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3 Step Process for Overcoming Anxiety

In nearly 10 years of coaching women on belief breakthrough, I’ve seen one emotion steadily increase year after year: anxiety.

More than ever before we are carrying the weight and worry of everything from the 5 social media outlets we’re juggling, to the fear of our kids new gun-related school drills, to the multitude of exciting ideas and podcasts and more. It’s not all bad, but it’s all A LOT. The opportunities and inspiration are pouring into us at an alarming rate, and we have less and less time to stop, think, breathe, process, and most importantly, release. We’re on information overload, with millions of bits of data coming at us every hour, drowning out some of our most basic human needs, and drowning us in overwhelm. Is it any wonder we’re all facing more anxiety than ever before?

Oh sweet person, if you’re there too, please know I’m hugging you. You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. But the world we live in IS changing faster than our minds have evolved to handle. And we are all getting to learn how to be more conscious and careful than ever before as to how we learn to manage our emotions and train our minds to handle all this energy it’s taking on.

Yea, training. Anxiety is crippling, but with training and consistency and persistence (and sometimes, some holistic and/or medical help), we can train our mind to overcome it.

In the video below I’m sharing one of the most powerful and effective practices I’ve used and have taught others.

I’ve seen it turn fear into joy, worry into excitement, and – as I share in the video – crippling panic into absolute gratitude. And in just minutes.

It’s a simple practice, but don’t let that fool you. It will challenge you. But the more you practice it, it will also change you.

Grab a pen and paper, and lets talk about overcoming anxiety and choosing how we want to feel instead…

3 Minute Hack for Overcoming Anxiety

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Tara Wagner

Tara Wagner

Tara Wagner is a Belief Breakthrough coach with nearly a decade of experience helping women overcome their limiting beliefs, Imposter Syndrome, and overwhelm so they can crush their goals, not their soul.
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