If I were to ask you what attribute is most influential in regard to success, what would be your first answer?

Based on my 10 years as a business owner and entrepreneur, I have discovered of all the worthy character traits needed to achieve a happy and meaningful life, the quality of integrity, rises to the top. Without integrity at the helm of our lives, we lose critical relational depth. An inability to keep our word, honor our relationships, and retain trust with others always results in shallow relationships, hurt people, and pain.

Integrity is something we all desire, but how do you know if you have it?  And what exactly is it anyway? Webster defines it as “A steadfast adherence to a strict moral code, being undivided, sound, and consistent”. In the Latin it means, “to be intact”.

While there are many articles which discuss ways to develop integrity, I'm going to discuss the:

4 signs you are lacking integrity.

You are Excessively Selfish

Everyone is selfish, but those who excessively put themselves before others, lack the ability to build deep, reciprocating relationships. A healthy person should have 3-5 deep relationships at all times. If that's not you, you may be lacking integrity.

You Hide things

People who have things to hide, are often dishonest. If you have portions of your life secluded from your close community, you may be lacking integrity.

Your Intentions Do Not Match Your Results

People who say one thing, yet do another destroy the ability to build trust with others. Keeping promises as small as meeting times and deadlines really drive an overall summary of your level of integrity to others.

You Make Frequent Compromises

People who adopt new sets of values just to impress new friends or choose to compromise their beliefs to gain favor with a new group of people, lack the consistency required to build long-term trust with others. People with integrity know that you can't be all things to all people.

Ultimately, doing what is right, will always earn you more integrity than doing what is easy.

Where have you struggled in the past? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “4 Signs You Lack Integrity

  1. susan says:

    It swings the other way too. People who excessively put others before themselves are martyrs, living for other people and not themselves, which I would say lacks integrity. Also, 3-5 deep relationships? Count yourself lucky if you’ve managed against the odds and have one.

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