How to Recognize Signs of Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships

In this session with guest Kim Saeed (educator, speaker, author and expert in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery), we talk about how to recognize narcissistic abuse in relationships.

Kim shares:

  • 8 signs of narcissistic behavior
  • Warning behaviors/words that act like red flags so you can be aware as early as possible
  • Plus, receive The Beginner’s Healing Roadmap (click here), a resource which Kim is gifting to you completely free.

Beginners Healing Roadmap – Free

Receive Kim’s toolkit to start your healing journey now, completely free:

Click here to get The Beginner’s Healing Roadmap >>

In this free resource from Kim you’ll receive these incredible resources to support you:

  1. MASTER CLASS – 7 Proven Strategies to Defeat Narcissistic Abuse. Learn how trauma bonds are formed and how to smash them to pieces.
  2. EMAIL SERIES – A 14-day ‘Beginner’s Journey’ email series. Don’t walk the path alone. Receive 14 days of validation and encouragement.
  3. THE ROADMAP – The Beginner’s Healing Roadmap: 30-Day New Life Calendar, New Life Questionnaire, How to Handle Panic Attacks + More!

About Kim Saeed

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert

Kim Saeed is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, educator, speaker, and bestselling author of How to Do No Contact Like a Boss!

In 2013, frustrated by the lack of information and support in her own journey towards narcissistic abuse recovery, she developed her own collective space to help others break the narcissistic spell.

Today, Kim’s website has reached over 195 countries and has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. In 2016, she launched The New Life Academy, an online school devoted to helping narcissistic abuse survivors restore their self-esteem and revitalize their authentic selves. 

Kim asserts that, when harnessed appropriately, devastating and abusive situations can become the catalysts for profound transformation. She believes that nobody deserves to remain a victim of generational dysfunction or abusive relationships. Furthermore, she believes that all survivors have the ability to flourish, thrive, and create an ideal life in recovery.

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