How to Heal Relationship Addiction & Codependency

“Relationship addiction is not about love; it is a desperate search to attach, to belong, and to be connected. It comes from a crippling fear of being alone and abandoned, of not belonging.” – Love Smacked book, Sherry Gaba

Join me in this session with Sherry Gaba, Psychotherapist and coach (with a Masters in Social Work), to understand what is love addiction/relationship addiction and codependency. Sherry not only professionally helps others in healing from these challenges but she has personally walked this healing journey in her own life.

Together we cover:

  • What is love addiction?
  • What are signs and symptoms?
  • What is codependency?
  • What does trauma have to do with codependency and/or love addiction?
  • What is anxious attachment and secure attachment?
  • How common is it for a love addict to fall into toxic relationships?
  • For someone recognizing the signs of love addiction, what can they do to turn things around?

“Addiction is really a disconnection from Self.” – Sherry Gaba

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About Sherry Gaba

Relatonship Addiction

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach who helps people cope with codependency, love addiction, toxic relationships, and mental health issues. Sherry is a single mother and once her daughter was old enough, Sherry returned to school to receive her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California.

As a leading expert on addiction and recovery, Sherry’s TV appearances include: Vh1’s Celebrity Rehab, CNN, Inside Edition, the Robert Irvine Show and Access Live, E! News, among others. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s World, the LA Times, Thrive Global, the New York Post, Psychology Today, Zoosk and other leading publications. She has also been a guest on many SiriusXM radio shows and now hosts her own podcast, The Love Fix.

Sherry is the author of Love Smacked, in which Sherry addresses relationship addiction and codependency, and is a contributing writer to the book Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times Tough People.

Sherry maintains a private practice and founder of Wake-Up Recovery an online group coaching program that applies the principals of positive psychology, law of attraction, and mindfulness for codependents, love addicts, and toxic

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2 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful interview! Thank you B for covering this topic.
    My first marriage was 25 years of misery and depression because I so wanted to be accepted and approved of by my in laws. I went to therapy snd attempted suicide several times because I couldn’t deal with being hated , rejected and an outcast to my in laws while others were accepted into the family. My husband didn’t support me because he was getting all of this love from his family (he was neglected snd rejected by his family she guiding up snd when I came along, all of a sudden they loved and cared for him). Since he got the live and approval that he needed, he supported his family in neglecting, rejecting and hating me. Needless to say, the marriage didn’t last.
    I met a man at work who praised me, adored me, wined and dined me, gave me beautiful poems, told me I had a huge heart and was a loving and caring person and deserved everything in life that I wanted. He was going to give me the love I longed for and made me feel so special. He said he would protect me so that nobody would ever hurt me again. Everything i needed to hear. He had 3 previous failed marriages, but I was so in love with him, I thought my marriage would be better and would last. We’ve been married 14 years, but I moved out after 8. He’s a liar and a con man. Stole money from me and basically has never loved or cared for me. There is no intimacy in this marriage, he goes elsewhere. It was all a game to him. I’m scared of getting a divorce because he threatened me that he will take everything i own. I am now stuck in a painful, lonely and miserable life.
    I now know that my 1st marriage with in law neglect and rejection was the main cause of my falling for, and sticking with my current husband.
    The interview you had with Sherry made me aware of why I fell for my current husband.

    Thank you

    1. Hi and thank you for sharing and I hope this session with Sherry and her other resources are helpful to support your healing journey. Reach out anytime, you are not alone and I hope that this community can provide you with regular reminders of your inner power and hope ahead. Love, Bx

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