This Ted Talk is a raw and honest look at what it's like to begin again after trauma, loss, shock, illness or accident.

Suleika Jaouad shares her experience of what almost dying taught her about living. She talks about the TRUE heroes journey and how to live fully wherever you stand…

Wisdom on Living Fully Now, No Matter Where You Stand

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2 thoughts on “How to Begin Again After Trauma & Life Interrupted

  1. Peter Saalmann says:

    Dear B!
    Thanks for this emcouraging vid by Souleika!
    I totally agree! It`s not about surviving but about the following times!
    I`d like to share with you;
    I`m a Physicist/Photobiologist being the successor of my dad in our almost 60 years old family buisiness company that was one of the most innovative companies in this field!
    I survived a severe car accident, followed by almost 7 weeks of coma(s) inspite of the predictions of the neurologists!
    I`m member of the Board of the Society of Photobiologists within the only professional organization of Germany, the German Dermatology Society (including Austria and Switzerland). I developed a unique Phototherapy device that boosts Vit D3 Synthesis!
    I founded a company of my own to continue the work I love and that I`m dedicated to!
    But I totally agree to Souleika, the real struggle starts AFTER the recovery!!
    I`m following your channel since some weeks and I do not regret!
    Thanks for your contribution with Daily Positive!
    All the best from Germany,

    • Bernadette Logue says:

      Peter! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and experience. I’m so glad this video resonated, and aligns with your own experience. How awesome that you are doing the work you love and with such passion and purpose, healing from such a major event in your life, and going strong… that’s inspiring!
      A pleasure to have you with us in the community here. Much love!

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