Feeling funky, and not in a good way?

If you sense you might be stuck in a rut, and you're unsure what to do about it, here's a super helpful series of resources…

Check yourself now for these 11 tell tale signs that you might be in a rut and pick at least one of these simple actionable ideas to help you interrupt the pattern and find a fresh new path forward…

in a rutin a rutin a rutin a rutin a rut

in a rutin a rutin a rutin a rut


in a rut


Infographic Source: Courtesy of NetCredit

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2 thoughts on “11 Signs You’re Stuck in a Rut & What to Do

  1. gettingback says:

    Wow…this was me so much for many months of the year. I would come home from work and just stare out the window for hours or play mindless video games. Whereas last year I was travelling the world. I’ve finally kicked myself in the ass and am pulling myself out of this rut

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