How to do own crystal healing

9 Ways to Do Your Own Crystal Healing

It’s easier now than ever before to get your hands on some beautiful crystals. But how do we work with them to consciously empower ourselves? From cleansing your crystals under moonlight to programming them with Reiki, there are many ways to harness their energy and do your own crystal healing.

Discover the rituals and tips that I use to tune into crystal energy…

1. Elevate your space

After cleansing your crystals in the moonlight, feel the pulse of the crystals and determine which crystals would go well on your desk, in your car and on your nightstand. Crystals help elevate and protect these spaces. Citrine is a great one to put on a desk as it helps you find motivation, will power, self-esteem and joy. Black obsidian, black tourmaline and amethyst work well in cars but tune in to see what the crystals have to say.

2. Selenite on your heart chakra

Selenite wands help me remember to call upon a strength beyond my own, divine love and light. The white color reminds me of white light. I like to place a selenite wand in the middle of my chest while breathing deep into my belly and expanding my diaphragm. Selenite crystals don’t need to be cleansed and cleared as they are very high in vibration, making it an ideal choice for daily healing.

3. To clear your aura

“Comb” your aura with a selenite wand, while asking the crystal to help you release and transmute any energies that aren’t serving the highest good of all. Observe where you are releasing. You might notice tingling, warmth, coolness or simply a movement of energy. If you’re a Reiki practitioner, feel free to chant one of the Reiki mantras while combing your aura.

4. To cut cords with anyone and anything that isn’t serving you

Selenite wands can also be used to help cut the cords of attachment to beings, situations, events, or feelings that aren’t serving your highest good. Comb a selenite wand through your aura, noticing where you feel dense energy. Comb through, while setting the intention to release, until your aura feels lighter.

5. To balance the vibration of your chakras

A night-time ritual that I go to often, is intuitively placing crystals on my chakra centers. I hold my hands over crystals and choose the ones that feel the most high-vibe or energetic. To me, that means that the crystal wants to work with me, and help heal a physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or energetic issue. I then place the crystal on its corresponding chakra. For example, I would place a black obsidian on my root chakra center if that is one the crystals that calls out to me.

6. To support your meditation experiences

I’ll often choose a crystal to hold during meditation to help clear my mind, and elevate the quality of my thoughts and emotions. In meditation, I like to work with rose quartz to help bring my thoughts back to love and amethyst to help open my higher chakras. Working with crystals during meditation is especially great if you’re seeking to raise your vibration.

7. As a touchstone – at the end of a long day…

At the end of a long day, I like to hold a crystal and know that piece of nature is grounding me and bringing me back to my true essence. I choose crystals intuitively and by that I mean, I pick up whichever crystal is calling out to my eyes. If a specific color, shape, or texture is fascinating you, take that as a call from the crystal! I also like to hover my hands over the crystals, “scanning” their energies to see which crystal is grabbing my attention.

8. To send distant Reiki

Crystals are a great way to send Reiki to someone who’s not physically present with you. I often use 7 crystals that correspond with the main chakra centers to send Reiki to my clients who may even be on another continent. The crystalline structure helps to magnify Reiki, and transport it. You don’t have to be an energy healer to send blessings through crystals. Simply cleanse a crystal, put your hands over the crystal and send your love to a person, situation or event.

9. To program with Reiki

Even though I don’t ask them to, my clients often bring their crystals to their in-person Reiki sessions. While sharing Reiki with my clients, I charge their crystals with the energy and the best intentions, so my clients can receive Reiki healing even after their session is over. Crystals are recordkeepers and can be programmed with Reiki to help us when we need it. If you’re seeing a Reiki practitioner, ask them to program your crystals. If not, visualize how you would like to feel in the next 3-6 months while holding your crystal. The crystal will now help you attract more of those feelings into your life.

These rituals and tips will empower you to do your own crystal healing.

  • Tap into your intuition, and set intentions with clarity.
  • The most important components to crystal healing are your consciousness and willingness to be guided by your intuition.
  • Allow for the crystals to raise your vibration and for them to transform your chakras.
  • Choose one ritual and practice for 21 consecutive days!

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Parita Shah

Parita Shah incorporates Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy & Chakra Balancing to help clients balance their mind, body and soul. Her energy healing sessions help clients clear unresolved thoughts and emotions, connect to their true essence, and create inner peace. Balance your chakras and auric field to discover ease and manifest new experiences. Parita is available for sessions in Long Island, NY and distantly.
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