7 Incredibly Easy Things Guys Can Do to Make Themselves More Attractive

I doubt there is a better place to learn about authentic attraction than in the middle of a marriage.

Marriage is one of the few places you can find raw truth, passionate love, and perspective beyond physical features.

Veronica and I have been married for five years and I think I've heard just about every tip and trick to up my score on the attraction meter. But what's fascinating is how easy some of them are. And consequently, how lazy I can be. 😉

1. The Power of Regular Haircuts

While my life long dream is to have a ponytail with a beard, I am shocked when I look in the mirror after a haircut. I look clean… and then I wonder why I waited so long to go to the barber. Hair is one of those parts of the human body that can look incredible or nasty. Women desire cleanliness and regular haircuts are an easy way to advance your attraction meter.

2. The Secret of Cologne

I call it “love at first sniff.” In animals and humans, scent plays a larger role in attraction than you might realize. We are good, however, at generalizing smells: edible, toxic, irritating, sensual or in my case, a whole evil category called “peanut butter” (i'm addicted). In a recent poll of over 1,000 women, results show ladies are willing to be closer to men based on smell alone. And shockingly, it plays a major role in the chances of a first date. So pick up an expensive bottle of peanut butter… I mean cologne and give yourself a spray once per day.

3. Suits For Women Are Like Lingerie For Men

I heard this statement while listening to my wife and her friends discussing men's style. Jackpot! I wear a suit around the house all the time now. Not really. While a suit might not be a regular garb for your lifestyle, throw it into the mix every now and again. But make sure it fits and matches. The influence of a strong collar, shiny shoes, a nice belt, stylish socks, and a classy watch are almost as powerful as the suit itself.

4. Exercising Your Daily Gentleman

Ever noticed good looking women with mediocre guys? It's likely connected to his ability to harness his “inner-gentleman”. There's a good book for married couples titled “Sex Begins in The Kitchen” which discusses how intimacy for a women starts with an emotional connection. Having a great conversation, cleaning up the house or opening the car door are good places to start.

5. Healthy Lifestyle

The pursuit of a healthy body and diet are a good sign of self stewardship. I'm not talking about body-mastering to the point of fitness addiction either. Just basic healthy decisions in your normal life. Women are often attracted to maturity and responsibility, and by maintaining this type of lifestyle, you are showing her how much you care about the elements of life which truly matter.

6. Prayer Can Be Sexy?

For my marriage, my wife loves to see me close to God. To have the discipline to wake up each morning and lay our family's health and protection in front of the Lord is a sign of humility and meekness. She feels protected when she knows my heart is chasing after righteousness and the things which are wholesome and pure.

7. Showers Solve Most Problems

If my wife had her way, I would take a shower twice per day. Who has time for that? And even though I struggle in this department, I try to get in at least once per day. Men, if you're an every other day bather, you might want to double up and see if your attraction meter doubles as well.

So ladies… If your man woke up, prayed, exercised, got a haircut, took a shower, put on a stylish outfit, sprayed some cologne, and told you how beautiful you were all in the same day, how would it make you feel?

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95 Responses

  1. I realize that I’m a bit late to the game, but I will give my two cents anyway. This post seems to put women into a very simple and superficial classification. Also, these seven bits of advice play way too close to the typical gender norms than I am comfortable with. We live in 2015, most people now understand that statements like “women desire” or “women are often attracted to” are silly. I mean, yes, I am attracted to maturity and responsibility, but so are most well adjusted adults; and, for the record, my husband is much more concerned with cleanliness than I am. I understand that the purpose of this post was to inspire “easy” ways to be more attractive, but I mean, I’m sorry, just because you cut your hair and wear cologne does not mean a women is going to be into you. That’s borderline offensive, actually. There are many many more important things to work on if you want to be the kind of man who is attractive and a smart girl is not going to be nearly as concerned with what you are wearing or how your hair looks, than what your heart and mind are like.

    1. “that’s borderline offensive” should be in the most used phrases of 2015. Sheesh. You choose to be offended by someone else’s opinion. So what? Lighten up.

  2. Magdalen: I appreciate your point of view but I disagree with your statement about haircuts making girls interested in men. This is not a pick up artist article. I see where you are coming from but it misses what he is saying. He is saying that proper and consistent grooming makes you more attractive not that it will make girls hang off of you. Social norms and gender roles are in play here but it is not offensive to most readers because it simply is an observation that frankly is true. If you properly groom and smell nice you are more likely to be attractive. It is not saying that everyone has to do this or you are ugly or unmasculine or that every single woman wants every single thing on the list. Do you have a problem with a guy or girl showering regularly? What’s the problem with a guy smelling nice rather than smelling like his gymn bag? What’s wrong, if he so chooses, with wearing a suit? I love wearing suits! What’s wrong with a man being a gentlemen occasionally? If he has God, what is wrong with that? These are simple suggestions of what will help men be more appealing in an overall aspect which is basic common sense anyway. You are more attractive if you are clean and smell good. Very offensive. While you have a complete right to your opinion, I am struggling to find anything blatantly or subtly offensive even when I try to look at it through your eyes. Combating gender roles is necessary when they promote or promulgate negative self identity and patriarchal oppression but is trivial/moot when it does neither of these things especially when it’s audience is men who already identify with their gender. I do not see an overarching malignancy with gender roles unless they are malignant. I am a man and I absolutely feel great in my gender role because that is who I am. What is wrong with that? If I had different aversions and this gender role was stifling that would be a different argument but gender roles in of themselves are not harmful. The choice to adhere to or reject gender roles are ALSO people’s decision and that ultimately is what the gender roles discussion comes down to: the ability to choose your gender without judgment and social pressure to adhere to it. When you negate a man or women for identifying better to a more traditional gender role over, for a man, putting on pantyhose or a woman wearing a man’s haircut with dickiess shorts it is still judging and socially pressuring people to adhere to gender roles rather it be an androgynous one or a traditional one.

  3. well, you seem like the kind of man who is genuine, and who would try his best to keep his wife happy. I mean after all you do reflect your significant other, and vise versa.
    Unfortunately, my mentality differs. I am extremely picky to whom I give myself to.
    I was married for almost 2 years to an abusive mental narcissist( who hasn’t filed me my divorce papers yet, but that’s another story)
    Anyways, I’ve learned that marriage is a two way street in which you have to compromise, trust one another, be honest (ALWAYS), and never take the other for granted. Because in 10 years from now when the love is much less these traits will remain.
    I believe that a man/woman must be clean, it’s not an option.
    Prayers are only for God, or else they mean nothing.
    Me, as a woman, I love taking care of myself, my skin, my hair, my body; but that’s just me, and I really don’t care if the other person didn’t because I wouldn’t choose a disgusting guy in the first place.
    You see, in making these kinds of decision it’s really necessary to remain picky, because your life is all you have, and in order to share it with someone this person has to raise his standards in order to deserve you.
    Strong women have high standards and never settle for a man. And if someone tries to change you, then you might not be the person for them in the first place.
    Love yourself, embrace yourself, know your self worth. And never ever, settle for less than what you deserve.

    Don’t get me wrong though, if you “choose” to do that for someone, then Veronica is one lucky girl.

  4. I was reading intently until I saw #6.

    Any woman who insists that I need to “get closer to god” is is a woman I don’t need in my life. As a Satanist I can tell you that you don’t need to mindlessly follow the commands written in an archaic tome to be a good person. Simply make it a point to always do right by those who do right by you and, for those who are strangers to you, set an example by your actions toward them.

    In this way, your wife would feel safe in the knowledge that when push comes to shove, you will do what is morally right even when it is not the “path of least resistance”. Remember: words are well and good, but it is our actions that ultimately define us.

  5. What about the men that overdo the cologne ?? .. Come on guys .. just a light spritz is enough .. You do not have to use half a bottle so that your pungent odor lingers for the next 2 hours . Everywhere you touch and sit or stand smells of your cologne .. And I am a man so heck I know when a guy has overdone it with the cologne.. and my wife agree’s with me that too much is too much . and I have been married for 27 years so I must be doing it right …

  6. You are right. If you feel that you need to fill some part in mi case is prayer … she would love from me to go with her to the church to thank the Lord. I need to do it asap. Thanks for the advise

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