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Music for health

How to Use Music for Health & Healing

If you're interested in holistic options for supporting your wellbeing, then music is a beautiful and scientifically proven way to do so.Below are 11...
positive energyvideo

How to Use the Power of Your Positive Energy

You have the power to change your life by the positive energy you bring to each day.Here's what you most need to know about...
positive change

The 7 Pillars for Creating Positive Change

Whatever positive change you want in your life, whether you're creating something new or changing something existing, whether it's career, relationship, health, money or...
dealing with inlaws

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Inlaws

Knock, knock. Who's there? It's your mother in law...And - you go silent.While there are plenty of movies, advertisements and comical jokes about having...

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Behaviors that block success

13 Behaviors That Block Your Success & How to Rise Above Them

There are 13 behaviors which limit your ability to get the results you're capable of, and more importantly these behaviors limit the happiness available...
how to be happy

How to Be Happy – 15 Things All Happy People Know

If you want to know how to be happy, it makes a lot of sense to take a look at what happy people know...
How to motivate yourself

How to Motivate Yourself – 5 Steps to Turn Your Power On!

I'm about to fire at you 5 steps for how to motivate yourself.Buckle your seatbelt!Because you're definitely in the right place if you're in need of...Practical tips...

4 Painful Side Effects of Being Conscious & How to Deal With It

Being conscious is where it's at.After all - who wants to be unconscious?! Not me!But, here's the deal... when we first start waking up and becoming...
Music to stay grounded

How to Use Music to Rediscover Who You Truly Are

A few years back a heart-warming article was being shared across social media about an African tribe that, when a child was born, would...
putting people in boxesvideo

Watch What Happens When We Stop Putting People in Boxes

So many of us become conditioned to judging other people based on superficial criteria. It happens so subconsciously and rapidly, that we don't even...

6 Practical, Game-Changing Tips for Creating Genuine Self Belief

If you're in need of more self belief, here are 6 powerful tips to boost you.These are practical and game-changing ways to generate genuine belief in yourself...



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‘the practice of being or tendency to be
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