KNOW YOUR SOUL - FREE Workshop Series

Make Sense Of Life And Reconnect To Your Soul's Plan And Purpose

9 years in the making... during this free workshop series you'll learn about:

Know Your Soul
  • Discovering Your Soul's Plan & Purpose (4 Elements)
  • 2 Ways Your Soul's Unique Plan Reveals Itself to You
  • 11 Stages of Your Soul Odyssey
  • 3 Choices that Open the Door for Your Soul to Lead the Way

Free Access to the Workshop Ends In:


"I’ve had a persistent nudging for over a decade to explore my spirituality and grow as a person. I’ve met different healers, shamans, life coaches and energy workers and while all taught me something, no one felt like the right teacher to REALLY help me expand. And then I found Bernadette!"

"Certain things are starting to make sense to me in my life, since I have being watching the videos particularly Video 4 where everything is starting to fit together. Thanks for all the information & advice!"

"Wow - watching Video1 was a huge a-ha moment! I can relate to everything you're saying."

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Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue
Transformation Life Coach, Author &
Leader of The Daily Positive

"I’ve had the great fortune to meet, train with, and learn from many world-class mentors and each is wonderful in their own way. You, however, are filled with so much light, love, enthusiasm, and authenticity that it is unmistakable."

"It's all coming together and making sense now! Thanks again for being a channel of inspiration, guidance and wisdom."

"Thank you for making things so clear... the biggest takeaway for me from the 1st video was the 4 aspects of all soul plans / journeys - so obvious once you pointed it out!"