Ways to be happy

Ways to Be Happy – 10 Rituals from Around the World That Support Happiness

I’m always keeping my ears and eyes open for ideas to share with you to support your happiness and peace in daily life.

Because the more we tap into (and use!) time tested rituals for our wellbeing spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, the better our lives become.

So when I came across this infographic below, I knew I wanted to share it with you!

It’s a simple list of 10 practices from different countries around the world that people use as ways to be happy and well.

It particularly resonated with me because it lists a few of my favorite peace and happiness rituals!

  • Forest-bathing – being from New Zealand, we learn from an early age that nature is powerful, beautiful, energizing. And… we have so much nature that by default we end up there all the time! So I’ve always found it very healing to be in nature.
  • H’oponopono – I lived in Maui for 3 months while I was writing my 2nd book many years ago, and LOVED my time on that sacred island. The energy is so beautiful. And while there, I ended up “coincidentally” (totally divine order!) reading a book called Zero Limits by Dr Hew Len and Dr Joe Vitale – and this was my introduction to the special and simple Hawaiian healing practise called Ho’oponopono. Since them, I’ve been using it every day in my morning ritual to cleanse myself, release negativity and it definitely increases my peace and happiness!
  • And… siesta! You can’t spend time in Spain without learning about the value of the good ol’ siesta! Before going to Spain, I thought that siesta was just an “olden day” thing that probably didn’t really happen these days in modern, busy daily life in Spain. But I was wrong. I travelled throughout many regions of Spain over the years and experienced how Spanish people treasure the respite in the early afternoon to be at home, in peace, in the cool (out of the intense heat!). It’s a “reset” during the day. And then they return to their day late afternoon filled with new energy and vigor!

So I wanted to share the infographic with you, and to encourage you to consider if any of these 10 practises might add value to YOUR own life…

Ways to Be Happy – Rituals from Around the World that Support Happiness

Ways to be happy - 10 practises from around the world that support happiness in daily life
Infographic Source: Saving Spot

Are you already practising any of these 10 rituals in your own life?

Are there any new ideas here that inspire you?

Do you have your own peace and happiness rituals that you could share with me, and our community, to inspire others?

Scroll down to leave a comment below!

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