and love from the friends that you have? As long as the answer is yes, your number of friends shouldn’t matter.

5. Am I Overthinking Things?

Does it feel like your brain is “on” 24/7?

It’s important to get in the habit of giving your brain a regular break. Thinking is necessary and useful, but when you take time to let your brain relax, you are better equipped to tackle the problems of life. I recommend any kind of meditation practice. Start easy with just 3-5 minutes a day.

6. What Does the Future Hold?

The future should not just be about investing in a 401K, purchasing a home, and finding the right partner. It should be about adventure, wandering, and embracing possibilities. Approach the future with an open mind. Fill it with activities and people that light you up. Ask yourself: What do I keep putting off that would fill my heart with joy? Take one small step towards the start of it today.

7. Where Am I Compromised?

We witness friends make certain mistakes over and over again and wonder how can they be so unaware. But there may be a similar pattern to the problems that plague you.

Is there specific criticism you receive regularly? Peer closer at the problems you keep running into and see what they tell you. “Stuck points” can be stubborn but can be a good thing! It gives us opportunities to learn, grow, and do something about them.

Final Thoughts

When you start asking yourself the right questions, it allows you to ignite a conversation with your inner-self. These 7 “starter questions” are a great first step to understanding which areas of your life you should focus on to create a full, dynamic, radiant life.

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Dr. Danielle Dowling

Dr. Danielle Dowling

Dr. Danielle Dowling is a leading Doctor of Psychology, life coach and speaker who helps people release limitations and re-introduces them to the dreams they’d forgotten or put on the shelf. If you want clarity on what you truly want, pinpoint & clear away the obstacles and patterns that are holding you back, and create the harmonious, successful & radiant life you’ve always desired…. you’re in the right place. Learn more about Danielle at her website below.

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