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7 Things Guys Can Be & Do to Make Themselves More Attractive

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When you’re dating and in the early stages of a relationship attraction tends to be most effortless. It’s just “there”.

There’s a reason we want to date and be in relationship with someone in the first place, it’s a combination of factors that draw us in and often the physical aspect of attraction in the early stages is strong.

But what about beyond the initial dating, beyond the honeymoon phase, beyond the rush of excitement. What creates and sustains attraction in a long term relationship?

What do people find attractive in men beyond the obvious surface level traits (e.g. personality, appearance, personal style/lifestyle).

While the deeper foundations of attraction might be different for each individual, there are some no-brainer attraction factors when it comes to an ideal partner.

As a man, if you nail these things, you’re on rock solid ground for sustaining love, attraction and intimacy in your relationship.

1. You’re Both Strong & Willing to Be Vulnerable

It’s super attractive when a man has strength of character and personal power, and in equal measures he is willing to be vulnerable (raw, real, honest, share the deeper parts of himself, talk about his feelings)

Each person has within them these 2 traits (strength AND vulnerability), it’s just about how much we consciously choose to live this way and show these sides of ourselves to others.

Society often conditions men to believe they must be “strong” and nothing else, or worse yet… conditioning men to believe that by being vulnerable somehow it makes them weak.

Vulnerability = strength. Full stop.

To be willing to be vulnerable is one of the strongest things you can do.

2. You Live a Healthy Lifestyle

When a man takes good care of himself (in his mental, emotional and physical wellness) it shows he cares about himself, and most likely that he will care about those around him too.

It shows self determination, will power, commitment, follow through, dedication, conscious choices, positive habits and responsibility.

These are all the ideal traits to have in a person you want to spend your life with! It’s very attractive!

So think about having a balanced life in terms of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

And by the way… first and foremost do these things for yourself (not to make yourself more attractive to other people!). Do the best for yourself, because you deserve it, and as your best self you’ll notice the bonus flow on effect is other people will see it, admire it and be magnetized toward you.

3. You Have Good Values

Have you noticed how much society admires people who know their values and actively live their life aligned to their values. It shows clarity, character and commitment.

Someone who has good values (things like honesty, trust, love, equality and kindness) is always going to shine and stand out.

Nothing is more attractive than a pure and good heart. Surface level attractiveness only goes so far.

Think about the type of person you want to be in a relationship with and what types of values you would want them to have. Notice how attractive people are when they have values that inspire you (be it ambition, wellbeing, generosity or adventure). Their values draw you in.

Once you see how values attract you to others, you can better see how important it is to fully live your own values, knowing that makes you most attractive to your ideal type of partner.

4. You Have a Positive, Optimistic, Resilient Mindset

There’s nothing more reassuring and inspiring to be around than someone with a solid mindset that looks forward with positivity and optimism, and in times of challenge has resilience and the attitude to get through and find brighter times ahead.

These traits are SO attractive in a man. It provides a sense of security, safety and reassurance, and it’s just the type of person you’d want to spend your life with!

5. You’re Willing to Grow

There’s nothing more unattractive than someone who can’t see their own faults, weaknesses or challenges, who won’t admit their mistakes, who won’t apologize when it’s warranted, who is stubborn and refuses
to evolve!

On the other hand, it’s an incredibly attractive and valuable trait to be genuinely interested in and willing to grow as a person. It provides endless possibilities for the relationship, as it means both people can grow together!

6. You Know What You Want in Life OR You’re on an Active Journey of Discovery

Being around someone who knows who they are and what they want is inspiring! It’s an attractive feature full stop. When you know who you are, what you’re about, what you value, what’s important to you in life
and what you want in your life (your vision, goals, dreams), that is full of good vibes! You’ll draw in all sorts of people who resonate with this – not just for dating/relationships but new friends, work opportunities and so much more.

That said, lots of people go through times in their life when they have no clue who they are or what they want. That’s more than okay! The key is this – being aware of these questions and being actively on a journey of self discovery and discovery about what matters to you and what you want to experience in life.

7. You’re Capable of Taking Care of Yourself

A man who knows how to and willingly does take care of himself, his home, his work, his money, his life and his loved ones is super attractive. It shows responsibility, commitment, self respect, respect for life.

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