Comparing Your Life to Other People’s Lives – It’s a Trap!

It’s easy to get caught in thinking you are the only one facing a momentary challenge in your life or a long running adversity, the only one with unanswered questions, or the only one who hasn’t figured out how to create the balance, health, relationships, finances or career success you want.

But that's actually not the case.

Everyone faces challenges!

Everyone has unanswered questions of some sort. Everyone is working out how to create what they want. Everyone is evolving in their own unique way, at their own pace.

One way you are conditioned to feel like you're the only one with challenges is that you are led to believe everyone else “has got it together” because most people are only showing the sanitised and happy aspects of their life to the world – on social media, in social situations and in conversation.

Many people keep the dark moments to themselves or sharing only with those trusted and loved people closest to them. That is natural and of course in many cases quite appropriate. But it leads you into a false perspective of your own situation in relation to others.

You can easily get lost in comparison, and end up feeling alone and isolated in your challenges from this perspective.

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No one else on this planet is going to unfold in their life like you are. No one. No one else is uniquely like you. You cannot be compared. What you most need to understand when you go into comparison mode in your mind, is that you channel all of your energy away from your own creative processes. Instead of focusing your thoughts and feelings and actions on creating outcomes for yourself, you focus all of your attention on someone else and what they are creating for themselves. This leaves you no power and it is also a complete waste of your precious energy.

Just because unhealthy comparison doesn’t serve you, does not mean you can’t genuinely observe and admire the success of another person. This is actually uplifting – feeling joy for all they are being and creating. You may well feel inspired into the ongoing possibilities for yourself by witnessing them flourishing. You may see opportunities to learn from what they are doing. You may be able to apply that learning in your own path, in your own unique way, aligned to your passions, inspirations and intuition, to aid your success.

And… you will always clearly know the difference between this form of positive observation and learning, versus pure painful comparison. The former leaves you feeling uplifted and excited, and the latter leaves you feeling sad, frustrated and deflated.

Listen to the messages your feelings are giving you.

With love, Bernadette

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2 Responses

  1. This is true. I can be ready to do my thing then I drift online and get down. So many perfect pretty success stories. I look at what I’m doing and it seems hokey and less than good in comparison. When I do my little blog I show the real me, funky barn, plain simply soaps&cheese, our unfinished projects & me in no makeup etc. etc.
    Something happens when I wash in my own soap, drink our goats milk, and eat strawberries in our garden….why would I compare my lovely life for the insane world outside our Farm, unless it’s to say my life is better compared to a GMO, chemicals filled, hurry up life. Maybe it’s what we compare ourselves with, and not who.
    Love your wisdom and belief you can make a difference B.

    RAN Farm Zen Goats….Oregon

    1. Thanks for sharing. I totally hear you and if I may say so… your lovely life sounds magical!! More power to you for creating a life you love and enjoying the blessings of it every day. B 🙂

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