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Moving With Children – How to Prepare Them for the Change

When you’re moving with children, aside from the logistical aspects of the relocation that you need to juggle, there are the subtleties of helping your children prepare psychologically and emotionally for the move so they feel as calm and at ease as possible through the transition.

Below is a wonderful short list of tips to help parents with not just preparing children for the change ahead, but also helping them with settling into their new home and neighborhood once you’ve arrived.

(PS – If you’re a parent and you have experience with moving locations with children, we’d also love for you to scroll down to the comments below and add your own first-hand experience and wisdom. It might be just what another parent in our community needs in order to help them with an upcoming move!)

Moving with Children – Supporting Them Through the Change

When you're moving with children, here are simple tips to help you prepare them for the change before you relocate, as well as how to help them settle into their new home, school and life.
Infographic Source: Ward North American

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