How Old Is Too Old To Chase A Dream?

Have you ever asked someone how old they are and it actually takes them a minute to answer you? As if they truly forgot… I believe it's moments like these that produce a subtle fear of age in young people.

If you know me well, you know I love to dream. I love to launch businesses and movements and ideas. In my opinion, it's dreaming which makes life so vibrant.

As we grow old, many forget this important art. We become stuck in routines, responsibilities, and predictabilities. We feel irrelevant and lack the energy to pursue ideas like we used to.

But let's remember this, even though you hear about hundreds of twenty-somethings launching companies and careers from Facebook to new tech devices, their smarts are only as strong as their wisdom.

Which leads me to my point. Age has something that youthfulness will never have. Experience, discernment, patience, and perspective. And even though I have already posted this video a few months ago, I believe the older generations might need to hear again.

When it comes to chasing a dream or starting a company, what a person might lack in youthful energy comes back multiplied in wisdom.

As you may have expected, dreaming has no age limit. It's the fuel for life. I don't care if you're 55, 43, or 86… go start something new, take an adventure with your spouse, and shake the very foundations of our culture. We need it.

Do you still dream? Do your parents still dream? What do you think is stopping people? Let me know in the comments below.

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50 Responses

  1. I was never taught how to dream. My parents are not dreamers with all due respect. I guess I encountered my first thought of a dream when I saw my first theater production at age 9. Today it’s 20 years later and I am a few months away from the age of the man in the YouTube clip. I haven’t done anything that can be seen as significant. I have developed dreams in the mean time. My biggest block is this, since childhood I was made to think dreams are only for other people. I am not suppose to dream, it is unsafe and dangerous. It destroys the natural order of things. How can I go about accomplishing dreams? My manual is very limited. How can you make someone believe in their dreams and pursue it?

  2. I just turned 50 – and have accomplishments already fulfilled that I dream about…looking forward, it is hard to find a NEW dream in a world so youth obsessed and digitally centric. I hate compouters…I hate social media and what it has done to our society…the world is a place I no longer recognize, and how do you dream in a place you don’t know anymore???

  3. Looking at the posts…I am alittle late but, it’s never too late…I read this at a time that I needed it. Great video…by the way. I am a grand 60…soon to be 61 this October. I certainly do not think 60 is the new 40 or 50…it is 60. However, it seems at every stage of my life I am always taking inventory… For the most part, I experienced an unbelievable troubled youth… which led to a stormy young adult life. By the time I became even somewhat sane… I spent years wanting the approval of others, seeking their validation…always giving myself to their causes as if that would redeem me of all my mistakes. NO WAY…! I never got their approval …validation…or applaud … they seemed to smell my need and used it for all it was worth. I took a look back and saw if I had invested half into myself or what I invested into others…my life would be so different. So, recently…I said to myself….no more… no more expecting from others what I can give to myself. At 60… I am going to fall in love with me. I am going to invest in myself… take the steps to develop some things in myself. I always wanted to speak….so…I am going to join a Toastmasters club! Why should I rely on anyone to believe in my story or wait to be given permission to share it! I said… this is who I am right now, and I am going to do the actions that will allow me to be the best 60 I can be. I was never the atletic type, even as a child I flunked out in gym class…I could not do one chin up…was scared of a base ball and the one time I ran track when I saw another person pass me I stopped completely running. lol…so…I have never put into my body the pride or care that should have been taken…but this is where I am …and with acceptance of that past… and being alright with that neglect that I can’t undo…I am moving forward…to do what I can now!!! To start walking now… will I ever opt to get surgery NOPE!!! but, I just choose to look at what is real…and to change my life now…regardless of my age. Who knows…I might take on a new city… take some voice lessons…try out for a part in a local play… the point is I am ready to live… thanks again

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