Raising Body Confident Kids

The latest guest to share wisdom with us at The Daily Positive just prompted an important and fascinating conversation on body image issues, body confidence and how to raise body confident kids.

Emma Wright (a long time friend of mine) is an author and the founder of the Raising Body Confident Kids online parent training. She joins us in the video below to share about:

  • 3 reasons why human beings eat and how society has become overly obsessed with one of these reasons
  • Body diversity
  • Intuitive eating
  • “Divisions of responsibility” for parents/children, when it comes to helping kids become “competent eaters”
  • How to respond to a child or teen if they tell you they don't like something about their body.
  • Calling ourselves into our ourselves, to come into our bodies and to trust our bodies and intuition
  • Plus so much more


Emma has personal experience overcoming challenges in this area and came out the other side, now sharing how she dived into research and data to support both her healing process and helping her to raise her 2 children to have body confidence.

If you have questions for Emma or need more info on this topic, you'll find a link to her website below the vid.

Body Image Issues, Body Confidence & How to Raise Body Confident Kids

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About Emma

Emma Wright Raising Body Confident Kids Emma Wright is the Founder of Raising Body Confident Kids online parent training. She’s a public speaker and an internationally recognised expert in eating disorder prevention and parent training.

Having worked with hundreds of parents in her coaching practice & online programs Emma's proven that conventional parenting methods used to prevent body image issues are flawed at best—& offers a powerful new approach for those who are “worried & frustrated.”

Emma’s training is for parents of toddlers to teens.

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Raising Body Confident Kids

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