How To Get People To Follow, Like, & Respect You

I find it hard to take advice from people who are poorly positioned to give it. For example, so called “social media experts” giving tips on how to grow your platform when they lack a large following themselves.

As for today's topic, I am experienced here. There is no pride, just confidence. And while I'm sure I have let some people down, I have been able to build a large following of dedicated readers (about 1 million per month), a team of loyal employees, and a sphere of influential leaders who like and respect me.

And of all the work I've put into carefully building my platform, protecting my reputation, and operating with integrity, I have found these four concepts to be the pillars of my success.

1. Speak to people how they need to hear it, not how you want to say it
At our core, we are all selfish beings. And focusing energy on selflessness has always been a common win for leaders, but what is rare is those leaders who can “communicate” with selflessness. To intentionally craft their words for each individual audience. To be considerate enough to change their style to accommodate the needs, vernacular, culture, or beliefs of those who are listening. Thoughtfulness is the most effective version of communication.

2. Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right
Every battle has a consequence. A victor and a failure. It's common for leaders (especially A-Types) to turn common confrontation or debated discussion into a battle. We lose sight of the person and focus our sights on the win. We fight with intense fervor and find our moment to slam the door shut. Bam! I'm right! But then it sinks in… the hurt and defeat we caused on an issue that never had the merit of such a pain.

3. People follow people, not ideas, blogs, or businesses
I see too many incredible people hide behind their content. They lack the self confidence to even follow themselves. We know when people engage with our blogs or our music or our designs, our content is adding value. But value is different than connection. Connection only occurs when the content creator incorporates their humanness and their story within their work. This is the beginning of relationship and the only thing worth following.

4. In humility, value others above yourself
In all of the leadership principles I have learned from the Bible, this is my favorite. Have you ever met someone who authentically compliments you, lifts you up, and affirms your character? Almost as if you're more important then anything else at the time? The capacity of offering this gift derives from a heart of humility and genuine belief in the value of people. It's a hard quality to develop, but the more you can grasp about the equality of the human condition, the less you will tower over those around you.

What leadership principles have worked for you? Did my list has add value to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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49 Responses

  1. In regards to number four, how do you not loose yourself or forget about yourself while doing this? It seems that I would consume myself in thinking of others and forget me and what I need to keep going, causing my mental and physical health to decline? I fell I do a good job at balancing this now but I could if asked, recognize those times I do not think of others, or am I just being selfish?

  2. The number two point pick your battles, peace is sometimes better than being right really hit me hard cos alot of the times we tend to loose our cool and act silly all in the name of being right. But ultimately all four points make alot of sence and would provide value for us if thoroughly applied in our day to day lives. Thank you Dale.

  3. So very true about saying it so the person can hear it. Sometimes not saying”it” is the right way to get a message across!

  4. I am a singer. This REALLY helped me. I have so much love to give but after reading this post, it may be hid by my blunt opinions. What’s confusing tho is….well known singers don’t have to do this. They say what they want and get MORE followers.lol, but I will take this into consideration.

  5. At the end of the day, I believe true leadership comes down to supporting your team and giving them the resources they need to succeed. Unfortunately, being coined the leader is somewhat of a rare occasion for most people. And when they get the opportunity to lead, most immediately result to hasty action and orders when in reality a servant heart and support is the real answer.

  6. It’s interesting that you talk about some of these things yet you never respond to people on Twitter. Whether they agree with you or like you or the opposite, you don’t engage the people you say you’ve built a connection with. And you also plagiarize your tweets. Quotes from very famous people and some from not-so-famous people and you give no credit. Integrity? I don’t see it online…

  7. I completely agree with the “people follow people” statement. My business is pretty competitive, and I’ve worked hard to stand out from the crowd in several ways. But I never really realized that (as far as I have seen) I am the only one doing this with my face, my voice, and my opinion at the forefront. But I also hope to put others before myself. It’s an entrepreneurial balancing act, for sure. Thanks for a great post!

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