Have you ever tried to raise an important topic with someone, but it ends up a mess? Either you’re not in the right mindset, or they’re not in the right space, and instead of having a successful conversation with them about the topic, you end up making things worse?

In this video with Michelle Farris (relationship expert), you’ll see how to START a conversation that works.

You’ll learn the 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you open up that important discussion with someone.

These tips will set you up for success – ensuring conversations get off on the right foot…

How to Start a Successful Conversation

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In this video with Michelle Farris (relationship expert), you'll learn the 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you broach any important topic with someone, setting yourself up for having a successful conversation. #thedailypositive #communication #relationships
Michelle Farris

Michelle Farris is a marriage and family therapist in San Jose California. She works with individuals, couples and offers online courses. She specializes in anger management and healing codependent relationships. She’s a therapist who “walks her talk” and supports others in transforming habits that hurt. She writes a blog on how to build self-esteem, set healthy boundaries and build relationships without sacrificing yourself. It’s the power of accountability and unconditional support that helps you move forward, let go of the past and truly heal. Visit her website to Get Free Access to Michelle’s Resource Library.

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