The Shocking Truth About Introverts

I'm an extrovert. It's not something I've developed. It's not something I've become. It's just who I am.

Over the past 50 years, society has favored the extrovert. We've lifted these oh-so-cunning traits as high as the sky––the confidence, the wittiness, and the ability to woo. But what would these extroverts be without their introvert counterparts?

Not much.

The video below tells us the shocking truth about introverts and their importance they bring to our relationships.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? What benefits do you see in your counterpart? Let me know in the comments below.

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46 Responses

  1. I spent half of middle school and all of high school trying to be an extrovert, but I’m really an introvert, raised by two introvert parents (one more so than the other). I do sometimes get lonely and need some social time with friends, but more often than not I enjoy being alone or with just one other person, and I need time to recharge after having to be “on” for too long.

  2. I couldn’t focus on the video because the voice of the narrator, Susan Cain, was so painful to the ear.

  3. I am an extrovert at work. A talker and a very social person, but in my personal life I’m more of an introvert. I’m very selective in who I allow in my personal space.

  4. A New Classic Song by Rogers Jr.ll & Hammerstein Jr. ll: INTROVERTS! ~ To the Uber Classic tune of Fiddler’s Matchmaker~~ Introverts introverts for 50 years… have had to pass…on all the cheers! Introverts introverts coming to light… as vital and very Bright!

    Some introverts have a hard time nailing job interviews so email me: merrymia@yahoo.com and I can quietly whip up some awesome lyrics, or haikus or whatever, for you folks, as long as its clean dude..cuz…who likes dirty?

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