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Can’t Sleep? 11 Tips to Help You Reclaim Restful Sleep

It can be distressing when you can’t sleep.

Perhaps disrupted sleep is something you only face now and then when life gets stressful, and your routine gets out of balance.

Or lack of sleep might be something you’re plagued by, and sleep has always been an issue for you.

No matter what the reason that you can’t sleep, or how often it happens, this infographic below is such a great set of simple insights and tips to help you understand what you need and how to set yourself up in mind, body and soul for creating restful sleep.

I particularly love the tip about removing the clock – so you don’t end up staring at the time and stressing out that you’re not asleep yet, and calculating how many hours until you have to get up!

Some of my other fav tips for creating restful sleep, which I’ve found super helpful in my own life over the years, involve having a proper “wind down” period before sleep (e.g the 60 minutes before bed), including:

  • no bright lights
  • no over stimulating noise/entertainment
  • deep breathing and/or meditation ritual
  • no ingestion of food/drinks after a certain time of day that would only result in wiring you up and later disrupting sleep e.g caffeine, sugary food…
  • and my #1 tip for getting restful sleep – is to process any obvious upsetting thoughts and feelings before hitting the pillow. To do this I use EFT/tapping and let go of whatever I’ve been carrying from the day… it’s like taking a mental/emotional shower before bedtime! Super powerful.

Tips for When You Can’t Sleep

Can't sleep? Here are 11 simple tips to help you set yourself up for restful sleep. PLUS click through for my #1 most effective strategy for getting good sleep (dealing with a big root cause behind sleep problems).

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