As someone who has suffered from depression, I cannot express the value our dog Rollie has brought to my life. The happiness, the companionship, the responsibility, the activity, the touch, and the laughter.

While many of us have heard about the studies proving dogs reduce stress, tension, and depression – I'm here to convince you to take the next step. To jumpstart the mental process of actually picking up a pouch and taking a step toward a depression free life.

Being married to a dog groomer these past 4 years,  she's taught me an abundance on our furry friends. Anything from breed characteristics and temperament to maintenance and health risks.

The key to choosing a dog to help overcome depression is quite different than choosing one for general needs. You'll want to find a breed which is playful yet not overly energetic, loving and not independent, low maintenance, and somewhat portable.

Here is what my wife and I put together:

Top 7 Dog Breeds for People Fighting Depression

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Pros: Very affectionate, portable, easy to train, and great for apartments
Cons: They need to be groomed and they’re prone to heart issues.
Short Video on Cavaliers:

Dogs for depression2. Pug
Pros: Funny personality, portable, highly adaptable, and very positive temperament
Cons: Shedding, not good in heat, and potential breathing issues
Short Video on Pugs:

Dogs for depression3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Pros: Energetic, playful, good with children, and low maintenance
Cons: Their stereotype
Short Video on Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

Dogs for depression

4. Golden Retriever
Pros: Loving, athletic, easy to train, love to swim
Cons: Shedding, have been known to nip, need to be groomed, not great for apartments
Short Video on Golden Retriever:

Dogs for depression

5. Poodle
Pros: Adaptable, long life-span, natural performer, great family dog
Cons: Professional grooming, prone to bloat
Short Video on Poodles:

Dogs good for depression

6. Labrador Retriever
Pros: Loyal, easy to train, and active
Cons: Potential hip and joint problems, needs space
Short Video on Labrador Retrievers:

Dogs good for depression

7. Vizsla
Pros: Extremely healthy, athletic, very clean, loving
Cons: Needs space, not great with small children
Short Video on Vizsla:

Dogs good for depression

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322 thoughts on “Top 7 Dog Breeds for People Fighting Depression

  1. Lydia D says:

    You cannot beat a loyal and loving border collie! You will be so busy entertaining each other and working closely with him/her you won’t have any time to be depressed!

  2. Bunky says:

    What a great article to put out there! Those who don’t have a dog don’t seem to understand the power of the love you give and the love you receive from your own dog. We have a 25lb. mini goldendoodle! She is the sweetest, funniest most playful little girl! From the moment my husband and I wake up in the morning, she makes us laugh and smile. Just to look at her warms my heart. We laugh and smile hundreds if times a day because we have her. She doesn’t shed, she has the spirit of a big dog, loves to play catch, wrestle around and is the best cuddler and nap buddy ever! We had a yellow lab who passed before her 10th birthday and we were heartbroken. Our little goldendoodle was a perfect addition to our family as we could never replace our sweet beautiful lab but we are experiencing a different enjoyment with our mini goldendoodle. Thanks for allowing me to share with the world the love and pride I have for our dog! ( and yes we are parents also to 2 sons but our dog can still steal our heart )

  3. Renata Rodrigues da Silva says:

    My dog “Luna” is very lovely… i love my dog because she make me happy everyday …

  4. joy stclaire says:

    And please don’t forget the All American Mixed breed! My lab/greyhound mix was returned twice, but went on to become my 1 in a million dog & a Therapy Dog on the heart floor of a local hospital helping brighten the day of patients, families and staff.

  5. Natalie says:

    I am so happy that you included the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. People think they are such horrible dogs because of the stereotype, but ours is the most loving, affectionate, gentle, sweetest girl. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. She truly makes my day happier. Great blog post! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Alison Murray says:

    I am completely head over heels for my Mini Aussie, Lucky. She is intelligent, perceptive, playful and is a world class cuddler. Aussies are nicknamed the Velcro dog , since I work from home she is my constant companion. She can have stranger anxiety and she cannot be separated from our original dog (who is also wonderful, he’s a shelter special). We have had Dutch for 8 years and got Lucky to round out our family 5 years ago. I did not grow up with dogs, but having them gives me such a purpose and helps with my anxiety.

  7. Paige says:

    I have a frenchie, and he’s absolutely fantastic when my moods drop. He doesn’t shed much, great temperament, incredibly easy to house train (too stubborn for some tricks, though), and he has such a fun, loving personality. He always wants to be RIGHT next to you. You can’t even pee in peace! They’re prone to a lot of the same heat/breathing problems pugs are, and they do fantastic in small places. They don’t need anything except you.

  8. Ally says:

    Your no. 3 bull terrier should be taken off the list. As stated is good with children. This breed mauled a 10 mos old baby at their home in Evergreen, CO a few weeks ago.

    • Kimmie says:

      It is how they are raised. It is never a breed’s fault that people stereotype them and treat them badly. If you get a bull terrier as a pup and train them correctly they are very sweet and playful dogs. There is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners.

      • Jess says:

        I agree. My sister has two pits and they are extremely sweet. Anytime I am upset they lay with me and cuddle. Love pits. Watch pitbulls and paroles to all those people who don’t like this breed. It will change your perspective.

        • Theresa Easley says:

          I have 2 pit bulls and they are fantastic companions for me while my husband is on the road. They are also very friendly and well-behaved around our grandchildren. They love children.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I work in a vet clinic. I know a ton of bull terriers. All of them are amazing. A lady even breeds them and they are ALL (intact males included) therapy dogs for the elderly and young children with disabilities. These dogs are amazing with children I’ve seen it. With proper training they are great dogs. Don’t be apart of the stereotype. Get educated before you go judging something.

      • Ava Reed says:

        Until you’ve been owned by a bull terrier, you’ll never know what laughter one can provide.

    • Duane Merz says:

      Nonsense. Regardless of breed,(yes, this includes pit bulls) you cannot in good conscience condemn an entire Bree’s based on the actions of a few, or single animal.
      To do so just reveals the ignorance and fear of those who would do so.

      Any dog can be made into a nightmare if not treated well.

    • Rachel says:

      The fact is… way many more dog attacks by smaller breeds they just aren’t as deadly. You cannot condemn an entire breed just because of the actions of a few dogs. I have a family dog that is a pitt and he is the sweetest thing ever..Great with kids and a complete cuddlebug.

  9. Nancy says:

    Thank you for this. I appreciate the time and energy you put into our “list articles”. This one especially caught my attention since I am considering getting another Golden Retriever in the near future. I had a Golden, Reilly, who went to doggie heaven four years ago. He enriched my life more than I ever though could be possible. Since then, I found a wonderful organization, The Warrior Canine Connection, which has filled in the gap for my puppy needs. They breed Golden Retrievers and Labs to be service dogs for Wounded Warriors. I have learned so much through this organization. I volunteer time as a “puppy petter” when they have new litters of pups. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! : ) I’ve also had the opportunity to babysit for one of their star dogs, “Navi”, when her puppy mom has gone out of town. Navi did not quite make the cut to be a service dog (because she is too lazy to get anyone’s keys or remote control for them), but she sure has an abundance of love to give. She is a certified comfort dog and has a nine to five job working with veterans everyday who suffer from PTSD and Brain Injuries. I jokingly say she is one of God’s chosen dogs, but there is truly something so unique about her. She can reach into the depths of someone’s soul and bring more joy and comfort than any antidepressant or anti-anxiety pill ever could. As you can tell, I’m a bit of a Golden pusher. I’ve never met anyone who regretted having a Golden. The name says it all. And so do the eyes…. I want to upload a picture of sweet Navi Girl, but it’s not allowing it for some reason. It’s a face the world needs to see. So sad it’s not working.

  10. Nancy says:

    OH MY!!!! I am so sorry!!! I didn’t think the eight times I tried uploading that it was working. I wish I knew how to take off the extra pictures. Please forgive me!

  11. Nancy says:

    I hope you can fix this Dale. I did not mean to blow up this thread with pictures. I’m a first time poster….and maybe a last since I blew things up!!!

  12. Dia says:

    I have to say while not very portable our Newfie Akita mix is awesome, he has the best of both breeds. He gives hugs and is sensitive to when I am upset, but a totally ham with a bounce when he is playing. He has been a huge blessing to our lives. He is now over 10 but still pretty peppy slower than he was but still a shocking amount of energy haha. The day my father passed away while I was laying down after a long night at the hospital he stayed by my side and never moved for hours til I got up. He was by my side for days. He brought me more comfort than anyone else.

  13. Danny says:

    Dobermans are amazing too! have never met a Doberman I wasn’t fond of. plus side, barely any grooming

  14. Sara says:

    I have two German Shorthaired Pointers. They have so much energy and keep me very active. They are very sweet, loyal, and affectionate dogs. One is a rescue!

  15. Amy says:

    I’ve always had labs and goldens, and they’ve been amazing! My most recent addition to the fam though is a Bichon Frise! Such a personality!! So in love. πŸ™‚

  16. Rachel says:

    I love that you mentioned the Staffie. They are the most affectionate dogs and have this heinous reputation completely antithetical to their potential. I have a lab-Aussie mix, a lab-weimaraner-staffie mix, and depression. My girls make me get outside in the sun regularly and give me love all day long. πŸ™‚

  17. Travis says:

    Brittany Spaniels! They are so smart and easy to train. They’re loyal and good with kids. They don’t shed too much. The only con is that they need some room to run.

  18. Samantha says:

    Ultimately any cat or dog can stimulate and be a good companion for anybody who is depressed or lonely. But even better than finding that perfect breed and spending a fortune (giving in to the unrealistic breeding industry), is to find an cat or dog at your local humane society who is also in need of a good companion. It is more fulfilling and humbling knowing you have rescued and animal instead of ordering it online through a breeder based on its looks and bred quality. Yes it is important to find that right fit for you and your home, but you can find that dog at your local humane society. We need to start taking care of the animals we have now and stop reproducing for superficial reasons. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Jane Lawrence says:

      Samantha, you are SO right!! All my pets have been waifs and strays, all have given so much joy and love and seen me through the dark times, and it’s wonderful to think I’ve given that back to them. Couldn’t contemplate a life without them!

    • Ava Reed says:

      ALL of my dogs (and cats!) have been adopted from the local animal shelter or as strays and cast-offs over the years. Such a small price to pay for total devotion and love. They are the perfect “medication” for depression!!!

  19. Gina DePaul says:

    I have a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno and she’s another great breed of dog. My mother took care of her for 1 month while I was away and she (my mother) lost 15 lbs and was the happiest I had seen her in a long while due to the joy my dog brought. Podengos are very healthy, have a great disposition, highly intelligent, highly trainable, portable, great with children and active but not overly energetic. I have the wire haired Podengo and she sheds, so I keep her hair short usually. I highly recommend the breed!

    • Julie Wexler says:

      Every dog is an anti depressant! Doesn’t need to be a special breed! Just being a dog makes them the happiest part of your day!

  20. Gary Ray says:

    Most mixed are great companions and very loving. You don’t have to be exotic to be cool. My little Tia is all I could have ever asked for. Visit your local SPCA and adopt one. That’s where I found my little sweetheart.

  21. Mary Bird says:

    We have had many dogs, cats, birds, horses, rats, gerbils and a bull. Most all were rescues or pound animals. Every one has brought joy to our lives in their own way. If there is a perfect breed of dog though, I would have to say newfies. Gentle with everyone, especially children and the elderly. Intelligent, sensitive, harder to train than some of the “smart” dogs because they are so smart that they know exactly what you would like them to do, but smart enough to know how to get out of doing what you may want. On the other hand they are so well behaved, it is not a problem. They don’t get over excited, don’t chew and by far the easiest dog to house train. Even our rescue newfs that have been mistreated are not a concern that they might bite or attack. They are so calm and gentle. They growl only as a form of talking and bark as a greeting. If you are threatened, they will stand between you and the threat but not growl or snarl. And hilariously goofy.

  22. Rosemarie says:

    I have a black pug now he is wonderful, yes he sheds but that does not matter anymore I love him to death, I had a toy fox terrier she was amazing one of the best dogs I ever had she made me so happy.

  23. Emily says:

    My border terrier is amazing he’s so loving and affectionate but playful and funny too! Everyone should have one!

  24. Nicole E. says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but border collies are my dog of choice for not only depression but life in general. Believe it or not, they can be an indoor breed, and as incredibly energetic and (sometimes) destructive as they can be, once they give their heart to you you’ll never find another breed as loyal as a border collie.

  25. Old Fogey says:

    I have a Lab/Pointer mix, and a long-haired Chihuahua. Both make lots of positive Contributions to helping with my depression. And both shed, the Lab worse than the Chihuahua! *LOL* However I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I have found that throwing a couple of balls of crumpled up aluminum foil into the dryer with my laundry helps tremendously with keeping the dog hair from sticking to my clothes quite so badly. P. S. Both are rescues

  26. Dog Lady says:


    Pros: incredibly loving, happy, hyper, get-you-out-the-house dogs, Mine don’t bark or howl (males, but females more likely to “talk”) Good with kids and cats (if brought up with them)

    Cons: Blow outs – fur sticks to everything! Can be boisterous. Can get into everything if bored!

  27. Nicole Niemeier Tjelmeland says:

    I’m kind of shocked that corgis aren’t on here! They are the happiest dogs on Earth! Personally I have a basset hound and love him to death, but my mom’s corgi is definitely the best anti-depressant out there!

  28. Ajay says:

    Chihuahuas hands down. You will never find a more loyal, loving, low maintenance dog. My rescue chihuahua has truly made my life better.

  29. Nic66 says:

    We got our female Rottweiler as a puppy in August of last year. I suffer with depression. She gives me a reason to get up every day. A reason to go out and walk and appreciate the beauty of the place we live in, rain or shine. I love watching her run and smile. She is the most soppiest, gentle girl and she is part of the family. Every day she makes me smile and laugh and I go to sleep having had a cwtch with her before she settles to sleep at the foot of the bed, definitely a mood lifter!

  30. nikki says:

    I got three pugs I love all of them but the two boys one is very protective over me and my son its hard to have them all out of thier kennels at once I got mama pug baby male pug and daddy pug. The daddy pug fights with the baby pug 4yrs old and I hate it I just want love from all at once.

  31. Amy says:

    Our Parsons Jack Russell has such personality and energy you just can’t stay depressed long! He has the personality of a little kid! He is a fast learner too! Also had a Beagle and they are so easy to live with, loyal and loving. Both have long life spans.

  32. Wendy Bourland says:

    Greyhound. I have endured clinical depression for nearly 25 years. I got my (first) dog in 2009. He is so comforting and fairly low-maintenance. He jumps up and down at the door when I get home from work each day. I love him dearly!

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Coming home to a dog that’s excited to see you has got to be one of the best things in life! Love hearing how your greyhound has lifted your spirits, Wendy!

      • Wendy Bourland says:

        Nero is, quite frankly, the best thing that has ever happened to me, companionship-wise. There’s nothing like unconditional love – giving and receiving it πŸ™‚

    • Dale Partridge says:

      German shepherds definitely have a special place in my heart too. They really are incredible.

  33. supermomof4 says:

    Research “Coton de Tulear” breed….they don’t shed (hypoallergenic), are very affectionate, good with children, and they like to act like clowns – dancing on their hind legs πŸ™‚ When I can afford one, I’m going to get one for sure!

  34. LifeLover14 says:

    My Beagle is my whole world. On days when I can’t imagine getting out of bed he lays on my chest and “loud yawns” until I get up and let him out. He’s affectionate, and extremely receptive to my emotions. I’m never alone, he lays beside me on the couch, sleeps beside me in bed, lays in the kitchen while I cook, and lays in the bathroom while I shower. He’s quite and gentle and always gets compliments on his behavior at the dog park or vet. He’s perfect!

  35. Sandi says:

    Maltese, very loving, great for apartments. Very easy to walk and for people with health issues they won’t pull on leash and if they do it doesn’t matter because there so small

  36. Jess says:

    I have a siberian husky and a lab/retriever mix… They are my entire world. I’ve suffered with depression for a long time but these two can get me out of a rut better than anyone or anything. They are playful, energetic and make me laugh on a daily basis. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      My dog makes me feel the exact same way. No matter what kind of day I’m having, he always manages to get a smile out of me. πŸ™‚

  37. Amanda Villarreal says:

    I have to say mine is the old English. Mastiff they are loyal. Loving, great with. Children, and not a bad temperant. At all, the are very similar to the pst Mrs Bird sent in about her Newfoundland,

  38. AlNiMa says:

    ShihTzu, not great at house training, but lovable warm personality, loyal, calm and obedient. Or at least mine are…. Cons? Kidney failure quite common, constant grooming, fussy eater. Great for apartment living!

  39. littlefeatherrr says:

    I got my Border Collie mix specifically for my anxiety! He is amazing! He is calm and cuddly, but also playful and fun! He truly helps me every day!

  40. Julian Hee says:

    Add the Rottweiler. Sweetest mate ever and forces you to walk it to get the sun and exercise for that much needed vit K and endorphin.

  41. Jess says:

    Vizsla’s need a LOT of exercise, and while that may be good to get people out of the house, it can actually be damaging to the dog psychologically if they’re not given the energy release they require on a daily basis. They can get destructive (ruin furniture, etc) and develop neurotic behaviors if they’re not properly exercised, so it’d be cruel to own one if you couldn’t guarantee giving it the exercise and mental stimulation it requires. Even people who aren’t depressed struggle to keep up. I’m sure there are exceptions but in general it’s not a dog for people who wouldn’t be able to exercise it properly (at minimum adult vizslas need 2 hours per day, and can handle up to 5 hours easily.)

    Otherwise, great list. πŸ™‚

  42. stef says:

    my pomeranian is my little hero. he saved me from a terrible bout of manic depression. hes so silly and happy, but also loving and has no problem being lazy with me. grooming him helps relax me as well. i always get compliments on how well behaved he is, he and i learned to be social beings together. every day for the past 8 years this little boy has made his mommy smile and laugh πŸ™‚

  43. marichelle says:

    St Bernard for me, Gina was the life of our house, she got all of us excited to get on with our days. She adored children. Grooming is a day long exercise, but we made it a family thing. She lived to be 11years old. If I ever have the space again, St Bernard will be my first choice!

  44. Ava Reed says:

    Being owned by an English Bull Terrier is being guaranteed to enjoy a few laughs every day. They truly ARE the clown of the dog kingdom!!!

  45. Shannon says:

    I love number 3! Your first big dog choice πŸ™‚ my Pitty boy is a absolute clown. Absolutely everyone adores his goofy personality, and always happy and loving temperament. He’s good with other dogs, cats, chickens, pretty much anything. He can be nervous around new people in loud environments but doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Only depressing aspect is getting over the stereotype. One day. It was the German shepherds, the Dalmatians, the chows, the rotts. Give it time, education, and good people working to have good examples of the breed!

  46. Jennifer Colaizzi says:

    Who says? This is biased! I have two BOSTON TERRIERS, who I wouldn’t trade for the world…..this article is just a matter of opinion.

  47. tgir says:

    Shin tzu. If you keep them cut short grooming is easier. Full of personality & fun. Portable & loving. Short walks out or a play session inside seems enough. Great snuggle buddies too.

  48. MW says:

    We have two rescue dogs. Our big girl is a Great Dane/Black Lab mix. She is nothing but awesome. She’s energetic without being too hyper, and Loves to nap! Our little guy is a Min Pin/ Rat Terrier mix. He’s our watch dog, and gets along great with other dogs and people.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      I bet your pups are beautiful! They sound like they have such different personalities – must keep you entertained! πŸ™‚

  49. Jane says:

    Doberman for me. Our little boy is a goofball. And his favourite thing to do is snuggle with my son.

  50. wanda says:

    Dec. 24, my husband died @ home unexpectly with a massive heart attack. First Responders tried so hard to bring him back, not to be. Daughters @ college 5 hrs away. No pets in our home. Wanted one short hair female doxie. @ Christmas time, no one had any pups. In end of Jan. someone had a litter, with 2 black & tan long hair boys. I could not seperate them, one 5 pds. Smokey, one 4.5 pds Bandit. Remember the movie ? They are my boys! I have a porch to my bedroom door, being small ,I have a kitty door they use to go in & out. I share their bed. They have helped me. The Church & my boys have kept me buzy.

    • zj sky says:

      Glad you were able to find such loving sons! I always say that no one ever on Earth will love you more than your puppies. Hope things get better for you!

      • Dale Partridge says:

        I completely agree with you! Thanks for taking the time to encourage others, I always love when people bond together.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      I am so happy to hear how your pooch has had such a positive and uplifting impact on your life! Very appreciative that you shared your story here!

  51. xolomom says:

    I have a Xoloitzcuintli and she is my savior… I literally contemplated suicide, but couldn’t abandon ber… There is something about her nekkid snuggles…

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Never heard of that breed, I’ll have to look it up! I’m so happy to hear you are still here. Your pup (and the world) need you! You matter and so does your pup. πŸ™‚

  52. Vicki says:

    Shetland Sheepdog ( Sheltie ) If not for my little guy l would not be here. He is my best friend, companion and offers unconditional love all the time. He loves kids and most adults

  53. Animalresourcecenter Arc says:

    OMG – you have to have Beagle! Those dogs are the definition of joy of life! They always have a smile on their face, everything is exciting and worth investigating. They encourage you to get out and walk, stimulating your endorphins. Even when they mess up, they do it with a smile on their face!

  54. Claire says:

    I have struggled with depression, anxiety, conversion disorder and panic attacks. I have a mini golden doodle (mix of golden retriever and mini poodle). He always cheers me up and even senses when I’m about to have an anxiety attack or a seizure. He stays at my side the entire time. Great family dogs with a lovable personality.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Doodles are some of my personal favorites. So loyal and loving with such funny personalities!

  55. Seaglass66 says:

    Any dog you love is the right dog. Having said that, I’m owned by several Cavaliers, and, yes, they’re w o n d e r f u l. The two oldest are 11 and 14! Just be very, very careful where you get one (unfortunately backyard breeders and puppy mills jumped on the bandwagon in very short order) if you think they’re the right breed for you.

  56. lillyth2k says:

    Definately Pomeranians – mine dances, spins and wags his head and tail when i come home…never met a human with that much enthusiasm!

  57. Gtplmpm4e says:

    I have a beagle terrier mix who is very calm, cuddly and sweet. She is 35 lbs but thinks she is a lap dog. She listens well and also loves to play in the yards for hours. She is great with other dogs, cats, all people and children of all ages. The only con I have found is that she has stomach issues, but not major issues. She just gets stomach viruses due to switching dog foods or eating table food, which I can’t narrow down so I just try not to give her any (which is difficult because my pug, has a stomach of steal). She potty trained fast and grazes, so I can leave food out if I will be gone all day (usually the bowl is half full when I get home which is good so I know she is not overeating). Initially, she was a foster dog, but after having her for less than 12 hours I decided to make her a member of our family. I love my Beagle Terrier Mix… What’s that called; Beaglier, or Terigle?! Idk, but anyway, the best dog and should be added to the mix, also she is still a puppy which says a lot because a lot of puppies are too much. She has also calmed my pug down a little which is great. I could go on and on, hope that helps!!

  58. Rachel R. says:

    #3 covers a specific BREED of Pit Bull (staffie), but I’d have to say ANY pit bull type dog. They are almost OVERLY friendly, and incredibly low maintenance. Skin issues arise often in the light skin/haired variety, but with diligent treatment, it is not very difficult to control. Their smiles are so uplifting, and they are the most affectionate dogs I’ve ever met. I can proudly say I was really the one who was rescued when I adopted my Pit Bull, Ruckus. I’ve actively been supporting the “type” ever since, and I can say without a doubt that my life has been enriched as much as any of the dog’s. When it comes to fighting depression, there is nothing I have experienced that has helped nearly as much as Ruckus curling up with me, and kissing me when he knows I’m having a rough time.

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Absolutely – pits are some of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. Very energetic and loving! Love to hear how he lifts your spirits. πŸ™‚

  59. Kristen says:

    Every home needs a Maltese! They snuggle when you need one, but will do anything for a laugh. They are playful and sweet. Make sure they have toys and keep them in a puppy cut (or be prepared for ENDLESS painful grooming) and please don’t get them from a puppy mill… You want a healthy baby!
    I had one that was great with children/afraid of people on bikes and now I have one nervous around children but fearless otherwise. Everyone in our home loves him to the point I’m sure he feels smothered but he endures πŸ™‚

  60. zj sky says:

    I have a Yorkie and she is my heart! Very loving and 100% can not lay down without her butt touching me or my wife – yorkies rule!

  61. Miz says:

    Shih Tzu! My little boy is my life! He gives me a reason to wake up everyday when dealing with an autoimmune disease for over 2 years and suffering a miscarriage. He’s my best buddy and we do almost everything together. He’s always happy and it’s contagious! He’s never met a person or another dog that he didn’t get along with. No shedding, he was very easy to housebreak and learned the basic sit/stay/down commands. He does need to go to the groomer every 4-6 weeks but with a short haircut I only have to brush him about once a week. He’s only 13 pounds so he’s very portable but he’s also very sturdy so being around kids or bigger dogs isn’t an issue. Since he has a short snout he can’t be in the heat for long periods of time because he can have breathing issues (like pugs). He loves treats, food, short walks, playing fetch, car rides, weekend road trips, napping on the couch and most of all he loves me unconditionally!

    • MeeMaKim says:

      Shih Tzu’s are the best breed in the world!!!!!!!!!

      We have a nine year old female and lost a female to diabetes 2 years ago. They are the smartest, most loyal and loving dogs I have ever had!!!!!

      • Dale Partridge says:

        So sorry to hear of your loss. They really do work their way into our hearts, don’t they?

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Haha “he’s portable”! πŸ˜‰ Awesome! Shih tzu’s are very sweet. Very appreciative to hear your story Miz!

  62. Victoria says:

    You forgot the best dog in the world – The one you rescue for the shelter! My best dogs ever have been been rescue dogs. You have to get them young though – preferably as a puppy as older dogs have most likely been mistreated and abused and sadly have developed issues with people. So get a rescue puppy,
    Victoria Hopkins
    Horse Whisperer
    Southern Highlands Australia

    • Dale Partridge says:

      100% agree. Animals really have such an effortless way of comforting us when we need it the most!

  63. lmentary says:

    Catahoula Leopard Dogs (Louisiana Catahoula Cur)… they are the most affectionate dog I have ever been exposed to! They are dogs that need constant love and give constant love!

  64. tasros says:

    We have a chiahuahua and she is the most gentle and affectionate dog ever, loves LOTS of cuddles which always lifts the spirits. Plus she can be quite cute and funny.

  65. Miracle Dogs says:

    My pekingnese. I was diagnosed with a serves and rare form of chronic pain. It is said to be “the suicide disease” because many can not deal with the pain and end up killing themselves. Well my dogs have kept me going and have kept me from falling into a depressing for the last 12 years. They stay beside me on my bad days, stay with me after my surgical procedures and surgeries and have kept me out of a wheelchair by walking outside with them. They are truly my miracle dogs

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Their unconditional love and loyalty really is amazing. Thank you for sharing your story!

  66. Lily says:

    I’m just wondering about the source material for the pick of these specific breeds. It’s for a project, and I really would like to know. Thanks.

  67. Alyssa Fedorchak says:

    My Affenpinscher. He’s goofy, sweet, smart, small (8 lbs) and a great snuggler. He’s still young, (4 years old, I’ve had him since he was 10 months), but even being young and energetic, if I’m feeling depressed or my health is at a bad point and I can’t do much more than lie in bed, he’s right there snuggling with me. When I’m feeling good, he’s right there following me around and playing. I swear, he never has a bad day, and pulls me right out of mine. Love him so much! But I also agree with others that any dog you love will do the trick.

  68. Geri Sue says:

    Poodles are also prone to ear infections. My aunt and uncle always had standard poodles, and when they got them groomed, they had the groomer put a bow on the ear that was infected.
    The dog we had when I was a kid was a mutt. He followed me home from school one day (no foolin’!!), and he was the best dog ever! The vet guessed that he was a terrier mix of some kind.

  69. Nickie says:

    I am blessed to have 8 Cavaliers and 16 Golden retrievers in my life – with out them there would be NO LIFE

  70. Jessica Tanner says:

    There is just something about dogs… it doesn’t matter how sad or angry you are… when you look at those loving eyes, you completely forget that you were having a bad day! Had my little baby dog for 16 years and miss her every day!

  71. B. Kennedy says:

    That’s really easy…..there are dogs. And then there are Collies! Loving. Loyal. Gentle. Protector. Laid back. All around wonderful.

  72. Brenda says:

    I have the best of 2 of your listed breeds, a goldendoodle. They come in a variety of sizes, don’t shed, have the brains of the poodle, the love of people and goofiness of the golden retriever. My Wilson is so sensitive to my moods and won’t leave my side when I’m sad. Probably the best dog I’ve ever had.

  73. Diana says:

    Boston Terrier. Our little guy never fails to make us laugh
    every minute of the day. He’s such a fun-loving, cute little character.

  74. Krystine says:

    Pugs are the silliest, most loving dogs! My pug never fails to brighten my day. Shave your pug to deal with shedding (dog grooming tools are super cheap!) and watch his weight to help prevent breathing problems!

  75. Meg Irvine says:

    My little shetland sheepdog got me through when I was unable to walk for months, he still makes me laugh and gets out every day.

  76. miranda says:

    Hairless Chinese Crested! That’s what my baby is:) she is silly looking and personality wise. She makes me smile everyday! Every dog is a lovable dog

  77. Isobel Gurney says:

    Border Collie, My Woo (yes, that is her name) has helped me deal with serious depression and chronic anxiety, she is the best present my parents ever got me. So many antics, she is smart and goofy and I couldn’t ask for a dog with more character.

  78. Kacie says:

    My Shar Pei is the greatest thing on earth. He’s so silly looking and sounding, as well as energetic. It’s hard to not laugh at him. Plus, according to lore, his black tongue is supposed to ward off evil spirits…and depression is kind of like an evil spirit.

  79. Rachel says:

    My Maltese is my best friend. He’s always there for me, no matter what, and we always have so much fun together. He loves to be lazy and cuddle with me, but he also loves running around at the park as well! I’m living in a college dorm right now so my parents have him, but when I get my first apartment, he’s coming with me!

  80. HelpOthersHelpYourself says:

    Personally speaking, I have difficulty understanding breeding and/or buying dogs* when there are so many homeless, shelter sweethearts just as in need of affection and companionship as those of us suffering from mental illness.

    I have PTSD due to child abuse and adopting Gordon was the best decision of my life. I didn’t even meet him before I made the three hour trek to a neighboring state to get him! I looked at several shelter sites, feeling certain that when I saw my new best friend, I would know. They didn’t know exactly what kind of mix he was, or if he was 1 or 2 yrs young. But he was housebroken and affectionate, except he seemed sad- like he missed somebody. No one came forward; abandoned by his owners as I was mistreated by my parents… we became kindred spirits. I trained him and worked with him on important socialization skills (he’s almost 60 lbs!), & tried to make him as healthy and happy as possible. I’ve had him about 1 1/2 yrs now and we just beat cancer! I am constantly being complimented on what a delight he is, affectionate and polite, and beautiful… I carry a keychain with me always that has a paw print imprinted on a silver heart and reads, “Who rescued who?”

    I’ve wondered about this often, and I’ve decided that we saved each other. I’m 27 and live alone, without much family and a stressful job. But now, even in my lowest times, I know there is someone that loves me unconditionally and depends on me. And his worst habit, wanting to kiss people’s faces, is what makes me smile again!

    *I do see why some decide to purchase purebreds, in fact there are plenty of reasons so I’m not trying to judge. I just prefer my purebred rescue ; )
    ALSO, it is extremely important to note that when adopting, knowledge is CRUCIAL. Know what you are and aren’t capable of e.g. housebreaking, time to commit to exercising and bonding, caring for a dog with special needs or one that has been severely abused (this can present a potentially dangerous situation if you don’t know what you’re doing or have other pets or small children).

    Thanks for reading!

    Hannah & Gordon

  81. Julia says:

    My Sheltie mix (Sheltie/Papillon) has truly been there for me during some of my darkest days. Animals in general just fill a space in your heart that you didn’t know was empty <3 I love my Rooney!

  82. Karen says:

    We have two Pug/Dachshund mix pups and they are amazing. Love to play but love to cuddle even more. Their portability is what sold us.

  83. Burninghorse says:

    What about chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes? Some are very calm. They love to cuddle. Some are playful. Very portable. Reputed to be smartest of all the small dogs. Good to get a low energy chi.

  84. katie says:

    I have a pug and a staffy hate their sterotype as they are the most loyal and trustworthy dogs , both make my laugh and smile each day and always wanting cuddles,

  85. jo says:

    I had a rottie and through my darkest hours she would sit or curl up listening to me ever strong in her strength and kindness in her eyes that went through to her soul a beautiful and gracious breed in my eyes.

  86. Mariah says:

    I have a marvelous mystery mutt that I got to help me with my severe depression and PTSD. I rescued her from a pretty horrible situation as a 5 month old puppy, and I got so incredibly lucky with her. She’s under 20 lbs, low maintenance grooming needs, dorky as can be, and while she is a playful and happy puppy that makes me laugh, she is content to curl up and watch movies with me when I’m not quite up for getting out of bed. And thankfully, when I get bad, she doesn’t seem to get any small dog syndrome or behavioral problems, and when I’m good she’s right at my side- even through the woods and up mountains. She’s nervous around strangers (something left over from her past), but I find that it helps remind me I’m not the only one nervous around people, and she gives me a focus point during such interactions.
    she won’t go to sleep unless she’s got a blanket over her, she snores in her sleep, and when I wake up from nightmares or crying she’s always right there, curling up in my arms. Best dog in the whole wide world. I can’t possibly thank her enough for everything she’s given me in my life. In fact, two years ago I never would have imagined I’d be able to finish my degree or function without care or hospitalizations. I’d given up on a lot of the things that make life worth living. But now, I’m back in college, and looking for a house with a big fenced in backyard for her to play in. She’s given me back a part of life I thought was lost to me forever- hope, and love. I just love her so much, and she is the biggest goof ball! She makes me smile everyday

  87. laura says:

    i have a german shepard and he is the greatest dog you could ever have, i do not suffer from depression but have problems due to growing up with a depressive mother. He makes my day brighter.

  88. ANNIE says:


  89. neillwells says:

    Westie my west highland white was with us for 16 years. She always had a grin on her face and a zest for any activity and a big desire to please. Westies are sturdy enough for older children, love traveling, easy to put in extra space in a sports car, enough bark to warn off intruders, easy to groom and shead very little. The down side is that they are as stubborn as the average two year old and have to have a strong willed owner. She was a cure for SAD.

  90. Sue Cameron says:

    My son has a pug. I suffer from PTSD. I found my husband hanged in our garage. I cant help but to laugh at her funny little foibles. Shes cheeky, very daring, yet so full of love. I pug-sit while my daughter in law & son work. Im sad to see her go home but i cannot take on responsibilities yet. When i can one day, im going to ask a pug baby to come and live with me in a happy forever home. Then i can have lots of those snuffly kisses and hugs.

  91. Esther says:

    I had depression for about 15 years of my life. It started when I was a teenager. I always thought: “If I would have a pug and look into this funny face, I would never be sad again.” I overcame depression with therapy, but since I have my pug Oskar, I have so much more fun and laughter in my life. he is such a clown! I shall NEVER be without a pug again!

  92. hayley says:

    great article. We have rescued 2 Staffies and my partner has mental health issues. He find great comfort in our dogs.

  93. hayley says:

    To the author: the link under Staffies takes you to a youtube link featuring American pit bulls. This is not the same dog and do not have the same nature as a Staffordshire bull terrier. please update this or you will be misleading your readership.

  94. Caty says:

    I suffer from depression and want to adopt an abandoned dog but I wonder if my ailment will affect him in any way (say heΒ΄ll feel depressed too?

    • Sunshine says:

      Please do your self, and a shelter dog, a favor and adopt one! You will be AMAZED at how you can lift each other’s spirits! I swear, they KNOW you have rescued them and they will show you their appreciation and shower you with unconditional love every day. Please don’t wait! Just DO it! It will change your life!

    • April Walters says:

      I have suffered with depression for most of my adult life. I know my pets have helped me tremendously! They won’t get depressed because you are. They do their best to try to make you feel better. Petting a dog or cat causes the release of oxytocin, endorphins and other “feel good” hormones… for both you AND the animal. Plus, knowing that the little fur-ball is completely dependent on YOU to take care of them will help you get your butt up and do something. πŸ™‚

  95. Maddy says:

    If you’re looking for a friend who will great you at the door everyday and snuggle you till his ears fall off, get a Basset Hound. Mine is 2 and he has the silliest personality I’ve ever experiance in a pooch. He loves to play fetch, tugowar , snuggle, car rides, you name it, he loves it as long as he’s with you. They are slightly bigger, don’t do well with stairs and need baths/ear cleanings pretty frequently. But my Basset and his Basset/corgi sister make our house complete. With his extremely long ears and stubby short legs, what is there not to love about this goofy snuggle bug?!

    • April says:

      Very true. I have a Basset and she is the silliest goofball on the planet. And the faces they make sometimes!

  96. josie says:

    Better yet, adopt a dog from your local shelter. Who cares about the breed, if you fall in love and can help eachother! <3

  97. Elisabeth Ludin says:

    I would say You forget the very best dog in every aspect of every situation: a Boxerdog!
    Playful, friendly, lively, cheeful, heartful – simply the very best! πŸ˜‰

  98. Alessia Mauri says:

    My Australian Shepherd! They can have a lot of energy and need to get outside and run but it actually works in my favor because he gets me out there and I end up enjoying it. They are very easy to train, extremely smart and are up for any kind of activity. They have a great personality and he keeps me laughing all the time.

  99. Bonnie Large says:

    Mini Schnauzers! Very smart and intuitive, they know immediately when something is not right, (someone in the house is sick, sad, etc.) and they will go out of there way to be extra affectionate or protective to try and make it better. Good watchdogs, they learn very quickly and are very loyal. They really love hangin with their people. Ours is 16 pounds, small enough for an apartment or small home but sturdy enough for vigorous play. He loves to go wherever I go and jumps right into the van and gets in his crate. At the end of the day he likes nothing more than to sit on my lap for a snuggle, very affectionate. They hardly shed at all although they are barkers.

  100. D says:

    Corgi. I was never a dog person until my husband brought home Ahab from a shelter. He is stubborn and independant, doesn’t do tricks, doesn’t sit stay roll over or even come when called. But he loves the snow and sleeps on my pillow. He gets a stupid grin on his face when I look at him and gets high centered on couch cushions and wiggles his nubb when I get home. He has done more for my depression than anything else. I love my cat’s dearly, but its Ahab that gets me out of the house when I just don’t wanna.

  101. Kalynn says:

    I knew labs would be on the list πŸ™‚ My fiancΓ© and I adopted a sweet, 7month old black lab named Athena nearly 5 months ago now. She is such a joy in my life and as someone who deals on and off with anxiety and depression she has really helped me so very much! If you fully understand how much work it takes to take care of a dog and are ready for the commitment, I 100% recommend getting one! They truly are man’s (and woman’s) best friend ❀️

  102. Toni Pardoe Ellsworth says:

    The King Charles Spaniel, #1, on your list is my FAVORITE!!! I LOVE them.

  103. Ana Peres says:

    My boston terrier is a clown and a very loving dog. I suffer with very low self esteem and Chico makes my life a lot lighter!

  104. michelle says:

    Maltese, I thought I saved him yet found out he saved me.Loyal, loving, playful, lap lover, travels easily, non shed, i self groom which increased bond/trust and energetic yet walking not required. You cannot feel as though you don’t matter, unloved or forgotten when you have a companion who is totally devoted even to the point of having his head lay on top of your foot while doing dishes. He would run off down the street to play so……i got him playmates, all half maltese πŸ˜‰ He stays home now and my bed,foot and lap runneth over (there are 3) <3 note; He got lost once and found his way back to me 3 yrs later…running jumping up into my arms..we both cried happily.

  105. Ginny says:

    Really- ANY dog would be valuable in this way…perhaps even a rescued dog who is deeply appreciative. I keep 5 dogs for many of the reasons you mention…the love and comfort they provide is immeasurable.

  106. Susie says:

    Every dog I’ve owned has made my life better in so many ways. Poodles, beagle, coonhound, mal-shi…all amazing for my mood!

  107. Tommy de LeΓ³n says:

    I have 4 chihuahuas, they are terrible dogs, but when i am struggling in bed against anxiety and depression, they love to get around me and warm me up

  108. Dana Cook says:

    I am diagnosed as Bipolar I with Social Phobia, General Anxiety, and Conversion Disorder. We’ve always had dogs, cats, and birds. It wasn’t until I saved my Chihuahua that I noticed how different he w as. He knew when I was having a hard time immediately. He would run as fast as his little legs would let him, jump on the couch and fight to get to my face to lick my tears away. He would then wrap himself around me like a scarf until I could calm down. I lost him last week to Kidney Failure. Oddly enough I myself was in the Hospital a week before, I had gone into Kidney Failure and didn’t know it. Stranger still my dad who I live with was put on dialysis last year and the doctors can’t explain why either of us are having problems. It broke my heart. I miss him every hour of every day. So does my dad.

  109. Gabby Ramsey says:

    I would suggest a Shih tzu, in my mind they are the perfect dog, they are loyal, affectionate, playful , quiet and somehow they know when you are having a really bad day and they cuddle up with you and make that day just that much better, my little Zola makes me laugh every day.

    • Boop says:

      I’ve definitely agree πŸ™‚ my shih tzu is so kind and caring & always knows when I need comfort <3 he is energetic & comical but doesn't seem tons of walking, which is perfect.

  110. pammywammy says:

    I would have added LOVING and GENTLE to the Pit Bull description. Oh my gosh, they seem (based on empirical evidence) the most loving non-nippy dogs ever!

  111. Angela Moore says:

    I currently rescued a Jack Russell Terrier mix puppy to become my Emotional Support Dog as I have Complex PTSD. I had a Border Collie before that. I found I get a great deal of healing & enjoyment from training, doing activities with, and constantly spending time with my dog. I also have farm animals so he keeps me company as I do chores. I know with the depression part of my disorder, having a dog to motivate me (and knows how to do it!) is very important.

  112. PureGold says:

    You totally missed the mark by not including the dachshund. Curious, lively, charming, brave, and demands to be in on everything.
    This comical clown loves to play games and has a great sense of humor. He is a loyal little dog, very attached to his family, and he firmly believes that sleeping under the bedcovers is in the Dachshund Bill of Rights.
    Dachshunds attract devoted followers who would never consider having any other breed. Indeed, Dachshunds are often kept in pairs, which is A-OK with them, since they seem to recognize and prefer being with other “wiener dogs”. I think they may be the only breed that consistently knows “their own kind”.
    They’re usually good with other family pets, too, though they can be jealous when they want attention and they can be possessive of their toys. They love to tear the stuffing out of them!!
    Dachshunds are alert watchdogs who do not take kindly to strangers intruding on their domain. He’s very protective of his hoomans and their home. Who needs an alarm system when you’ve go a dachshund bark.
    Though bright and clever, Dachshunds like to do things their own way. In other words, they’re stubborn. But they respect the pack leader..(the owner) and will gently concede.

    Add to the fact that they are eternally cute, from birth to old age…you’ve got the most happy dog in existence and shouldn’t sell them short when it comes to fighting depression. You just can’t be depressed with the clown of the canine world in your world.

  113. Cheryl "giggles" Smith says:

    My Bichon stops my anxiety and depression issues. He’s loyal and loves me, and stays by me when I get upset.

  114. Chris says:

    My puggle Chewy is the best in my own opinion. He acts like a pug but doesn’t have the heat or breathing issues. And my pitbull Storm is great too. But she’s more laid back and independent.

  115. Ade says:

    My Boston Terrier <3 is awesome for getting me out of a funk. She is so goofy, always smiling and happy,
    I can't help but smile, even when a minute ago, I wanted to cry.

  116. Gillian says:

    I would like to add Springer Spaniels. Ok. They do need execise and preferably a home in the country but they lift your heart and spirit just to see their joie de vivre!!

  117. George Koumarianos says:

    Forgot the rottweiler. Mine brings me up when im down. Knows when im anxious or depressed and cuddles me. Sges very smart and is always there when i need her and dont have to ask.

  118. Skorzeny44 says:

    Surprised no one mentioned boxers! My boxer never failed to raise my spirits, even when he was a bad boy. He was always a goof, but also alert and protective. I loved that dog!!!

    • Sandra says:

      Me too!!! My boxer drives me nuts sometimes, but she’s definitely the funniest dog ever… The butt wiggle when she greets me is enough to make a bad day better instantly!

  119. Raychel says:

    Jack Russell’s have always been very good for me, I have grown up with them.
    It wasn’t until we bought my Rotti/Shepard that I realized how amazing they are at helping me with my depression/anxiety…. Little Bear senses my moods before I even really realize what is going on. Rotti/Shepard’s are the best.

  120. niska says:

    Newfoundland all the way. Gentle with all humans, big or small. nothing like cuddling up to a big furry beast when you are feeling down.

  121. Carrie says:

    Welsh Cardigan Corgi—on the top 10 most faithful list. Icelandic Sheepdogs do not leave your side, seriously. These two breeds are pretty rare (they are in the “at risk” category), but they are wonderful! My cats are great also. I have Bipolar Disorder and OCD. Could not get through without my furkids:)!

    • Gill says:

      I agree – have had a Cardibroke!! Cardigan/ Pembroke Welsh corgi- would have another in a heart beat- now have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise/Maltese/ poodle? And two cats- all rescues. And keep us laughing when we feel blue

  122. Fiona mitchell says:

    We have 4 diffrent sorts of bulldogs including a frenchie and all are so calm and loving especially when im unwell.i have borderline personality disorder and a majour depressive disorder with psychosis n some other mh problems and my furbabies get me through

  123. SadFox says:

    My chow was the glue holding me together my whole life… I miss him so much. It’s been a year and a half and sometimes I still feel wrong when he’s. It sitting there waiting for me at the door.

  124. Marisa1104 says:

    I have a Siberian Husky and Great Dane!!!! Best dogs ever! Both are so different in personality but in a good way!!! My family of 5 adore both of them and can’t imagine the days when they aren’t with us!

  125. Katrina says:

    We have Boxers. Why were they not considered?
    Very friendly, easy going, LOVE children, big babies, love to cuddle
    Do shed some though.

  126. Racefan says:

    my shih tzu Kinkade.. i call him my therapy dog… i could cry in his fur, he didn’t care.. and the days I just didn’t have it in me to get up off the couch.. he stayed right by my side

  127. Mary Rapert says:

    Aussies (Australian Shepherds) are the best dog on the planet. Super smart, obedient, loyal, loving, versatile, and they can see into your soul. Cavaliers run a very close second, probably the sweetest dog on the planet!!

    • Sheila says:

      We have had 4 Queensland/Aussie crosses and they are the best dogs ever. Never a bad day with those dogs. 1 was mine & I was hers. She was my ❀. I miss her every day.

  128. Sandy says:

    Rescued Mutts of indeterminate breed. They are so thankful to be given a second
    chance it’s not possible to have a bad day with a rescued Mutt.

  129. Jun F says:

    I got 2 wonderful shih tzus and they have provided my wife & I immense joy and comfort beyond our expectation. They love to cuddle & kiss. One of them even stays persistently on our side whenever one of us is ill. I hope next time when somebody puts up a list of top dog breeds of whatever virtue he/she would consider this often overlooked breed. I love Shih Tzus!

    • Bj Rutledge says:

      a few years after my father died, my mom had to put his dog down. She missed her. I saw a shiih tzu on the bulletin board at petsmart, which was posting for the local shelter. Boyd was so so cute. We went through the process and my mom got him. After years of great company for her, he broke his lead (see end of comment) and ran out in the road and got hit and killed. My mother was beyond consoling so my brother and i decided to buy her a new one… we found one that people were getting rid of… both of these were so sweet, would sit in her lap while she crocheted, follow her to the bathroom, would sleep with her every night. Just the perfect gentle companion dog. She would bring him over when we invited her for dinner; he got along fine with our dogs. Mom passed away years ago, I ended up with Boyd 2. He is now about 10 and if anything, he has gotten more lovey in the past year or two… i was surprised they weren’t on this list as well.

  130. Wayne says:

    My Boxer does something everyday to bring a smile to my face. He is a loving, loyal, goofy companion. And the butt wiggle never fails to lift my spirits when I come home after a bad day. Even when he gets in trouble I can never get made at him when he gives me that innocent look.

  131. Cindy Pina says:

    I have 3 toy poodles , 2 are real characters, true what you say about grooming , I do my own ! Saves me a lot of money . We’ve had Dobermans & Rottweilers , they’re great dogs also.

  132. Dani says:

    Definitely Boxer and Jack Russell. We have a Boxer/ Jack Russell mix. She brings us so much joy. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, she always brings a smile to my face.

  133. Mary Smith says:

    I’ve always had poodles because of my allergies but no matter what they’ve always been sweet and loving.My latest poodle is a rescue and she is the best thing to ever happen to my parents and I.My dad has dementia and my poodle,Phoebe, always seems to tell when he’s having a bad day.She will sit in his lap and let him pet her for hours on end.When he stops petting her she sits up,turns around,and looks him straight in the eyes as if to ask him what’s wrong. ❀????

  134. Sarah says:

    I have Golden Retriever and a Labrador. By unplanned occurance a Terrier mix came into my life. Stuffiest , unattractive thing really and I was a little sceptical at first. My goodness this dog has become so bonded to me and me to her. I love my other dogs but this girl has a character like to other. She talks (howls) to me, goes everywhere with me and won’t be apart from me for long without sulking big time. Never pass a scruffy, unattractive dog by because they have a huge heart to unlock that will only ever belong to you xx

  135. E says:

    COMPLETELY agree about the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. They are amazing and mine, Rosie, brings joy to nearly everyone she meets. We live in a busy urban area and when people see her on the street, they can’t help but smile. Immediately lifts my mood when I walk in the door!

  136. Helen Vallejo says:

    Toy Fox Terriers. Mine is sweet, funny and loving. If I am upset she knows and gets in my lap and looks in my eyes as if to tell me it’s ok

  137. Russ Cooper says:

    Boston Terriers(we have one), Frenchies, and Pugs are all great. We even have a Bug, Boston and Pug. They love hanging with us. Makes me feel better all the time.

  138. Wendy Maxwell says:

    NOTHING BETTER for depression than a Cavalier! I have my #5 Cavalier & my life was worth nothing in-between pooches! I know that I can’t live without a Cav in my life … They fit in with all ages, all sexes, all abilities or inabilities …. are THE MOST loving, adoring babies that one could ever be fortunate enough to share ones life with ….! Oh, they are also VERY addictive! πŸ™‚ <3

  139. Kristina says:

    Boxers have such beautiful personalities. Energetic, loyal, playful and great with kids (if trained to not jump up and knock them over in order to lick them to death πŸ˜‰ ) and at the end of the day they love nothing more than to snuggle up on or near your lap (no matter how old they are). They are pron to heart conditions but our boxer was on meds for life with heart condition and over active thyroid and she lived until she was 12 years old.

  140. Kayla says:

    I’m SO HAPPY pit bulls made the list! πŸ™‚ my baby boy saved my life, he’s my reason for waking up in the morning. Should also mention, however, VERY hard to find a place to live that accepts them. It’s a travesty. Most homeowners insurance will even drop you with a pit bull living on the premises (not State Farm though!) I bought a trailer for us to live in. With WHEELS, lol, but wouldn’t trade my boy for a castle and a zillion dollars!!!! πŸ™‚

  141. Kathie says:

    Bassett hounds…are so loveable and funny!. They can be stubborn and need to be fenced because they are scent hounds. Minimal shedding.

  142. regina says:

    German Shepherd! My girl has been a true life saver. She doesn’t care where we live as long as we’re together.

  143. AmyC says:

    My Maltese never fails to make me laugh…he’s so full of energy and personality! Also, my mixed breed (she’s a shih tzu, pekingese, basset hound mix) has always been there for a cuddle or two!

  144. Jeannine says:

    Got a Husky/Spitz mix and he’s always makes me feel better and come right out of my rut. I think as long as you have a loving connection with your dog or even cat you will always feels better. They know when we are hurting and will love us to make us feel better.

  145. Erki Oras says:

    French buldog is the most positive dog and best medicine for depression. I have a frenchie for last ten years sonits true story.

  146. Mitchell says:

    I lucked out big time. I own a Pugalier which is aPug/Cavalier mix and they are #1 and #2 on your list. Incredible dog! I also own a Cocker Pug, another great dog! Very popular in the UK and Australia, very rare in the US. They were both rescues, how can that possibly be, because they are amazing! I never heard of these mixes until I adopted them.

  147. Betsy says:

    Absolutely ANY dog you save from being put down unnecessarily from your local shelter!! You will NEVER find a more loyal or trusted friend ever in your entire life!!! I rescued my adorable cocker spaniel from my local ASPCA in October of 2014, and have never looked back! He is loving and makes me smile every single time I look at him!!

  148. Tina says:

    My little Sebastian melts my heart every single day. He’s second generation Lhatese (both parents where Lhasa Apso X Maltese). I’ve been through breast cancer twice and he never left my side/lap until I was back on my feet. He sheds no hair, is easy care and very, very loving. I am dreading him going as he’s 12 now. Perfect little companion.

  149. Gina says:

    I loved and miss my Papillion…..they are great dogs and truthfully those ears just make you laugh and smile! Plan on getting another one soon.

  150. Gale says:

    I love my Golden Retriever Murphy! He is also my service dog who helps me with my PTSD. I couldn’t live without him!

  151. Julie says:

    ,gmMy Rottweiler is a constant companion. Always wants to be near, inside or out. Prefers to be an inside , lap dog! Very sensitive to my moods

  152. Amanda A says:

    My Shihtzu helped me out if my depression. I need him aa much as he needs me and im forever thankful hes in my life….

  153. Arsine says:

    Australian shepherd for certain! As a breed they have an intelligence with emotional empathy to their person that is amazing. They also make amazing service dogs for the disabled since they thrive having a job to do.

  154. Gina says:

    I have a German Shepherd/husky mix and he has helped me a lot with my depression actually more than my therapist. I also have anxiety disorder and he helps calm me when an attack is coming on. Yes he’s playful, nips, and loves to run but I wouldn’t trade him for any other dog. He’s just plain out goofy and sometimes I think he does silly things just to make me laugh.

  155. Teri says:

    I have a shih tzu/chihuahua mix (shichi) I would highly recommend this breed to anyone who needs a loving, sweet dog!

  156. thaska says:

    I have 3 golden retriever, 3 pomeranian and 2 mixbreed. They’re the best dogs i ever had. I loved them very much. They help me to battle my depression.

  157. diane girton says:

    My yorkie never left my side as i layed for 8 months going though therpy with breast cancer she cuddled me the whole way through recovery

  158. AJ says:

    Pug. So much yes. Very stubborn and hard to get potty trained but the sweetest, funniest dogs. All they want to do it play, be silly and nap.

  159. Rhonda says:

    I love all my dogs but I got a chiweenie last year. I believe she’s the funniest dog I have ever owned. She keeps me laughing as well as keeping me on my toes. She’s the best little snuggle bunny when it’s time to settle down for the night. I also have a mixed breed dog about 30 pounds that I have no clue what she is but she don’t want strangers in our yard, very territorial. She showed up in our yard one day and we kept her. They both make me feel secure. I have a part miniature collie also. He’s sweet and he’s an old man, 11 years old. He’s not protective at all. He loves everybody.

  160. Liz says:

    I have 2 australian Sheppards one red merle standard whonis a yeah and a blue merle mini who is 8 month litteraly the beat dogs ever always happy to see me when i get home from work and are like velcro to my leg at all times they are the most affectionate dogs i have ever have my mono is also deaf and is smart as can be i love my aussies

  161. Pia says:

    I am on my return back in power after two years with a depression causede by stress.
    This april we got our long waited for puppy. A “BROHOLMER” named “Astrid”. The broholmer is an old Danish breed and Should defenitaly be on this list. It is a very big dog, calm and kind. I am in love and my recovery is faster just because of her.

  162. Cydney says:

    We have a Shorkie! Look them up online……cutest little ones ever! Our Mia is extremely loveable, active as you want to be, but always willing to snuggle. Never sheds and at 10-12 pounds, VERY portable. We get her groomed once a month with puppy cut…..she will ALWAYS look like a little puppy! As you can tell, we LOVE our little Mia!!!!

  163. candace says:

    I love my GREAT DANE/ITALIAN MASTIFF mix and my full blooded chocolate lab, that are both extremely good for my depression and other health issues. Just being able to caress them on their backs when I come home from work helps relieve the stress from the day. It is like they know that is just what I need…It has been proven to release Oxytocin in the brain; which makes you happy.

  164. Christine Patnode says:

    My chiwinnie shorty, he is the most lovable little guy. He makes me smile from inside. ❀

  165. Lulu says:

    Had boxers. Very loyal and protective and loving. Had 2 pekingese, one passed the other is still with me. She is 16 years old and is startung to have health issues. My best buddy. I think any dog can help keep people happy. Especially a rescue. They are so grateful and appreciative and loving. Have a Heart in Boca Raton has many loving dogs waiting for forever families.

  166. Holly says:

    When I worked in a humane society, the number one most affectionate dogs that came in were bull terriers, all they want is love. But people would avoid them when coming in because of their stereotype and yet I found them the easiest out of all the dogs I had to walk, re-train, wash, feed while working there, the dog breeds that were more aggressive coming in were actually poodle/chow mixes, but in time when they knew they weren’t threatened eventually let you in. (If you’re patient)

  167. Linznlana says:

    Chipoo (chihuahua and poodle mix) she’s 5 pounds of 100% love!! I’ve had her for 2 years and she’s the best thing that has truly ever happened to me (besides our family dog that we lost after a wonderful 17 years)!!! Every single person that comes into contact with her falls in love with her and asks me if I ever had to get rid of her to give her to them… lol. I would NEVER give her away!!! I hope God gives me many many years with her!!

  168. Kathy says:

    All well and good identifying “breeds” that are good for fighting depression. One of the best activities for fighting depression is getting outside of oneself and doing something good for others. So how about rescuing/adopting a dog that needs a home? Doesn’t matter if the dog is some breed or a mutt. A rescued dog and their person always will have a special bond–another wonderful thing to fight depression.

  169. Kylie says:

    Mini dachshunds. I have two of them. And they are such a kind sweet and terribly funny dog. Although they are extremely stubborn. They are very compassionate. My little Koda always knows when I’m sad and always tries to make me feel better. They are my little angels.

  170. Renee says:

    Corgi’s! I’ve had 3 in my lifetime. My previous Corgi my bff (best furry friend) Pearl helped me with so much. She passed away last October. She helped me stay calm when my anxiety decided to rear it’s ugly head. I’m epileptic you see. So anxiety is an unwanted friend. I had her for 11 years. I loved her to the ends of the earth and missed her and still miss her terribly, Recently my husband, as a surprise, contacted a breeder and got me 2 Corgi puppies for my birthday. Panda and truffles, they were the runts of the litter and ate sisters. They’re adorable and I’m glad to have another furry baby to give my love to! ????????

  171. Kari Hillgrove says:

    I have a Rottweiler that is very loving and protective. She is 6 mo old and about a 50 lb foot warmer at night. I couldn’t ask for a more loyal dog for my family

  172. Kevin says:

    I have never had a dog more loyal, devoted, and sweet than a Bassett Hound! They are easy to maintain, don’t make a lot of noise, they won’t tear up your lawn, and no other dog is as loyal, kind, gentle, and loving than a Bassett. They may not be able to jump up on the couch with you (unless you help them) but, they’ll sure sit by your side.

  173. BeStrong says:

    I love my Golden Doodle, Fiona. She is only 9 months old & a lot of work still in Training, but I can tell she is maturing and will soon be my Psych Support Animal or even Service. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  174. William Roscoe says:

    I have been suffering with depression and P T S D for large part of my life, at one of my lowest points my brother asked me to look after his dog Kiki ,as he was having work done to his property, it was only meant to be for a couple of weeks and ended up being several months, I was having trouble eating, sleeping and finding a meaning in life a lot of people who I trusted had turned against me and I was heading down the slippery slope.
    As always Kiki was full of love, joy and affection and it wasn’t long before she got me to smile,I was eating properly again and even started to get myself fit again, she was giving me a sense of purpose and even when she went back home to my brothers her affect on me was lasting, she is a 13 yr old Ridgeback and still going strong,I believe any dog can help anyone out of depression, dog’s are my best friend

  175. Carmela says:

    My two mutts are awesome! I have a Jack Russell mixed with a Dachshund who makes me so happy and his entire body wiggles when he sees me, and a three legged husky mixed with possibly a collie who’s only purpose in life seems to be to be close to everyone at every minute in her life. My dogs have brought me so much comfort in some of my darkest times dealing with depression. Dogs are wonderful!

  176. Laura says:

    My Schipperkes Bonney and Cinder….joyful, loving and wanting to be with you. One morning when I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed…I woke up to them pressed on each side of me…enveloping me in a Schippie hug. I’ve ever forgotten that…

  177. Wendy says:

    I’ve had several different breeds of dogs. I think the best one was a lab whipet cross that we had. She was the sweetest dog. She was our first rescue. Now I have four Chihuahuas and one terrier chihuahua mix. Each one has their good and bad but I would be terribly lonely and more depressed without them. They are my little pack. One of them suffers from anxiety and he and I have a strong bond because I also suffer from that. But each one brings joy to my life in their own ways. They are awesome little dogs with huge hearts. I don’t think I will ever be without at least one chihuahua. Though rescuing a whippet or grey hound may be my next venture when my pack reduces in size. All of my dogs are rescues and I believe they rescue us as much as we rescue them.

  178. Susan Kelly says:

    Miniature Daschunds are the best little dogs ever. They are very much breed recognition and love other daschunds. So many daschund clubs in the world. So affectionate loyal clean and smart little dogs. I love my 4 to bits. Mr Mena and Tequilla Mouse and Miss Meggsie and Xaviar Georgexx

  179. Elizabeth says:

    Pros: hypo allergenic. Real hair. Super intelligent. Adapts to your lifestyle
    Cons: ??? Unless you don’t like small dogs

    My Maltese is my favorite! She makes me laugh by all the crazy things she does. She has her own spunky personality and absolutely loves to play. She earned her STAR puppy and canine good citizen before a year old. She cuddles all night and is part of the family

  180. lianne m says:

    Vizsla’s are also known as “The Velcro Dog” because they are always next to you! I know, I have two! They are also very loyal and smart! They just love being around their people!

  181. Ellen Masse says:

    My border collies cure all! They always make me smile and feel better when I’m blue! Couldn’t imagine my life without them.

  182. Paula Brickhouse says:

    English Springer Spaniels will not allow you to be depressed. They are so affectionate and happy all the time. We have had 3 over the last 30 + years and of all the breeds I have had from childhood I wouldn’t have any other (except maybe a Cavalier or Cocker). They are very entertaining and intelligent. Our dog has a vocabulary of over 30 words. Life is never dull with a Springer.

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