Ever wanted to CREATE: a book, song, painting, dance, product, service?

Watch this video to discover THE MOST POWERFUL SOLUTION to creating whatever you have inside of you that wants to come out… a story, a book, a website, a song, a dance, a product, a service, a business… a creative endeavor.

What is it that lies within you that you want to create? It’s the thing you would do if you knew it would be a success. It’s the thing that makes your heart sing. It’s the thing you wish you could do and make a living from. It’s the thing you feel like you were born to do.

So many of us never do these things because we think it’s only worthwhile doing it if a) we can do it it full time from day one and b) be amazing at it and c) make a great financial return from it and d) everyone will adore whatever that thing is that we create.

So instead of saying yes to our creative impulse, we say no because we worry that our above criteria won’t be met, or we fear we don’t have the talent, or we think we’ll start when we have more resources and can afford to be creative instead of spending all our effort on doing things we don’t want to do, which we have to do for now because that’s how life is.

Life doesn’t actually start to change, until you start to step up and out by DOING what it is that you want to do. Find an hour in your week and write, or sing, or dance, or draw, or plot out your product, or research the market for your service, or whatever it is that you want to birth into this world.

Life isn’t asking you to wait until the world presents you with the perfect scenario in order for you to become your creative self and to create the gifts you have within you. Life is asking you to create those gifts into the world now, regardless of what is going on around you, regardless of the “feedback” or flow on impact… simply because the truth is this:

a) Your job is to do what you love, full stop

b) Your job is to be fully who you are, full stop

c) Life will respond to your creation because of the fact that you went first, you led the way, you become all that you are, and you did what you loved, and your energy whirled around you and you faced the challenges that presented themselves, and you stayed true to your passion and regardless of what else you had to or needed to do at the same time (like working the job you don’t like, while working on your passion part-time)… YOU DID IT. You created and gave, and contributed, and shone your light.

And that is what life asks of us.

What is your response to that calling?

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Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue (known to everyone as "B") is a Spiritual Life Coach, supporting you to awaken your soul and rediscover the magic of life.
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