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Ignore What the World Thinks & Be True to Yourself

In my first year of college, I became enamored with creating an identity of myself.

I wanted people to see me a certain way, and I loved being grouped into a stereotype of the “hippie, boho girl.” I felt that through fitting into a category in the eyes of others, I would gain a sense of belonging.

Slowly, I started to change everything about myself to fit into the identity I craved.

Social media became a tool to showcase a life which I figured this stereotype girl would live.

My clothing and outward appearance no longer reflected who I truly was. Instead of pursuing what I really loved, I tried to force myself into pursuing passions I did not really care about, but that received the outward awe and applause I so clung to.

Plant in the Right Type of Soil

I felt like my real self and passion was a strawberry seed, and I was forcing it to grow in dry, desert soil. Soil that simply cannot foster the growth of a strawberry plant!!

But the thing is, it was not a problem with the seed. The seed was never at fault. It was simply the soil.

We all were born with a handful of seeds. They are seeds of love, and we have the ability to plant them throughout our entire life. We can plant them wherever we see fit, but there is a certain type of soil they will thrive in most.

Truthfully Pursuing Your REAL Passion (Be True to Yourself!)

Where our individual passions intersect with what the world needs more of, this is purpose. In selflessly and truthfully pursuing our passion, we can begin to find the soil that will best accommodate (and nourish) the seeds we hold in our palm.

I began to learn what the cliche “be true to yourself” really meant.

And when I realized I did not have to impress the world, but could pursue what genuinely mattered to me for the sake of my own passions, I saw how strong my seeds of love were!

The Seeds Humanity Collectively Holds

I cannot grow my seeds in every type of soil. I see that now.

And, the person next to me may hold the seeds that I lack.

If we each pursue our own passions with love, we end up planting seeds across the world in a way that serves humanity.

Pursuing our passion, living our purpose, grants us the richest possibility to leave a positive impact on this earth.

If we keep trying to force our seeds to grow in a climate they don’t match, it’s easy to feel useless (and frustrated!).

But the problem is NEVER with our seeds, it’s that we are trying to force ourselves into paths that deep down we know do not fit.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Passion and purpose can be difficult to understand. Passion is a beautiful thing. I firmly believe that everyone has their own unique passion, the ability to create something beautiful in a world that is itching to receive more beauty. Recognizing our passion and pursuing it allows us to plant our seeds of love in the most fertile soil for them. THIS GIVES US SENSE OF PURPOSE.

You Impact the World in Ways You May Never See

Sometimes, we do not see the crops that grow from our seeds. Sometimes, our seeds of love blow out of our hands and float somewhere else. However, just because we don’t see the fruits that our seeds produce, doesn’t mean that they are not there.

So be true to yourself. Go plant your seeds. Plant lots of them. Recognize that they have power, and that you don’t need the approval of others in order for them to grow. Be truthful to yourself in what soil best suits your seeds, and in recognizing that, the fruit you grow will be more beautiful than you could have ever imagined!

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Katie Harris

Katie Harris

My name is Katie Harris, and I am a 20-year-old female from Arizona. I am traveling alone through the United States in my 1998 Ford van in order to film a documentary on solo female travel, open myself up to the world around me, and experience the challenges and joys of nomadic living. I am a college student who loves living and traveling in my van. Through traveling, I learn both about the beauty of the world around me, and about myself and the impact I want to leave on the world. I hope to learn more about the diversity of ideas within my home country and to explore the different perspectives of various individuals I have the opportunity to meet.
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