3 Tips for Dealing with Passive Aggressive People

If you're dealing with passive aggressive people, chances are you're feeling frustrated and/or confused.

  • What do they really mean?
  • What do they really want?
  • Why can't they just come out and say it, in a reasonable and “normal” way.
  • What is up with their indirect, confusing, manipulative behavior?

Here are 3 practical tips to help you when you're faced with someone who is passive aggressive…

Dealing with Passive Aggressive People

With love, Bernadette

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6 Responses

    1. There is always potential for us to grow personally and overcome our negative tendencies and traits. But it’s up to the individual only as to whether that happens. No one can make another person change, or even really help them change, they have to do it for themselves. And as you probably know, it takes more than just willingness. There has to be the desire, that openness, then the access to support to help them (new perspectives, reflections on self, reading, learning, growing etc) and then practically applying that in daily life to make the changes real. That’s a process of time. It’s the same for passive aggressive vs any other ingrained tendency. If we habitually run a pattern, as a coping mechanism, strategy, or trait that we’ve been playing out for a long time, it takes commitment and practise to change that. So yes, it is definitely 100% possible. It’s just down to the individual. Hope that helps. B

  1. Hi

    I am struggling to maintain a positive relationship with a person in my life who believe that they have done no wrong however they continuously put people down, manipulate people around them to get what they want. I really want to change her behaviour but of course I know that that is something not upto me. Instead what I have found is that I am growing bitter and can only think of saying negative things to that person. I do not want to be like this. I want to move on even if our conflict isnt resolved anytime soon. Do you have some tips?

    1. Hi Ridzi, thanks for your message. You’ll find lots of powerful videos here on the website about dealing with difficult people, how to be calm in the fact of other people’s negativity, dealing with toxic behavior from others, how to respond and how to have conversations, how to stand up for yourself, how to be peaceful and walk away, how to disconnect from people you no longer want to have in your life, and much more. Please view the videos and articles under the Relationships category, and you can view the resources tagged “relationship “communication” and “negativity”. Also, if you need personalized help, for tips for your unique situation, you are welcome to schedule a coaching session 1:1 with me at the link below…
      Warmest wishes!

  2. After 12 years of marriage and 4children together. Almost going insane I’ve realised it’s not me it’s him or rather his way of dealing with our problems. I love him so don’t want to leave. But I’ve noticed our 2 middle children have some pa behaviours our second child more so. Can I stop this pattern and ‘reset’ her thinking?

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your message. It’s great you’re recognizing what is going on and ready to create some change in the situation to help your children. In order to help you with this I’d need to delve further into the situation with you to be able to provide relevant and personalized guidance. You’re welcome to reach out for a 1:1 session with me. Information about coaching is at the link below, and I look forward to supporting you. Warmest wishes, B https://www.bernadettelogue.com/life-coach/

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