How to Connect with Your Child

“Learning how to effectively navigate emotional terrain is the one of the greatest contributions we can make to a child's well being. This is what truly creates a resilient and successful adult.

Who taught you how to identify and manage your emotions? How to recognize them when they arise and move through them in a healthy way?

For many adults, the answer is: No one. You hacked your way through those confusing thickets on your own. As a result, many of us tend to hide feelings of shame, sadness and fear under anger and anxiety or we end up suppressing what we really feel.” – Rhea Lalla


  • Are you a parent?
  • Would you love to connect more deeply with your child or children no matter what age they are?
  • If you're not a parent, are you interested in having more deeply connected relationships with a partner, friends or family?

Recently I invited Rhea Lalla, Conscious Parenting expert and Emotional Intelligence specialist to join me in a video session, to share her gems of wisdom with us.

Rhea shared what she believes is the MOST important parenting skill (based on 20 years experience in this field), plus plenty of awesome practical tips about HOW to connect more deeply with your children.

How to Connect With Your Child (of Any Age)

100 Questions to Build Your Relationship with Kids

To get the free guide from Rhea, filled with incredible questions you can ask kids in order to deepen your relationship with them, visit the link below…

Free Guide: 100 Questions to Build Your Relationship with Kids >>

About Rhea

How to connect with your child Rhea Lalla Rhea Lalla is the Founder of BuildGreatMinds.com. She is an Emotional Intelligence Specialist and Conscious Parenting Coach and has been highly effective at transforming relationships in a family system for over 20 years.

Rhea continues to work with The United Nations, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mindvalley University, Children's Aid, Fortune 500 Companies like Google and Schools and Parents globally, who want to support themselves and others, towards their highest emotional development and creating a life they love.

Connect with Rhea on her website and Facebook.

Affirmations for Parents

Here's an additional gift to support the parents in our community – a free affirmations audio for feeling empowered, calm and confident, and to encourage parenting based on your own intuition (beyond all norms, comparisons or expectations). The statements in this 26 minute audio were developed in consultation with parents of children of all ages.

Free Audio: Positive Affirmations for Parents

How to Connect with Your Child

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