7 Must Do’s While You’re Single

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Being single can be a wonderful part of our life journey.

You may be choosing to be single. You might be embracing being single. Or you might be frustrated with being single. You might prefer to be in a relationship.

Wherever you’re at… you can choose to frame your time being single as a powerful, magical opportunity to live as your best self, and to live your fullest life.

It can be a time for self-discovery, self-expression and self-fulfillment.

And yes even though all these things are achievable whether or not you’re single or in a relationship, these are meaningful things you can focus on with specific purpose while being single…

7 Must-Do’s While You’re Single…

1. Travel Alone

Travelling alone is an incredible experience. It deepens your understanding of yourself, your relationship with the world, and it is one of the most powerful ways to explore life.

Of course you can travel alone when you’re in a relationship too, but it may be a lot easier and freer to do solo travel when single.

Solo travel will often lead you to meet new people, learn new cultures, expand your horizons, push you beyond your comfort zone, and help you to develop even greater clarity about what is important to you.

2. Prioritize Work that MOST Interests You

At all times it’s advisable to do work that most interests you, to follow your passions and allow yourself permission to engage only in the activities that intuitively resonate with you.

Though that can be a little more logistically challenging if you have many commitments, other people’s expectations to juggle or dependents to care for. It’s still possible of course, it’s just often a lot easier when you’re single.

So, if you’re single and have the freedom to only factor in yourself, then be sure to make the most of that by following your heart and doing work that is soulful and joyful. That means if you’re doing work that doesn’t feel right to you, doesn’t lift you up, doesn’t feel meaningful or purposeful, and the environment also doesn’t serve you, be bold and take the opportunity to leap into better work, with better people, in better places!

3. Enjoy Creating Your Own Home Sanctuary

Living alone can teach us a lot about ourselves. It’s an opportunity to get to know ourselves better, to become our own best friend, to get comfortable with our own company, to develop healthy positive living habits, and to be self responsible and independent.

Of course we can do this by living with others e.g roommates, but living alone is an experience like no other. It can be one of the most rewarding and liberating things about being single.

It’s not just the “living alone”, it’s the journey of creating and enjoying your very own private sanctuary. You get to turn your accommodation into the sacred, bliss space that you want and deserve. Set up, design and decorate your living space in the way that uniquely suits you.

4. Plan Adventures with Your Friends

With the freedom that comes with being single and not having other people to factor into your choices such as a partner, you have space to plan some incredible adventures with your most beloved friends. This might be short trips or longer “once in a lifetime” adventures.

5. Take a Sabbatical from Work

Have you ever wanted to explore a new passion? Or go on a long retreat? Or figure out a new purpose/calling for yourself? Or have you ever wanted to write a book?

Have you thought to yourself… “I would, if only I had the time.”?

We only “get” time when we make time. There are so many incredible things available to you in this lifetime, ready for you to explore. But you have to give yourself permission to take the time for that exploration, to take that time for yourself.

While you’re single, and there’s no partner who you have to factor into your choices, why not consider taking a sabbatical from work (this is a leave of absence from work for an agreed period of time, for a specific purpose).

6. Discover Your Best Self, Live Your Best Life

Life doesn’t start when you meet “the one”. Meeting someone special and having a relationship is an extension of your already wonderful life.

While you can discover your best self and live your best life anytime, inside a relationship or while single, NOW is always the time to start.

We are born to explore into the far reaches of our potential. That means cleaning up any limitations inside of ourselves and learning how to be the best we can be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It also means deciding what type of awesome life we most want (vision), setting goals and taking action to achieve that.

Having this type of self-actualization focus embedded in your single life, ensures it remains as a central priority and balance for you when in a relationship too. You are your best, no matter what and no matter who you’re surrounded by.

7. Do Things You Were Waiting to do with a Partner

Is there anything that you really want to do, but you’ve been waiting to do with a partner? 

This can leave you feeling like you’re life is “on hold” waiting for “the one” to show up. That can also lead you to feel like single life is not complete, and relationship life is where you need to be in order to live fully.

But your life is what YOU decide it is.

Don’t save your best clothes for special occasions. Don’t save your most treasured activities for a day when someone else will do it with you. Don’t wait for better days. Don’t think tomorrow or “the future” is where life will happen.

Pick 1 thing from your list of life plans that you were previously telling yourself had to be done only when you had a partner, and consider whether you might be better off doing that now, on your own. Or whether you might be able to do that “thing” with a friend or family member, instead of waiting for a partner.

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