KNOW YOUR SOUL - FREE Workshop Series

Make Sense Of Life And Reconnect To Your Soul's Plan And Purpose

9 years in the making... during this free workshop series you'll learn about:

Know Your Soul
  • Discovering Your Soul's Plan & Purpose (4 Elements)
  • 2 Ways Your Soul's Unique Plan Reveals Itself to You
  • 11 Stages of Your Soul Odyssey
  • 3 Choices that Open the Door for Your Soul to Lead the Way

Free Access To The Workshop Ends In:


"I’ve had a persistent nudging for over a decade to explore my spirituality and grow as a person. I’ve met different healers, shamans, life coaches and energy workers and while all taught me something, no one felt like the right teacher to REALLY help me expand. And then I found Bernadette!"

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Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue
Transformation Life Coach, Author &
Leader of The Daily Positive

"I’ve had the great fortune to meet, train with, and learn from many world-class mentors and each is wonderful in their own way. You, however, are filled with so much light, love, enthusiasm, and authenticity that it is unmistakable."