How to be a better leader

How to be a Better Leader by Focusing on Self-Mastery

Imagine a raging hurricane wreaking havoc and devastation all around it.

Now imagine the calm “eye” in the center of the storm.

You have just pictured self-mastery.

In your life or work do you live mostly in the hurricane or in the calm center of the storm?

In these times of stress, incredible rapid change and uncertainty the power to stay calm, focused, and on purpose to keep moving forward is challenged to the max.

Whether you are in a leadership position in a business or organization, even if the organization you lead is your family, self-mastery is an important and necessary component in navigating through these times of personal and professional change.

Now more than ever it is not what you know but rather who you are that provides the anchor of true leadership and the examples that others are willing to follow.

We are human beings first and leaders second. All great leaders, famous or not, have somehow developed a high degree of self-mastery. They know that to effectively move people to extraordinary heights they must FIRST master themselves as human beings which is the hardest, yet most enriching and enduring work that can be done, especially during major transitions.

Interpersonal competence, being able to lead and deal with people effectively, even brilliantly, begins with personal competence and reaches its greatest heights in self-mastery.

The more mastery we have over ourselves the more mastery we can bring to life.

Ask yourself truthfully…

  • What percentage of your leadership potential are you fulfilling right now?
  • How will you move yourself, your people and family through the changes that lie ahead?
  • Could you be more effective with less effort?
  • Can you consistently turn conflict and resistance into positive change?
  • Do you sometimes get in your own way?
  • How clear are you about your life purpose?
  • Would a simpler, more balanced life enhance your effectiveness?

There are some key leverage points for powerful leadership…

  1. The importance of increasing authenticity as an individual and a leader
  2. The value of choosing every experience that occurs as a gift for your professional and personal development, and
  3. The power of identifying your greater purpose which gives you a deep sense of fulfillment.

All great leaders have a mission, which expresses the core essence of who they are. Unleashing your capacity and potential to achieve masterful leadership begins with bringing all of who you are to everything you do. This contributes to the evolutionary leap necessary to transform yourself, and our planet!

It is not great mastery over what you know that will bring you quantum breakthroughs in your life and leadership ability, but great mastery over WHO YOU ARE.

People perform extraordinary feats because they are moved to do so by the power of a great calling.

Now more than ever masterful leaders are the instrument of that calling in a chaotic and confusing world.

As you make the commitment and embrace the challenge of mastering yourself by developing the leader within, you reinforce your ability to live your life with greater meaning and purpose.

Taking the steps to transform yourself and your work helps others move from surviving to thriving. Opportunities are created to increase productivity and profitability in business, build and sustain fulfilling personal and professional relationships, and contribute to a sustainable community.

In the long run you DO make a difference in a world which is calling us into mastery!

5 Tips for How to Be a Better Leader via Self-Mastery

1. Identify your “eye” in the hurricane

What are the innate qualities you possess that naturally support you in BEING the calm in the midst of chaos?

For example, you are good listener and a responsive communicator. You are patient, ask clarifying questions and share without being reactive. You choose to live mainly in the calm center and find creative solutions in that space.

2. Cultivate practices that strengthen your “eye” – your calm center.

Manage your energy through meditation, breathing in the moment, walking in nature, grounding and moving your body.

A mindful leader does not make assumptions and acts as the witness to any situation – watching, observing and trusting that more will be revealed. Mastery is allowing the truth to present itself in the perfect timing.

3. Connect with your passion and calling

What lights you up?! What is your unique vision contribution?

Your talents and gifts given from your heart have an impact on family, friends, community and the world. Your power and purpose have a ripple effect.

Leading by example inspires and motivates others and ignites their passion!

4. Own your truth!

Who you are, your authenticity, integrity and self is an instrument of change and transformation. Own your truth!

It takes courage to be a masterful leader. Surround yourself with a support system and individuals who are in alignment with your values and you will be unstoppable.

5. Develop “breakthrough thinking” as a leader in your life

Shift your perspective. Understand the role of chaos in creating change and that pain and possibility are fertile ground for transformation.

When a situation is broken open, or even vulnerable, it is ripe for a breakthrough. This process of letting go is necessary to create the space for something new.

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Patricia Campanile

Patricia Campanile

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